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Ron Paul supporter has fingers broken at contested Louisiana GOP convention

Louisiana's Republican convention in Shreveport on Saturday resulted in unexpected assaults and arrests, including one man who had his fingers broken. Many were expecting disagreements over the choice of delegates, especially after the state party's executive committee issued 16 pages of new rules before the convention, but it's doubtful that many guessed the severity of the disagreements. The Ron Paul campaign team explained the conflicts in detail.

According to Ron Paul and his campaign staff, 113 of the 180 delegates voted to remove the sitting GOP chairman when he refused to respond to requests for information. The 113 delegates than physically moved their chairs away from the "establishment GOP" and started their own convention. The nearly two-thirds of the delegates began their convention, and that's when the mayhem broke out. Security officials, unaware of the newly formed convention, attacked Henry Herford Jr. His prosthetic hip was dislocated and may have to be replaced. Alex Helwig, chairman of the Rules Committee, was arrested after he made a motion to remove the Republican chair. The Shreveport police released him later; however, some of his fingers were broken during his detainment. Video of Helwig being arrested and assaulted has been circulating the internet and has drawn outrage from Ron Paul supporters. Helwig returned to the Louisiana convention later, walking with the aid of a cane. Many are curious about what happened during his detainment.

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Can we please file civil

Can we please file civil lawsuits against these jackass cops who moonlighted as thugs, and then assaulted this poor disabled guy? Cops have qualified immunity from prosecution, but that does not apply if they are working off-duty as some sort of hired gun.

Take everything they have and ruin them.

What to do if followed again?

Your son should drive to a well lighted area, a gas station/convenience store where there are other people around. Keep the windows up and the doors locked, and promptly call the police. Not all police officers are like some in Louisiana. I know, my son is a police officer (and a Ron Paul supporter).

The revolution will not be televised

Keep fighting the good fight but don't expect the corporate media to run any stories on any of this. Better to use the alternative media, which is becoming the mainstream media. The corrupt media systems must be replaced, not reformed, by popular will. They have been proven to be irreparable, immoral, and untrustworthy.

Willie Shaw - Shreveport Chief of Police



Demand an investigation!

Call me dense,

but I still can't figure out which person was knocked down by cops and injuring his hip, and which one broke the fingers.

According to the video (deadpelican), Alex is the one with the hip injury and Henry received the broken fingers, but the article has it the other way around.

Henry was the guy with the

Henry was the guy with the hip injury http://youtu.be/MST6gH9UTZg

Then why is the guy in the video called

"Alex" and is walking with a cane and no bandaged fingers?

michcrow's picture

Does anyone know if Bobby

Does anyone know if Bobby Jindal has made any comments regrading the incident?

Two shorten the road.

Bobby has his hands full right now...

Governor Jindal recipient of possible illegal campaign contributions

Bobby Jindal Recall: Teachers Seek To Oust Louisiana Governor

In addition, if it's true that Bilderberg has chosen Mitch Daniels as Rmoney's VP pick - Jindal might a little down & out.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

video of Alex returning to delegate meeting


at approx 7:30 in the video - Alex returns, cane in hand.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Is there a video response from Alex Helwig

about his detainment and exactly how his fingers got broken? I've seen a taped response from Mr. Herford (bruised up but no hip dislocation).

I haven't found anything yet.


My sister listened to a very good interview of Alex on Republc Broadcasting. I have not been able to find it :( When I do, I'll post it.
Turns out that the cops took him out in the hallway where he was alone. They threw him on the ground face first, One stood on each arm while another broke his fingers by stepping on them one by one.
No joke. This is so disturbing, it makes me want to cry.
In the future, we can't let them get us alone.

Henry Herford Jr.

Remnant Patriot.
Keep the Revolution going....

Alex Helwig

Remnant Patriot
Keep the Revolution going....

Can someone please give us the names

of the cops involved so we can make sure the whole country knows who these "heros" who beat up on 60yo citizens are? We should also make sure to pass out the email of the Chief of Police so we can send thank you notes to these brave officers who risk there lives everyday protecting us. The emails of local congressman may not be a bad idea either(state level that is).

If this revolution is to stay peaceful - we better start hitting back very hard now with peaceful force. If not - this will turn very ugly. These conventions are escalating every time.

Maybe you can start an online

Maybe you can start an online protest.


