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RNC Up To No Good - What I Received In My Email

I am disappointed my information somehow got to this campaign. I received it tonight but I have no clue how. I took 2 screen shots of the email. Pay attention to the bottom of the page of the email. The blue box with small text, I found this interesting.

I also unsubscribed to the email, hopefully they will get the hint.

Has anyone else got this same email?




Text that is in Question:

Paid for by Romney Victory, Inc., a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Romney for President, Inc., the Republican National Committee, the Idaho Republican Party, the Massachusetts Republican Party, the Oklahoma Leadership Council, the Vermont Republican Federal Election Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

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Iowa to Open 12 Victory Offices Around State For Donations.

I recently visited the Iowa State Republican Party Headquarters. I had called 3 weeks before to volunteer for collecting donations especially since Ron Paul had a large amount of the Iowa delegates. I asked to speak to the Iowa Chairman A. J. Spiker when I called but the woman Office Manager said he was busy. Now I was there in person. i asked to speak to A J Spiker, once again. The Office Manager went in his office and closed the door behind her, then a minute later she came out and said he was "busy". So he did not even come out to shake my hand or say "hi". I asked for a tour of the office and it was like pulling fingernails. I offered to show my Republican card and/or my drivers license, they declined. They were sort of unfriendly. I finally said if they gave me a tour of the offices upstairs, I would go home. So finally I got a tour thru the building. I do not know what was the big deal. There were a couple of young fellows and a gal working up there on phones. On the first floor there is only an empty kitchen, an empty big meeting room and the offices of the Office Manager and A.J. Spiker. I have gotten quick tours in former years. But anyway, it was from the gal of upstairs, that I found out about the 12 Victory offices to be opened in early June. They said all their bills were paid. Sounds like they are still getting donations inspite of Ron Paul getting delegates. When I got home, I saw no reason to have A.J. Spiker, the Iowa chairperson as my Facebook "friend", so I defriended him.


Nice names for the pictures! Hahaha

Bugs in the machine's picture

I received a different email with the same blue box

Mine was from Ann Romney. I actually did sign up to receive the emails, because I wanted to see what shenanigans they were up to, and sure enough, they delivered!

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

RP supporters should flood this contest

We should flood this contest(the non fundraising part of it), then if a RP supporter gets picked, we should grill romney hard, ON CAMERA, why he supports the NDAA and all that other stuff that is anti American.

Then make it go viral.

nevermind for this one, to late... but flood it on the next one

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.

No purchase necessary

Contributing does not increase your odds. you may enter the contest without contributing...

You know what would be hilarious? A table full of ron supporters asking inquisitive questions of old presumpty dumpty :D

I haven't got any emails yet but I did receive a letter today

asking for money. I didn't read his damn letter that was 2 pages. The only reason I know he wanted money is because their was an envelope enclosed asking for a donation. Several weeks ago I got an expensive campaign letter with an 8 x 11 glossy picture enclosed with Mitt next to an old barn and the American Flag hanging on it. He was asking for money then too. I live in California so he is trying his hardest to get real votes from real people. Of course, he knows if he doesn't get the votes, they will flip enough votes so he can win. The only person getting my vote is Ron Paul!


Yeah, that barn picture of Mitt...he was wearing Mom Jeans!

Obama wears Mom Jeans too. Ron Paul wears Levis and they look like he wears them to work in.

I've been getting those too.

I've been getting those too. It is addressed to me in a unique name that I used when I signed up for some RNC website, but I can't remember what website. So, they got our emails from a website you must have signed up for to vote or defend RP.

Sounds like electioneering to me. I wish Doug Wead would

at least tell us if they are working on something in some way with LAWYERS.

Sounds like we could get an INJUNCTION with something like this.


He REALLY needs thousands of

He REALLY needs thousands of small donors so he can hide that the big corps are financing him. It is so sad, the GOP is so horrible at picking a decent candidate. Ron would CREAM Obama, and Romney will probably concede in the first 5 mins like McCain did.

And they're doing it like people are winning something special

Win a chance to eat with Obamitt!


Ha, Ha! Obamitt????

Is it just me or does that sound like 'O' vomit???
OMG!! I couldn't resist! Thanks, I needed a great laugh! Last one that I laughed as hard about was Newt's Poor Lip Reading segment on YT.

Oh vomit, or Oh bomb it

Take your pick.

This needs to be forwarded to

the legal team, if there is one. This is illegal as hell. What's more, then actually ADMIT who it's funded by! It actual proof!


So the Idaho State Republican Party is paying into a fund that is going directly to Romney and their state convention hasn't even occurred yet.

Idaho Republican State Convention June 21 - 23

thats what I found

thats what I found interesting; how can they do this?

Is this what it LOOKS LIKE?!?!?


Destination, date, ground transportation- all determined by the party for two days. Hmmm. Now let me see. I wonder if that could be Tampa???

I can't believe this!!!! This is ROTTEN!!!

Sounds like the "winners" will be annointed delegates for those shadow parties.

I bet Mitt is Worried That A Lot of His Delegates Aren't Going

to show up at the convention. Where as Ron Paul delegates are anxious to go to the convention and win it for him, including those who are delegates for Mitt. Winning!!! Mitt, RNC, the establishment, etc. will cheat, lie, and do whatever it takes to steal this nomination from Paul. I just hope we can stop them.


Yeah Thats the link to make

Yeah Thats the link to make the donation, I will post the text in question.

I think the whole thing is in question.

A total of 80 winners will be randomly drawn and then narrowed down by the Sponsor to "select two (2) winners best representing, in the sole judgment of Sponsor, Mitt Romney’s support across the country..."- ending up with a total of four prize winners.

Also this rule below makes the randomness of the winning even more suspect. One day to respond with all the signed documents? This ain't no happy-clappy trip to DisneyWorld.

"The winner must respond to his/her notification and complete and return all required documents within one (1) day of notification in order to be awarded the Prize. If the winner does not meet eligibility requirements, fails to respond to the notification within one (1) day, or fails to return the signed documents within one (1) day, he or she will be disqualified, and an alternate winner will be selected from the remaining entries, in the same manner as outlined above. The identity of the winner’s guest is subject to approval by Sponsor, and Sponsor may, at its sole discretion, conduct background checks on potential guests..."


I got it and didn't bother to

I got it and didn't bother to unsubscribe, I bounced it back to the sender :P

Those are a bunch ofthe shadow parties

on the bottom.

Well, we can just make

Ron Paul our "shadow" president, no matter what happens.

I would do it... but only if

I would do it... but only if the "bite" was a zombie bite to the frontal lobe miami naked man style

- Grow Mushrooms at Home

Bad idea. You might catch Mad Cow.

Or worse. Not sure what, but something is wrong with the brains of these people.

They must be rabid Democans... or is it Republicrats?

Obamny voters!

I like Obamitt

Because it sounds like Oh vomit.


You should post the link to the one that does not require a donation to enter. I would love to grab a meal with Mitt and ask him about his policies.

For real

I would love to just ask him to give real answers to real problems. The guy couldn't be any more of a puppet. It amazes me that so many people mindlessly voted for that moron.