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Books to Die For

Books to Die For

Published by Charleston Voice

Upon moving down South nearly 14 years ago, I dug in hard on learning southern history. Having grown up in Maine, I was pretty much up to snuff on the colonial period, F&I & Rev Wars, but came up short on the "civil war". Well, I certainly found out!

Knowing how to select what to read is crucial. Ask a friend whom you trust to know truthful history - - get a title or two from him, and if you liked the book, your source for future reading selections will be the bibliographies in the backs. Then, just use those as referral sources for future reading! You'll be keeping yourself from wandering off into the philosophical wilderness..... where you may be finding yourself right now!

Once you learn about the Whigs from whence came Lincoln, you'll get a clear understanding of the Republican mercantilism we still toil under today. You'll have a clear focus then why Obama idolizes this tyrant. Tom DiLorenzo can set you straight on that issue.

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