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Daily Paul Malware Alert

UPDATE: I've made contact with the ad service provider that is supplying the code that Google is flagging as malicious. They are aware of the problem and are working with Google to solve it. The Daily Paul is not the only site that is being subject to this treatment. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon.

See Also: isocket tweet.

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As many regulars here have noted (here, here, here, here, and here), dialing into the Daily Paul on Chrome or Firefox results in a Google red screen that says the Daily Paul contains malware. No such warning appears when using Safari or IE. Further investigation shows that Google has classified the Daily Paul as 'suspicious', in spite of the fact that:

Of the 658 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-05-31, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days

Over the past 90 days, dailypaul.com did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites. This site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

After much investigation, it appears that this is a false alarm. Google is listing some standard ad server code - which has been on the site for over a year - as suspicious. We may also be the subject of a dirty tricks attack, as the 'suspicious' page Google is flagging is this one: Why I am Endorsing Mitt Romney for President and Not Ron Paul.

Thank you everyone for your patience. We're working on getting this straightened out as soon as we can.


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Had this notice come up all day

I haven't posted in age but still rely on DP for news. I got this warning earlier today and had to hit ignore warning to see the posts (firefox and internet explorer)


it's actually kinda sad that i think someone somewhere (namely rombama-related or just anti"the people") did this on purpose. why? well im not by nature a 'conspiracy-theorist' BUT because of the friggin conspiracy of almost ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS to blackout Ron Paul, i now think almost all anti-Dr. Paul stuff is intentional now. scumbags got me i guess.

Still BAD!

6:55PM CST Just did a goggle search and the warning displayed. Everyone needs to take goggle out and use a new search engine....

"Flame" -- it attacked Iran, then...

...hit the sites of anyone who doesn't want to start a war with Iran.

Those are some advanced detection techniques

It makes sense. The system saw an endorsement of Romney and flagged it as suspicious and probably harmful. I'd say their system did its job perfectly.


Scary accurate! :-)

Not just Google, DP got

Not just Google, DP got flagged by Mozilla Firefox as a bad page.

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FireFox uses the same API as

FireFox uses the same API as Chrome does for verification. Just displays a different message.

This is almost funny...

but I know better than to laugh at the establishment. They are totally up to no good! What I was just handed by them...

Reported Attack Page!

This web page at www.dailypaul.com has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

I never changed my security preferences.... Screw them a--holes!!!

Every day, thousands of websites are tricked into delivering badware to their visitors. Thousands more are set up specifically for malicious purposes.

Firefox warns you about these “attack sites” so you can avoid them and keep badware off your computer. They link to StopBadware for additional information about the warnings and what you can do to protect yourself.

StopBadware is a non-profit organization that works with its partners, like Google and Mozilla (the creators of Firefox), to fight computer viruses, spyware, and other badware.

I know others have posted about this... Yes I know it sucks... I just had to post it myself!

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This happens way more then

This happens way more then people think. This has happened to Facebook before where their Ad provider (prior to them buying their own ad provider) spread a bit of bad code that later allowed Malware to get into other peoples system. As well as Cross-site scripting problems. I just turn off all 3rd party tracking and code using a plugin.

Welcome to the internet kids.

Go Ron Paul!


..this doesn't smell suspicious at all.


Too many hours.

Should have been fixed in a few minutes once Google was contacted.

This has to intentional at this point.

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This is absolute Bull Shit!

I have this linked on my fb page. Why I am Endorsing Mitt Romney for President and Not Ron Paul. This is really starting to tick me off!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Mike Rivero

Had a comment on his site (WRH) about this, otherwise I would not have tried to come here thinking there was a virus. Thank you Mike!


Follow The Complaints & Find the Culprits

Although I don't have proof, it's HIGHLY likely that this ridiculous flagging of the Daily Paul as a malicious website isn't an accident.

I got the same thing

print screened it and posted it on Fascistbook and came in anyways :D


well, google did it to me too...only it said that there were 3 incidents of malware downloaded in the past 90 days....I shrugged it off and loaded the page anyway....anyone else think that one of the "new" members did this?

Even some regulars probably stayed away.


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The evil...

...in a mind of these dark souls that practice this divide and conquer methodology is so old and futile. The force of Light and Truth fast eliminates this kind of negativity that is constantly seeking inroads to do this and divide the family group. Very communistic and socialist in nature, but just another of the opposing sides in a banksters creation to dominate the world.

