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On Radio Tomorrow!

I'll be on radio 3pm - 4pm Tomorrow, Friday, June 1. I'll be talking up Ron Paul and bad-mouthing Mitt with extreme prejudice. WDEL.com to tune in. (Wilmington, De.) Call in No. is - 302-478 9335

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Make sure to emphasize that Ron Paul is not only still running, but he's doing very well. List the states that he's won! You may have to explain a little about how the process works, though. Most listeners will be believing the AP delegate count. You might also mention how well Ron Paul polls against Obama.

If you're bad-mouthing Mitt, be sure to do it based on his policies and track record and not the man himself. There's nothing that'll turn off a voter like insulting another candidate, even if you speak the truth.

Back up what you say with references or historical quotes if possible, and encourage people to vote because Ron Paul still has a chance. (Also remember that voting isn't a horse race. You don't vote for who you think will win but who you think has the best policies. So many people don't get this!)

Be sure to let people know that they can still donate, give campaign's website, and if they want to know more about Dr. Paul then direct them to the Daily Paul if they want some good information!

I hope these suggestions help, and if there's a recording of the broadcast, please update your post with a link. I'd love to hear you get the message out. I hope they let you speak on topics you like instead of forcing the conversation in a certain direction. ("When do you think Ron Paul will drop out? Why doesn't Ron Paul endorse Romney? You know he has no chance, right? He just wants a speaking position at the convention, right?" etc.) If it's that sort of interview, be prepared for those kinds of questions.

Good luck!


Sounds entertaining :-)