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POLICYMIC: it's rumored that Ron and Rand Paul will speak at Paulfest if the turnout exceeds 100,000 people!

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The title on that site is funny

"Are Ron Paul Supporters Planning Parallel Convention to Deny Romney the Nomination?"
How are we DENYING romney of something if he hasn't earned in the first place.
Nor is it a parallel convention if it's happening before the Tampa convention.
Can you smell the fear building up?

if the excitement keeps growing like it is now........

1OO,OOO can easily happen!

Loose Moose

It's 100,000 over 3 days

so the OP article makes little sense.

Do the event organizers have some sort of RSVP mechanism?

Remember, Woodstock took on a life of it's own and one has to admit, we do live in similar times. War, Peace Lovers, activism.

I would even welcome OWS to this event. (Oh I know I'm gonna get a beating here for that comment)

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

I'll hear him speak anyways

I'll hear his words in a 100,000 different voices at the festival.

100,000 is not happening

I'd love to see it, obviously, but that is not going to happen.

No train to Stockholm.

And What Makes You So Sure? How You Not Forgotten that this is

a revolution? I pray that we have more than over 100,000 thousand. Who knows, it could be a million people or more. ( :




Loose Moose

How will they know...

what the turnout is until the crowd turns out? Are they going to be standing by waiting for a head count?

Don't get me wrong, hoping for huge success, plan to be there myself.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose