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After several attempts i logged on eventually. Google has blacklisted this site! More Bullcrap from Big Brother and more to come i expect... goooo Ron Paul gooooooo u good thing!

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I just told it

to ignore the warning!
Firefox on Linux, so I don't worry much about malware!
I guess they don't want people learning the truth.

I'm using Firefox 64bit self

I'm using Firefox 64bit self compiled v12.0 on Gentoo linux but did not receive the error at 11:20.

So, that's weird and makes me think it is some shadow site hijacking the DNS.

Can you please eliminate the ignore rule for the warning and go here (the actual IP for the DP) to reproduce:

not sure

where the ignore rule is located - but was able to open the site via the ip with no problems.

using FireFox 11.0 for Ubuntu on 64 bit machine running Trinity Kubuntu 10.10

seems like

a firefox thing

Got here using Bing

Gotta try other browsers or search engines, free-market style!

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