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Daily Paul Malware Alert

UPDATE: I've made contact with the ad service provider that is supplying the code that Google is flagging as malicious. They are aware of the problem and are working with Google to solve it. The Daily Paul is not the only site that is being subject to this treatment. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon.

See Also: isocket tweet.

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As many regulars here have noted (here, here, here, here, and here), dialing into the Daily Paul on Chrome or Firefox results in a Google red screen that says the Daily Paul contains malware. No such warning appears when using Safari or IE. Further investigation shows that Google has classified the Daily Paul as 'suspicious', in spite of the fact that:

Of the 658 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-05-31, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days

Over the past 90 days, dailypaul.com did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites. This site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

After much investigation, it appears that this is a false alarm. Google is listing some standard ad server code - which has been on the site for over a year - as suspicious. We may also be the subject of a dirty tricks attack, as the 'suspicious' page Google is flagging is this one: Why I am Endorsing Mitt Romney for President and Not Ron Paul.

Thank you everyone for your patience. We're working on getting this straightened out as soon as we can.


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IE 8 - only through Google Search Results

The only time I have a problem is through the search (this site) function when I click on one of the search result links to threads here. I'm using IE 8.

As I pointed out elsewhere, this explanation was the most likely! Employees of Google are in fourth place behind the Army, Navy, and Air Force, as Ron Paul top donors.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

i think it is all cleared up

i think it is all cleared up just tried again on firefox and no troubles here


Here is a little 2008 nostalgia.


Remember sopa and cispa how about the UN ?

herd this on the TV imagen that they actualy reported somthing real :)
Here is an artical i thaught all of you paulites may enjoy, well you probably wont enjoy it... But its somthing we need to be aware of- we stoped sopa unsure about cispa and now the we have to deal with the UN, here is part of the artical " see link http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-57444629-83/u.n-takeover-of...

IN Liberty Al

In Liberty Al Relbity

I am on using

IE 9 - no go on firefox.

Sorry Michael

Safari also flags the DP. I found that the only browser that doesn't flag is Opera and Camino.

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Michael Nystrom's picture

Ok, thanks

Safari wasn't flagging it for me earlier.

Hopefully we can get this straightened out soon.

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I second on this Michael on Safari...now I'm stuck on ironically

the most hacked browser IE and Opera Mini on mobile Android to surf this AWESOME site.

Just gotta get my daily DP fix, hope you understand my desperation...

I did get Trojan virus Message

From kaspersky on an ad that shows up on the right side of the home page a couple of days ago.

Do your best have no expectations

Well, I for one am suspicious.

These people from Iowa ARE well known trouble makers. ;)

Maybe google

thinks Ron Paul supporters are some kind of virus!
If so, it should be noted that we are a good, healthy virus!

Wow, SpaceHabits got 'em scared *-)


I have a sneaking suspicion that your "Why I am endorsing Mitt Romney for President, and not Ron Paul" is waking up those on the other side just a little too quickly. Principalities be quaking and rulers of this present darkness know your name. Congratulations SpaceHabits your in a rare club indeed. As for this lame attempt at censorship by Google.. well it's going to backfire as do all of their plans. Keep up the good work Michael Nystrom and SpaceHabits.

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Michael and SpaceHabits need to check in daily with

neighbors so we know if they are ok or have been carted off under the NDAA.

Copy to email and send it out

The "Why I am Endorsing Mitt Romney for President and Not Ron Paul." article

Add link to DailyPaul asking if google or others is trying to censor the Internet. Google has no evidence of malware yet they are blocking the site.

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Google doesn't like the troll thread.

Startpage is not

Google is, pathetic...

I use startpage

which I think uses google.
Also my script blocker shows google.com, googleanalytics and others for the site. Seems no site can be on the web now without something from google being there.