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If You Just Became A RNC Delegate For Mitt Romney

If that actually did just happen to you, please don't say so on this message board...

If that is true, then you're going to Tampa Bay as a, "Mitt Romney," delegate that is not bound by anything.

To everyone here at the Daily Paul, please ask yourselves a simple question...

If America's life depended on you being chosen as a delegate to the RNC in Tampa, what would you do? Would you say you are for Ron Paul, or would you say you are for Romney? The goal? Just get to Tampa as a delegate...or America dies.

If my life depended on me getting chosen as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay this August, I'd tell a white lie and say that I am a 100% Romneytron, because then I would have a much better chance than a Paul delegate who is going against all the odds.

In general, I feel that a, "Romney," delegate has a better shot of getting to Tampa. There are probably many people reading this right now that came to the same conclusion back in 2010 or earlier.

I think it is reasonable to make that conclusion given everything in the proper vote fraud context. If my life depended on Mitt, it seems logical and reasonable to vote for Pedro, errr..."Mitt Romney," at my local state convention.

Am I a delegate for, "Mitt Romney?" Maybe. I am from the communist state of New York, so what the hell else am I supposed to do if my life depended on getting to Tampa Bay as a delegate? Say I'm for Ron Paul? I even have a Romney 2012 bumper sticker......

Go Ron Paul! Oops...I meant, "Mitt Romney."


It really doesn't matter how you get there.

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My Mind Just Played A Trick On Me (TRUE)

I read this headline FULLY (my cat distracted me a little, I should add) as:


That is what I read!

Then I read again and realized my subconscious filled in "the blanks".

Thank you, Dear Subconscious.

Always there to finish unfinished sentences.



Wisdom Strategies

Moles we need moles

join the mitt romney campaign! they fear the moles! The number one reason to support romney and then give him some of his own medicine(flipflop)in the name of The CONSTITUTION!!!!

The math is simple..

If you become a Paul delegate that is plus 1 for Paul.

If you become a Romney delegate it will be plus 1 for Paul and minus 1 for Romney.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

RNC Delegates Elect (MA) speak out, Ron Paul Liberty slate pledg

RNC Delegates Elect (MA) speak out, Ron Paul Liberty slate pledged to Mitt Romney

Sleeper cells

Delegates incognito. This is the Trojan horse we've been talking about all along.


Completely awesome!

Thank You :)!!!!!!

Ghost Recon RPD: Tampa

Time to hatch..."Plan B"

Just thinking this myself

Great post.


Hey Newt is that you? LOL

This is good advice for liars

Liars are good at lying and can handle it.

Being a delegate means you get to know you community as a Republican. That's not easy to do giving the state of the Republican Party, which in my county, to be honest, the Libertarian and Green Party have more members, more meetings, more events, and more money. When you say "Republican", people want to smack you.

So, being a Ron Paul Republican, well, that's being a minority in a minority.

At the last RCC meeting this guy shows up outta the blue. The Chair askes, "Who do you support?" They guy says "Romney".. the chair looked at the vice chair and the look between them was "This guy is a liar." Why? NO ONE SUPPORTS ROMNEY. They are all accepting Romney, they don't like him and most will vote for Obama anyways.

It's too bad in a way that I've been going to meetings for a year, they all know I'm a Ron Paul supporter, and while they may not like Ron Paul, they respect me.. and I don't shut up about Ron Paul, everything that comes out of my mouth is Ron Paul this and that.

So the guy winds up admitting he's for Ron Paul, pulls out two campaign pins and puts them oh his shirt pocket. After the meeting I gave him some yard signs for his area and a few stickers..

The thing is, to the committee.. he a liar. To his county, he's a liar. To the district.. he's a liar. And I really don't know him, but the little I do, he's a rotton liar.

Least we forget, after Tampa you get to go home, and if you really understood what Ron Paul is saying, that means you continue to go to RCC meetings, and chair committees and host events, and get yourself vetted for future offices as a Republican.

Since you will be staying with your State in Tampa, the pressure is going to be on and how you vote will be found out and if you lied.. I guess you better not care what the neighbors think, eh?

If I had to lie to go to Tampa, I couldn't do it.

Good luck to those who can.

If you had to lie to save

If you had to lie to save your own life, or your son's or daughter's life, or your wife's life....would you do it? Of course you would.

If you had to lie to save America, would you do it? Of course you would.

I would. There is such a thing as a white lie....one that is meant to do good, not harm.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I would not lie

Lying doesn't work for me. Lying would produce blow back for me.

I know liars, and while I see not reason to be mean to them, I know that for me, even that man who came to my RCC as a Ron Paul Republican in stealth... He's no hero. He's a liar and it's a shame that people who admire Ron Paul would stoop to lying.

