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Establishment Shenanigans in Louisiana

Washington - Saturday's Louisiana Republican State Convention in Shreveport promises to be a political donnybrook for the ages. A fight pitting the Ron Paul forces against the rest of the party is likely to lead the convention to split into two competing meetings that will proceed to put together two, somewhat different Louisiana delegations to send the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August, and leaving it to the national GOP's Contest Committee to sort it out.

Steve Jessmore, The Sun News, via The Associated PressThis display of Ron Paul buttons for sale was photographed in South Carolina in January. The Republican State Convention in Shreveport today, dominated by Paul supporters, is likely to split into two competing conventions.

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This guy has youtube videos -follow him on twitter


Where is the livestream on this? Cops taking out chairman!

go to twitter and search #LAGOP and you can follow the excitement!

. Police removed elected majority chairman. twitter: #LAGOP

#lagop is perpetrating a coup with their 28% minority. Police removed elected majority chairman. #nazigermany

#LAGOP #state #convention has been taken back by the @ronpaul #revolution

Defying and overruling the establishment. #LAGOP #state convention # LIBERTY REIGNS

It's on YouTube

Search for "police assault Ron Paul delegate at LAGOP convention"

I would post the link, but I don't know how to do it on an IPad.

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I don't know if Wead is correct

At the national convention the validity of Louisiana's caucus was still in question. In a stunning coincidence, many delegates were flown home before the nomination process to prepare for Hurricane Gustav..... on John McCain's dime! Was that actually a penalty for breaking caucus rules?

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