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GOP Civil Rights Violations and Election Fraud

URGENT - plaintiffs and eyewitness testimony needed from all states and territories for federal civil rights lawsuit.

A Federal Civil Rights lawsuit is being drafted seeking to remove illegal binding or compelling of delegate votes nationwide under 42 USC sections 1971-1974. The initial complaint will be filed next week, about the 6th of June.

The lawsuit has two major components.

First is to enforce the law that no voter can be compelled, coerced or intimidated to vote anything but his conscience on a national basis (this would include binding delegates to any national convention, such as the August RNC convention.)

The second is to deal state by state to seek remedies where fraud, irregularities, or coercion took place in the voter registration, caucus, primary, or convention process where voters and delegates civil right to vote their conscience and have it fairly and legitimately counted was infringed.

What this means for the ReLOVEution is the all delegates to the Tampa Convention will be free to vote as they will, and State laws and party rules binding delegates would be struck, thus allowing the full Arizona and Florida delegates to be seated.

State by State where the GOP Establishment has broken the rules, stuffed ballots, fraudulently counted votes, refused to accept voter party registrations etc. will be addressed and remedies sought based on the input of the plaintiffs from those states. This could even include criminal charges in some cases.

Named plaintiffs from every state and territory is being sought for the Federal portion.

Plaintiffs and eye witness testimony of improprieties is being sought for each state.

The work is being performed pro bono by Ron Paul supporters and volunteers. This is not just a sour grapes lash back at the GOP establishment. It will ultimately affect every state and political party. It could be the basis for breaking Machine Politics nationwide.

If you observed any improprieties in your state please go to:
to post your testimony.

It is a members only forum to protect those who post their testimony and to prevent trolls, and agent provocateurs. Membership is free, but you must identify yourself when you sign up because the purpose is to gather testimony which will be made into affidavits to be submitted to the court.

In Arizona we experienced some of the most egregious and open fraud at our state convention. Most of the grass roots Ron Paul leadership here have been working with these folks and their attorneys to put this legal action together. This is legit folks.

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Video Explanation of the RNC lawsuit

Here's the lawsuit against the RNC video! Please share!
And Join us!

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Proceed with caution please

Something about this does not pass the smell test. Where are you guys located out of? What is your physical address? Is there a direct number we can contact you at? Since you will be looking for this type of information from potential plaintiffs, seems fair enough that you would provide the same....


I am in Tempe, Arizona. I do not feel it makes sense to post my address here, but I am near ASU.

We havea team odf about 10 in AZ who are donbgth admin stuff while Tools for Justice does the legal work.

You can call 520 477 2012
520 4rp 2012

hope this helps.

Need in every State and American Territories

We sent out an email to all the coordinators asking for their help in finding those who would be willing to be plaintiffs. The states listed are those that did not have a coordinator, therefore we need help. Please email David@toolsforjustice.com if you can help in any of the 50 states and territories


Missouri should be on that list?

After St Charles' first round with Eugene Dokes and the arrests that occurred that night when they tried to reconvene in the parking lot? Or am I not thinking in the same field on the original poster's proposition?

Missouri yes!

absolutley we are looking for plaintiffs in every state at least one. Thye more the merrier how ever!


Yes please spread the word in Missouri!

We need as many plaintiffs as possible!

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for legal action to hold the "mitt the shxt" supporters liable and for justice.



"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Look and bumb this as well

http://www.dailypaul.com/237478/police-assault-ron-paul-dele... Ron Paul delegate/rules committee chair arrested at Louisiana convention- for starters...

We the People need

to follow through with the fraud that is being perpetrated against us.
Use the tools above, get involved or it will be on us that it continues.