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Don't rock the boat! Get in the boat, and try to convince them to let you steer! Texas Republican Convention Guide!

I made this non-partisan convention guide to help ALL Texas Delegates understand the convention process. The Texas State Convention is about Texas. It's not about the Presidency. We need to focus on making friends and building coalitions. I plan on using this to make friends, and hopefully move the Texas Republican Party closer to our ideals.

Texas Republican State Convention Guide

Texas Delegates must realize that because Texas is so late in the primary season, our convention has NEVER been about the presidency. It's about local politics and about Texas. I encourage people to take my advise. Do not talk about Ron Paul specifically. Use the word Republican a lot. If you make any promises to get elected a National Delegate, YOU BETTER KEEP THEM!


The most important thing you can do is make ONE convention buddy who is not already a Liberty Lover. Feed them information from this Convention Guide. Attend the Temporary Committee meetings and share the information you learn. If we can all make ONE convention buddy, we can double our numbers. DO IT!

I hope this helps all Texas Delegates completely understand what to expect in Fort Worth next week.

Texas Republican State Convention Guide


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Bumping for Texas Convention which starts on Monday...

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Nice work, Rob


Thanks, Rob!

This is quite the useful document!! (I'll be carrying several copies with me at the convention next week.)

I did notice a potential error, though: the times for the Temporary Rules meeting (adjacent to the very large arrow on page one) are the exact same times and days for the Temporary Platform & Resolutions meeting. Is this correct?

Heh, the "GS2- "Pomp and Circumstances & More"" comment for the whole of Tuesday cracked me up. I had to leave the General Assembly in 2008 when Rick Perry made his speech ... with the brass band behind him to provide meaningless musical flourishes to his mindless gobbledy-gook.

Glad it's helpful!


You had me nervous for a second! This is like the 5th Revision before I decided to release it!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Hog wash

Make freinds with pigs at the trouth if you like, me I destest those schmbags that have spent their lives destroying my freedom and I wont get in the boat with them except to pound holes in the bottom. And since I am not a liar cheater nor mass murdering war monger I will not play games of stealth. So Know this if I get in your GOP boat its only to sink it. That said meybe its best that I do not attend since I am convinced this is all about Identifying and leading the opposition back into the left right paradigm. Like the teaparty this is simply teaparty 2.


I'm not stealth...

I just said don't make this about Ron Paul...make it about getting this country back on track. How many Texas State Conventions have you been to Sovereign?

From the sounds of your comments, it appears none. Have you ever talked to hundreds of other Texas Delegates? They are not liars and cheaters and mass murderers. They are Texans just as concerned as we are. They have just as much passion as we do.

You would be doing our movement a disservice, and you would be setting back what has been accomplished so far in TEXAS, if you go into the convention with the attitude you displayed in your comments.

I never once said not to follow your principles. I never said to lie about your support for Dr. Paul. I too am against being stealth. As a friend said, if they don't know who you are, you're not doing enough!

I hope you will reconsider your attitude, and show up next week ready to build bridges and coalitions. This will be necessary if you plan on having any sort of tangible success.

Please reconsider your demeanor.

For Liberty,


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I had three Romney

supporters voting for me in the Az convention. Didn't have to mention Dr. Paul. Talked TRUTH

But, always always the one that wins out is:


well you would be wrong

Since this election we have only had one the grand total would be 1 this year. BUt since im an old man you can count that up to about twenty. So you can asume that you made an assume out of yourself.


Well that's just lovely!

I love being wrong!

Being wrong is erroneously associated with failure, when in fact, to be proven wrong should be celebrated. For it is elevating someone to a new level of understanding...furthering awareness.

I wouldn't want to get into a bickering contest with someone who appears to have so much anger built up, but I can honestly understand where it's coming from since you've put up with this garbage a lot longer than I have apparently.

But if anyone is making an assume out of themselves, it is you sir. Did you even bother to look at the Convention Guide I prepared, or are you just here to stir up trouble old man!? :P

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I tryed but it gives me a format error

But again you assume that I did not even bother to look at what you post or read it. The reality is you know so very little compared to me and you continue to make broad asumptions. At least you toned it down a little. I am here to voice my honest opion and not just go along and get along. you see your stratigy will find you smiling laughing and slaping backs with sold out puppet stouges that have and will continue to destroy my individual freedom. At the county convention the vast majority of the atendees were family of GOP candidates that mostly all support what they are told to, very dissapointing as usual. You advocate that somhow we can win this gang over to our side. Well good luck I know better, they are not my freind. But you dont gett it so come back in about forty years and talk to me.


Texas delegates & alts

If you need help with a place to stay or ride please let me know. Thanks

We need guests at the

We need guests at the convention!! It's POSSIBLE that enough delegates don't show that guests could be appointed. I can't say anything for certain, but here in Illinois we're trying to prepare for just that.

Downloaded and Shared...

with the 4 people coming with me to the convention. See you there!

Thanks for simplifying it

There seem to be so many "extra" events that require tickets of $30, $50, $125 each. What other events will be happening that the RPT isn't advertising on their official website?

The events...

The events you need to be at are free. You need to be at the Temporary Committee meetings and ESPECIALLY at the SREC meeting on Wednesday at 4:00pm. That's were the real fight will go down! Be there!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Awesome wisdom!

Thanks, padna. I met some really sweet people at our state convention. We have alot of common ground. They were in the dark on so many things. It was sad. I'm keeping up with a couple of them. Have never mentioned the rp word yet. They must trust you first. Talk about AZ, Obama, sprinkle in a little our poor troops want to come home but they can't and they're commiting suicide. Switch to Goldman S is in the WH. (later let it accidently be said that bankers are running the show... Mitt's biggest doner is GS and they want to stay in the WH. Then back to bashing the democrats again.

This post needs...

This post needs some loving!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!