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Obama Ad: Little Girls Need Birth Control to Make Their Dreams Come True *video*

Obama Ad: Little Girls Need Birth Control to Make Their Dreams Come True *vid*

No grandchildren?

Posted by Charleston Voice, 05.31.12

Written on May 31, 2012 by V2A

The Obama campaign has cut a new ad in which it suggests that little girls are being endangered by Republicans who want to do away with mandated contraception coverage. The ad, produced by Obama/Biden 2012, takes the usual Obama tack of addressing the ad from a common citizen to President Obama, like an open letter – even though the ad itself is an open love letter from Obama to Obama, apparently.

Watch here:Obama Ad: Little Girls Need Birth Control to Make Their Dreams Come True *vid*

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I could get choked up over a Hallmark card

commercial, but this was so sappy, it made me laugh. That piano music was too much! But it will surely get people's attention when the mother starts to talk about birth control and the viewer does a double-take - "Where the heck did THAT come from?" - having thought it was maybe a commercial for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. And while I wouldn't criticize that the girl wanted to grow up and serve her country as perhaps she is aware a relative has, she likely wouldn't want to once she was older and realized the kind of no-win, never-ending, unconstitutional military engagements this country keeps engaging in, or if she started reading biographies of her military heroes and came across General Eisenhower's speech about the "military-industrial complex." Unfortunately, if Obama or those of his ilk continue to run this country, she won't have a choice, though I imagine she'd still choose fighter pilot if given that option when she was drafted (assuming she was really born in this country and had a bona fide Selective Service card). Although maybe she'd register as a conscientious objector and do overseas missionary work.

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Birth Control among Teens

The number of teenage girls on the birth control pill has jumped 50 percent in the past decade in the U.S. alone.Today, one in five American girls between the ages of 13 and 18, two-and-a-half million teens in all, are on the birth control. Many of them prefer alesse birth control pill as it is one of the best medication ever discovered. Every teen should also know the side effects of using such medication.


Birth control is a medication? So....um....getting pregnant is an illness? This is so twisted in so many ways it's insane... In fact I only view birth control (hormones...HRT) as medication to help post menopausal, hormone deficient women, and transsexual women...

I am not against birth control and plenty of heath care providers offer it at a decent price and even some insurers cover it. So I don't think those of us not at risk of getting pregnant need to foot the bill for irresponsible people. I am sick of the mentality that we should accept pregnancy prevention as a community service we all need to pay for...Look - I know teen pregnancies will always be with us so I would even say....I am ok with some of my tax dollars going to some prevention programs (in a very limited way) and making birth control somewhat available for young women (because I would rather pay for that then a million unwanted children being taken care of by moms on welfare), but private providers should not be obligated to include it in their programs if they choose not to.

This message implies that being a mother is not respectable and that young girls should only aspire to be a successful military person or other type of professional or they are not successful. I think if a child wants to do this - fine... But...motherhood and raising a children is one of the most important jobs on earth...maybe THE most important. (I am a single dad...I know this...)

While this mother is supporting her girl's dreams (hopefully not shoving them down their throats) maybe she will take the time to teach them to be responsible people, choose good partners that don't have reckless sex, and maybe let them know it's ok NOT to spread your legs for every guy you like.

This whole message reeks of the Obama philosophy of shifting individual and family responsibilities to the government - and it amazes me people buy into it!

Dear Erin,

The Military should provide your daughter with birth control, because the rape statistics for women in the armed forces is frightening. The other side of a dream is a nightmare.
I hope that you inform your daughter that being a fighter pilot involves the wholesale murder of other little girls who dream also.
Yours sincerely, from a mother who thinks that wanting your daughter to be a trained killer is sick beyond words.

You are so right!

And I didnt even know that until I got a petition in my email from a Lance Corporal Nicole McCoy. She was in the Marines for more than three years, and she was raped TWICE and sexually assaulted TWO TIMES MORE. Then she found out that, according to military law, these sick military perverts DONT HAVE to register as sex offenders, and they dont have to disclose it on their discharge papers! They rarely have court martials about it either! They basically get away with it!! And for the dumbest excuses:

"When asked why sex offenders do not have to disclose on their discharge papers, some of the responses I was given were 1) It will take too long to create a national database or 2) the military is going green and it takes too much paper to add an extra check box to discharge papers."


OMFG, I Want to puke!

From the video:

"My 10 year old dreams of becoming a jet fighter pilot. Caroline is so committed to her dream, that she sets her alarm at five every morning, so she'll be prepared for her military service. I love that my daughters dream so big"

What a dream, 'komrade'! Maybe someday all our children can grow up to kill for the State from 30,000 feet. What a bright future! They shouldn't aspire to be doctors, educators, or own their own business. We all know that the greatest aspiration is to live off of everyone else as an employee of the State.

Give me a break.

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We have troops on the ground

We have troops on the ground in afganistan,yemen, and somolia. We have war drums beating for syria and iran. We have 10% unemployment and a one and a half trillion a year deficit. Our government is a police state. Lets talk about birth control. It's way more important than the other stuff even if it is readily available to anyone who wants it and there are no plans to outlaw it. Wake up America!


More like north of 20%. we're in Great Depression times.


Exactly what I thought after watching that trash.

The sad thing is that so many

The sad thing is that so many will line up behind this woman to support Obama on this issue alone. It is such a short sided decision. What good are your daughters dreams when the police state is enforced due to the rising violence over the failing economy? A fighter pilot? Bombing all those people she has no idea why for? How noble. Yes, birth control. The great cause of all true patriots because pregnancy is a disease that must be cured. I can't believe how well ads like this work. If we don't elect Obama then all of our daughters will end up sad, lonely, hopeless...mothers.

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Well then,

Buy your birth control pills! Who's stopping you? Last I heard, any one could go to a doctor & get a prescription, unless they had a medical prevention, like high blood pressure or something like that. I don't get this. The republican party is outlawing birth control?

The ad is 100% Demagoguery.

Apparently, having to pay for your own birth control pills means our children will never grow up to live out their dreams.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard