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Be the Spark to Ignite the Flame

I was hanging out with some friends a few days ago. They knew that I'm a Ron Paul supporter, but I never had the chance to really discuss it directly with them. We somehow got to talking about the "war on terror", rather casually, and it seemed like they all had some degree of neocon ideology. So, I briefly mentioned authorized assassinations/detention without any due process rights for American citizens and the NDAA. One friend responded with something along the lines of how we need to sacrifice some liberties for our own safety. I said, pretty much word for word: "What sounds worse of a danger to me is trying to justify the natural right-deprivating power grabs of a tyrannical government in the name of protecting us against some overseas radical minority that the same government propped up in the name of protection from some other overseas faction." The discussion sort-of ended at that and we talked about something else. I felt kind-of awkward about it for a couple days, but then later today the same friend that said the thing about sacrificing our liberties texted me saying, "Dude you were right. I get it now". Apparently he had watched some YouTube videos of Dr. Paul on due process and foreign policy and then started watching other videos on other topics like the economy. And now he's already posted one of the videos on his Facebook!

I'm writing this to emphasize just how important we all are as individuals to this campaign and this movement. We fully and equally represent this movement and therefore must be a positive influence on it to our best extent especially when we are around others. More direct activism, such as sign waving, etc. are great, but we can't fail to appreciate that sometimes all it takes is a little dialogue. Politics can be a tough and awkward subject sometimes, but we owe it to Dr. Paul and to the preservation of liberty itself to break the ice and have some healthy conversations on the real threats to freedom we face. Often times, all it takes is being that spark in someones mind to ignite the flame.