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Live Ustream Alex Jones @ BILDERBERG

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Bilderberg 2012: attendance list, pictures and more

Bilderberg 2012: attendance list, pictures and more


Hundreds more

headed to Chantilly

1776 part 2

I LOVED it when Mr. Jones Ate up those Faux reporters sent there by that Bowtie wearing NEOCON #ucker Carlson who tried to make him slip up.
BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SECOND amendment and we have the FIRST amendment!

Another protester

arbitrarily yanked from the crowd and arrested.

Intimidation meant to thin the crowd.


has finally appeared on the scene.

Alex should be interviewing them soon.

gettin' good


If like so many, myself

If like so many, myself included, you can't stand Alex Jones you can watch the protest livestreamed by Luke Rudkowski here:


Blessings )o(

Luke is chatting with the


Were you unable to post your info

without the divisive rhetoric?


It's fine if Alex Jones wants to protest the Bilderberg Group but it is not a Ron Paul 2012 rally and to hear his brood screaming nazi traitors and chickenshits at the Fairfax Police in the name of Dr. Paul is not representative of this movment or the campaign

I'm not a big fan of Jones'

He tends to exaggerate a lot,and even tells a white lie now and then to raise the audiences interest just like any other show that needs ratings numbers,But I'll tell ya this I do my own research and find that well over 90% of what I've heard him say over the years either was true or it came true. That Man is a dedicated Patriot and a Master research team member.

P.S. I LOVED it when the Crowd (led by Jones) Chanted RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL and called out the 20 Fascist Pigs who had arrested that Man for WALKING IN A STREET! and then turned and ran from the crowd. I watched the "occupy" protests on ustream and really couldn't get behind the Socialist sentiment that was driving the movement at all. This Protest I can Back! I want my Country Back. I want My Money Back. I want my freedoms BACK! Kick some ass Alex and all who have and will make the Pilgrimage to Va. this weekend. If for no other reason than to let the ones who think they're in charge Know that we are watching,and from here on out They will not be allowed to Pilfer our once great Nation and it's assets without repercussions. What's that Dr. Paul? Blowback? yes Sir that's the perfect term to use!

well you didn't see the guy who just got arrested

well you didn't see the guy who just got arrested for taking one step off the into the street and then suddenly get 20 police showing force and intimidation while 5 officers surround him, push him up against the car and arrest him.

Those police were standing in the road trying to be intemidating to the crowd who were now shouting at them and once they suggested
"what would happen if we ALL just step into the road" the police retreated.

You don't get what the police has been doing all morning. So if you don't know what your talking about in a situation, maybe you should find out before you offer your opinion.

Bilderberg Meeting

I don't see Glenn (Romney) Beck there. The Blaze isn't covering it either. This is about liberty activism people. All Ron Paul supporters should be there to protest against the NWO Agenda 21 being discussed by TPTB attending this meeting. Alex Jones has a pair. Glenn Beck should grow some!

Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged against provisions against danger, real or pretended from abroad. -James Madison

beck? Aye Aye Aye :}0

Gosh, there really are some Fox News Junkies in the Ron Paul camp. I'm glad you guys are hear but if you want Glenn Beck in your corner then you gotta lot to figure out. Not trying to act like I got it all figured out but I WAS protesting the NeoCons in 2003.

Glenn Beck is globlist puppet!

Glenn Beck is globlist puppet!

Loose Moose

Well both glen beck & alex

Well both glen beck & alex jones both threw Debra Medina under the bus at the same time with the same subject.


did this happen?



Loose Moose

I'll look forward

to the video evidence.

I was watching and didn't see that. I did hear them yelling at BB's.

Good listening

while I work

They just arrested a peaceful protester

Alex Jones wins. Last year New York Times said Bilderberger meeting did not exist. Right now AP, WaPo, Salon, Politico, DailyCaller and more are there covering it.

those brain-dead moron frakkers SHOULD be arresting ALL

Bilderberg attendees, NOT the civil, peaceful citizens, aka the copthugs' own EMPLOYERS, in a 'fair' universe, of course.

so sick and tired of this scheisse.

no matter, these morons are about to find out for themselves the wrath of free humanity, come post-currency collapse, and when they find out too late that NO ONE will pay for their pensions as the same NWO Wall St. Banksters the likes of GoldmanSUX et al have already long looted their pensions as well as ALL of ours.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Very good feed!

84,OOO people watching now!

Loose Moose

16O,OOO Live Views so far?

16O,OOO Live Views so far?

Loose Moose


bump ;D