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Delegates & Alternates - Do Not Ignore This

Hey guys! It's me, Susan Wolfe, and I have some pretty incredible news! We just booked 100 rooms at Motel 6's in and around Tampa! And the really cool amazing part is, FIFTY-TWO of those rooms are only SEVEN miles from the Convention Center! This will give hundreds of our Delegates, Alternates and Supporters an inexpensive way to stay in Tampa for the seven nights of Paul Festival and the RNC! The lowest rate, at the Motel 6 ~ Lakeland, which is about 30 miles northeast of Tampa, is just $260 for one person, or if four people share a double room, just $70 bucks per person, INCLUDING tax, for SEVEN NIGHTS!!

The travel team is working extra hard this weekend to finalize ALL the individual State "Gold Standard Package" rates. These will include round-trip Ronvoy transportation, either campground or hotel lodging, the Weekend Pass to Paul Festival and in-town transportation in Tampa to all the exciting events (or for Delegates & Alternates, transportation to the RNC, which will probably be the most exciting event of all)! So everyone who's planning to stay in Tampa for the Paul Festival weekend AND for the duration of the RNC, keep your eye out on the Travel & Lodging section for updates!!


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Thanks, Susan!

I will be taking you up on this great offer!

Cost is less than anything else I can get.

Can't wait to see you at the event.

Ed in Phoenix

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