Ron Paul wouldn't lie to be at the convention so why would you? Why wouldn't you find another way?

When you lie, all you prove is that you are a liar. If the guy who showed up to my RCC tried to run for office to save our county from tragedy, he would be stopped, not for being a Ron Paul supporter, but for being a liar, as that is what his own committee members KNOW about him.

I'm not damning the liars among us, I sinceely wish them good luck, God knows they need it long after the convention.

I don't have children, so I don't know

I believe in God and God's will. I have heen tempted to lie, but then I abandon the idea that I need to save MY ego, and I need to serve God's will.

I don't have all the answers, and I have witnessed many miracles, and telling the truth is NOT always easy, tact is very important to develope.

I think my life has been a marvelous adventure. It hasn't always been easy, or good, that's a fact. And I think that when we lie, we trap ourselves into situation we wind up not liking.

The TRUTH sets you free, so I strive for it. I don't know if I would lie because I had children. As someone who never had children, I see how having children changes people. Maybe that is part of it?

I don't know. But I do know, when I have told lies in my past, I incured a wrath of God and people so painful, I do fear telling a lie. I absolutely fear it, knowing I won't get away with it, but will be tremendousl punished and ruined.

Life is not always as we think it is. One reason lying works against us in ways we don't understand. That's my experience.

And to be clear, this is not to say that I am not WRONG AS HELL about things, or my perception is not the same as others, which can appear as lies, but they are not in that, they are not contrived by me to hide or hurt another person.

I'm sorry you believe I am a liar.

ecorob's picture

you are a liar...

you would lie to save your children!

don't lie and say you wouldn't

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I reponded to you on my post above yours

I'm sorry for the error. Please see my response to you in the above post.

This is not about principles,

This is not about principles, it is about pure survival. Would you lie to Nazi to save couple of millions people (like some brave people did in my country during wwI)I? Because that is what is all about.

"I'm not damning the liars among us, . . . "

You have a very odd way of supporting your fellow Paulites. Your SELF-SERVING posts may make you feel better about yourself, but they do NOTHING to encourage Ron Paul supporters in their own battles to save our country.

Apparently you don't know much about Revolutionary War history, or you wouldn't be so quick to denigrate them for being spies.

It is nice that you have the luxury of openly being a Ron Paul delegate, but many other supporters do not have that opportunity, oftentimes due to the immoral, illegal actions of Romney supporters.

I am not a delegate for anyone, so I do not take your harsh criticism personally. However, I cannot sit by quietly while you do your best to malign these Ron Paul patriots and discourage others from following suit.

You have painted a very rosy picture of your dedication to Ron Paul, but given your obnoxious writings here today, I am inclined to think that your car being keyed had nothing to do with your Ron Paul sticker.

Granger- when even your own priest tells you to take a hike, that should give you a clue, buddy.

Yes, incredibly narcisstic.

also theGranger talks very patronizing! Feel sorry for her spouse

WTF are you smoking?

It is totally baffling that you think were stooping low because of this, does it look like we have a choice?!,I am going to lie at this moment because if I know It will save america from these elite psychopathic scum, I'll do it, can you be a little rational, and just think we actually don't have a choice but to lie, because by telling the truth, what do you think they'll do?, bend over and give us the nominee?, THIS IS THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!, They will beat us literally if they can at Tampa, come on man!

The TRUTH will set you free

Every election is the fight of the century.

If all we are is an election, we are not going to win. We need to be involved perpetually, every election, every Republican Central Committee we need to occupy with Ron Paul Republicans, president or not.

If, God forbid, Ron Paul loses the nomination, that is not the end of this fight for me by a long shot. I've signed up for years of political duty on my board of supervisors, and Republican Central Committee and other organiztions where I am open about being a Ron Paul Republican.

My job now (Tampa or not) is to get more open Ron Paul Republicans seated. VERY important to do this to actually win in the long run.

If you vote truthfully (from

If you vote truthfully (from your heart) you'll always vote RP no matter what. And law says that you can do it. So where is the problem? I dont see any lie here.

As I said before, I want to,

As I said before, I want to, "support," Mitt Romney and help him by voting for Ron Paul in Tampa Bay.

I support Mitt Romney. I want to help him...he needs help, which is why I will vote for Dr. Paul.

Is that a lie? No, it's not. Do we have to lie, cheat, and steal to get to Tampa? No, that's Romney's territory.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I think you're being very harsh.

I would call this guy a spy, not a liar. What if you wanted to stop Hitler? Would you walk into his quarters wearing an American uniform? How far would you get? You'd never get near Hitler, that's for sure.

