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Ron Paul will FLUSH these Bilderberg scum down the toilet.

All Americans that are at the bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia deserve to be behind bars. Any elected official most certainly does. Since there has been so much coverage from people that are in the mainstream media club, the MSM have had to go to lying about the existence of such meetings and calling us Conspiracy Theorists, to making fun of us and calling us Conspiracy Theorist, oh this rich people meet in secret to dictate what will happen to the world but don't you worry just sit right back we have your best interest in mind. BS. Ron Paul will flush these scumbags down the toilet and they will be sent to the old Alcatraz :) Or should be at least! :) Thanks to DLAKE For Prez for the props on his videos and giving me the ideas on this vid.

In Liberty!

Will Farrar


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As George Carlin Said

"The limits of debate in this country are established before the debate even begins, and everyone else is marginalized or made to seem either to be communist or some sort of disloyal person.

"A 'kook' - there's a word. And now it's 'conspiracy' - see? They've made [it] something that should not be even entertained for a moment that powerful people might get together and have a plan."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard