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End The FaceCrook Monopoly On The Tampa Convention!

This link: http://www.gopconvention2012.com/about-the-convention-withou... describes...
"updates direct from Tampa Bay and follow the convention time line, activities and other great events happening in Florida and across the nation relating to the convention."

We should not have to have a facecrook account to enjoy our Republican Party.

Facebook requires a user agreement that allows them to track everything you ever do, on-line or not, to be tracked and sold by them fore all time.

Manny people do not want to agree to such intrusive tracking and supper-cookies.

I wish we could make this available withe out a facecrook account!

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Facecrook suhhhhhhhhhhks

I won't go to Facecrook, have never been much of a "follower", and don't think highly of those who are. To hell with this spy-grid front-company. They have fooled the masses by playing on their vanity. Boycott them, permanently.