We all have to step out of the box and remember WHO creates communism, capitalism, and all the other ism's to constantly pit against each other for gain and control. Did you notice these attacks come when the bilduhburgers gather even now?

We have seen an up-tic in the down voting and infiltration lately. It only means we are winning and could take the presidency, which the bilderfbergers are making contingency plans for now in Virginia. If we are not catching flak, we are not over the target and all these Things know this so we are getting it from the romulans and soterobamanites. All hands on deck as we are about to go into the fire of the summer of 2012, and are now under evil attack. Much more to come so be alert and be vigilant for this darkness never sleeps and often comes as a thief in the night.

Can you imagine IF all these types who are now gathering at the bildaburg'ers meeting were to put all their time and green energy into creating Love and Light and everything that is in the color of rainbows that comes down from all that? Preparation is a calmed mind. Plant your gardens.

Big up to AM and LR on the We are Changing the Channel u-stream for hanging in the rain like REAL REPORTERS do. You ALL are real troopers.



bilderfbergers are making contingency plans

Logical thinking there Truthbearer

There is TRUTH to the theory that when a proposed evil action
is exposed and given wide viewing by large numbers that proposed
evil action is shunted aside and some alternative is put up.

Proof that the more such as we expose and shine the light of TRUTH
on all evil acts we ferret out the more those perps are forced to
create substitute plans and the angrier they become and the more MISTAKES and transparent plans they concoct and the EASIER it it for millions to see the down and dirty of all their actions

we win.

Stamina, diligence,patience.


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For the speculation on intent...

Google contains a larger than average percentage of RP supporters and sympathizers due to the fact that technical fields have a larger than average representation of RP supporters. (Refer to Google Talks from 2008 as well).

Therefore, I find it highly unlikely that something like this with malicious intent would happen without some sneaky RP guy at Google blowing the whistle...

This sort of thing happens, especially with things like ad services and member sigs, etc...

I am sure Michael will find/correct the problem... In the meantime, let's stop sounding overly paranoid... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Nah, let's make them sweat.

There are several Conventions that are in full force and the California primary is coming.

Why isn't this being cleared up, if was just a mistake?

Poor customer service or intent to censor. The effect is the same.

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Ever since google has

been flagging this site for malware, when ever I click on something I get a pop - up ad. This has never happend to me before today. I am using I8. Hopefully the bug will be found soon. Good luck to those who's job it is to find it, it's starting to get annoying.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Seen it before

I have seen this same thing few times before. All were very non-controversial websites. One in particular, I am aware of what it turned out to be. Someone joined the site, and added a link to malware in their profile. Google;s spider picked it up and flagged it. IE doesn't recognize the flag, and obviously neither does safari.

So, the admin merely looked at the new members for 2-3 days prior and found the spammer who did it. Because the profile also showed posts made and topics started, they saw he/she also posted the same link in an archived forum thread and started a new topic as well, that no one visited.

Those posts were removed, along with the new member (whose IP was also banned) and Google was asked to run back through it. They agreed and the flag was removed. It's a bot, or spider type thing that crawls the net and through websites, and flags automatically when links to malware (or redirects to sites with malware).

I'm not saying that's what this is, but maybe look back through the last few days of members and see who's who. The links in my friend's site were "shortened" URL's so be careful what you click if you see it.

This will drive a lot of people away from DP.

This is likely a deliberate attempt to do just that from these types of websites.

a deliberate attempt ...of course it is

you got that right ! m72mc

itz not just "likely"

this is what TPTB are doing 24/7 on all communications
platforms to protect the GLOBAL WELFARE SYSTEM for
millions of "survivors" who were not even born yet in 41-45

"no gentiles need apply"

and all those bankers who steal so much of those WELFARE PAYMENTS

this is now a oft repeated act to try to shut up we who write


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

It won't Work

Google has WAY too much control over the internet. Had this happened on a Romney/Obama site, the problem would have been fixed almost instantaneously.

Seems very likely, since the teams of trolls failed.

then you win.

Free includes debt-free!

I've noticed...

this happens to a lot of "alternative" sites I visit often for news and info. But mysteriously I have yet to have the problems with any mainstream sites I regularly use. I had this "malware warning" about a month ago when visiting www.austrianeconomics.com (Tom Woods' site), as well.

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