I remember Marlene Dietrich volunteering to go take care of Hitler. She said she'd disavow her American citizenship in order to be welcomed back to Germany by Hitler. The commanders didn't take her up on her offer. I sure didn't consider her a "liar." She was a courageous patriot who loved her country. She probably would have died if she'd tried to carry out her plan.

Spies are better than liars?

The guy has ruined his reputation whether he is considered a spy or a liar. The Chair liked Perry, he's sucking up to Romney, the Vice Chair liked Bachman, she's sucking up to Romney, I'm the only one who is a delegate, and I'm a delegate for Ron Paul openly and honestly.

Ron Paul would not lie, cheat, be a spy, so under his influence, why would you?

Some folks believe Ron Paul would die if he tried to carry out his plan to be president, as they find the past four occupants in the white house more like Hitler than Washington.

You KNOW the people on your RCC, and they know you. I see my RCC peers at my church and at community events. I'm not moving so there is no escaping them. I may LOVE that crazy uncle Ron so much I drive a Ron Paul mobile, paint the county Ron Paul in signs, fill waiting rooms with Super brochures, go to meetings and pass out issue cards, openly pray for Ron Paul, and force you to listen to my Ron Paul message on my answering machine when you call, but I am not a liar, and for that, I have a political future here with people who respect me and TRUST me.

I hope, wish, and pray Ron Paul WINS CA on Tuesday so 172 delegates like me will be going to Tampa, but it's AFTER Tampa I'm more concerned and to come home, and people think I lied and cheated to get there... They can think I'm a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist from bad MSM, but they will not be calling me a liar.

To me, that's the future of Ron Paul, winning Tampa or not.

Please excuse me for appearing harsh on the guy, I like him, but I wouldn't trust him. Why would they?

Very true

All Delegates for Mitt Romney, please do not reveal yourselves to the internet as a Ron Paul supporter, or else they may get you.

In Tampa Bay let's win with Ron Paul!

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

But we are all delegetes

for Mitt Romney : )

No we are not

Most people here are not delegates and there are delegates like myself who are absolutly RON PAUL delegates, see for yourself:


While I admire your stance

It's fortunate for you that in your town you happen to be surrounded by more civilized people. I wouldn't dare suggest that you lower your moral standards. Just wondering if you think those who you feel respect you though they do not support Dr. Paul will throw you under the bus when the rubber hits the road? Plus you are in Cali, it's a different ball game for you as far as delegate selection.
I wonder if the poor guy who was hurt will wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to just let others assume he was for Romney while he's having his hip replaced. Wonder how well that worked out for the guy with the broken fingers? Wonder what other injuries will be sustained while we drift along your high road. I'm just wondering what sort of injuries you expect to sustain? What else will your high road lead you to? Will you gladly get robbed of your delegate status, well, at least you stood your ground, you can walk away proud. Walk right over to the alternate/ visitors section where you may likely find yourself, where you can reflect back on how well that's all working out for you. I am not a liar and I don't consider any one who is in a hostile environment and chooses to protect themselves and their rights by necessary means. Not everyone responds to intimidation the same. Some people DO become afraid when intimidated, and its not fair that they should have to bow down to a bully! Maybe your situation is ideal (for now), but some have been forced to fight fire with fire with fire, and now that more have seen the consequences of playing by the rules, I think more people are going to feel forced to take a detour.

Good fights are not easy fights

I had my car keyed the first week I put on my Ron Paul sticker.

I've been confronted by so many people who said to me, "HOW DARE YOU, you sick homophobe racist woman hater!!! How could you park your car here with Ron Paul! Someone should shoot that old crazy man!!! You're a NUT for liking Ron Paul. That Ron paul sticker is a one way ticket to a FEMA camp!

The Republican womens group refuses to invite me.

My preist told me to take a sabatical because my Ron Paul campaigning is pissing people off.

I was asked to take a drug test for the first time, and I think it's because Ron Paul is for marijuana.

My family who LOVES Obama has abandoned me.

It's not that those on the Cenmtral Committee like Ron Paul, many fear Ron Paul.. My Tea Party told me they fear Ron Paul, so it's not easy.

It's just being open and honest is really important, because the message Ron Paul, and me, is giving to people isn't easy to hear, but it's important. And I trust Ron Paul. That was important to me. So it's important to me, people trust me. They may not agree with me, and that's OK, they do trust me.

What's more is I look forward to the next 4 years promoting the message of Ron Paul. That is more important to me that the election.

An eye for an eye makes us all blind. Fighting fire with fire make Hell on Earth.

I sincerely wish the delegates GOOD LUCK.

upvote for standing on your principles granger

there are two "rules" i live by and have taught my children...
first- do unto others as you would have them do unto you (NO I AM NOT RELIGIOUS)
second- do not lie.