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Dailypaul.com virus site?

Just to warn owner and moderators:
I got this warning when I tried to visit dailypaul.com:
Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!

Return to the previous page and pick another result.
Try another search to find what you're looking for.

Or you can continue to http://www.dailypaul.com/ at your own risk. For detailed information about the problems we found, visit Google's Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this site.

For more information about how to protect yourself from harmful software online, you can visit StopBadware.org.

If you are the owner of this web site, you can request a review of your site using Google's Webmaster Tools. More information about the review process is available in Google's Webmaster Help Center.
Advisory provided by Google

At RPF few people have same problem.

What is going on?

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Google Employees Support Ron Paul

Google employees are among Ron Paul's top five donor groups right after the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

See http://www.consequeries.com/California-voter-guide

They'll fix it. I'm sure they're smarter than the ones who donated to Obama.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Google hacked by StopBadware(dot)org.

From what I see it could very well be a hack against google themselves that started it.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Reported Attack Site...

It is a total lie! Google tries to auto protect you without really checking the website much if enough people report getting a virus/malware/etc after visiting. However if you attempt to directly connect to the site it will have a link where you can "see why this site is blocked" (or similar). And it will report that it seems that 0 (that is right ZERO) viruses/malware/etc have been reported... that the site does not appear to be a 3rd party influence for anything bad... etc.

The website is under attack. The moderator/administrator needs to request that the warning be taken down!

I wonder if this is an attack from one of the rivaling political campaigns?? *sigh*

goodthinkers dayorder, oldthinker Ron Paul pluscrimethink Ingsoc, ref ownlife.