The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

Thanks Kmiller

Thanks for the links!!

This was posted by another DP patriot

I'm not positive on the accuracy, feel free to go over the videos and verify, but I think it is an honest effort and a great start!

So these guys at the Shreveport PD aren't all angels:



Some even shoot at unarmed people:


As Alex Helwig waits for his day in court with these cops, I suggest we hit em back with a Ratemycop.com blast. You can rate different police officers across the country, and they have the names of all Shreveport PD officers at this link: http://ratemycop.com/index.php?page=1&st=LA&dept=11231&

The names i caught from today's LA convention videos are:

M (Matthew) Smith J (Joshua) Mayfield D (Deidrick) Williams (biiig jerk) Tim (Timothy) Beckius

Contact info

I do not know the names of officers involved in this but here is the webpage for all contact info to the police department and related officials. The page includes phone numbers from the chief on down to officers phones and emails who are supervisors of different precincts including one who is a 'volunteer coordinator".

I am surprised that the RP people

had not begun hiring their own cops long before this.

Being there.

This was waaaay more intense being there than watching the video. Still, watching the video get's my heart pumping again. I've voted the Republican ticket for 30 years and these antics made me really sad to call myself a citizen of Louisiana and a member of the LAGOP. What a black eye for the party. But I can still hold my head up and say I supported Dr. Paul and the cause of Liberty. It's really tragic that these party hacks have decided to attempt political suicide during a very important election year.

We Liberty minded adults need to step in and save our Civil Society from them. And that's just what we did Saturday morning. I am so proud that none of our incredibly intelligent Champions for Liberty was provoked into taking a "swing" at the officers or party officials present. All the shameful behavior was on their side. I find tricking the S'port officers into committing assault to be especially reprehensible as they are likely to be scapegoated for the Executive Committee's dirty tricks and blatant disregard for Robert's Rules which was the direct and proximate cause for this confrontation. I guess we need to start teaching our Police recruits Robert's Rules, at least until we finish cleaning our Republican house of these thugs.

Later that same day I was also stunned to see that, after fighting the "new blood" so violently, they could not even make quorum to hold their afternoon State Central Committee meeting. This year? With so much at stake? To attack us when they are in such desperate need of new energy and vitality? What a stunning level of hubris! To attack the means of your salvation even while your aging political machine slowly grinds to a halt. What a compelling argument for a change in leadership. I for one have already begun that conversation with SCC members.

Learn your Robert's Rules if you want to have a "voice" in official meetings guys! And get busy!

So anything going to be done

So anything going to be done by the campaign about this or are they just going to send out stupid emails and ask for more money?

Let's hope so!

Since Goldman Sachs and the crooks do not give us money. Go RP!

Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country. John Adams

Severely Conservative"

I beleive the RP folks have finaly and truely defined what it meens to be "severely conservative" ( as per Mitt's odd statement earlier this year) I'd call this pretty dogone "severe". I'd also say that if it was'nt for the apparent "Self Control" & Restraint on the part of the RP folks, Somebody (or somebody's) would have gotten a "severe" a_s whoopin.


There should be some extreamely heavey lawsuits filed against these cops.They should not be allowed to get away with this.Sue them to death,and put them out of a job and in prison if possible.And while you're at it,sue the GOP as well.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

My son was followed last night by a black, unmarked SUV.

He and a friend had a heated political conversation in the back yard for over an hour. He drove his friend home and after letting him out, this SUV came tearing around the corner right toward him.

My son just proceeded to drive normally on his way home and was followed within 30 feet by that car the whole way, about 20 minutes. He made several random turns to throw it off but it made every turn with him, including one into a parking lot. When he arrived at home and pulled into the driveway, the SUV did a quick U-turn and sped off. There was no license plate and the windows were smoke black.

WTH!!! What kind of country do we live in when we can't even have a discussion on our own private property? Were they listening in or did a neighbor overhear and, like a good little citizen, reported it to Homeland Security -- you know: see something, say something.

My son was visibly shaken and had difficulty sleeping. He wonders how he was born in the land of the free and woke up in North Korea. He will forever be afraid to open his mouth again and speak his mind. He will always be looking over his shoulder...

My heart is breaking. How did we get to this point? Truly THEY are the real terrorists for terrorizing an innocent young man like that. How much more do the American people have to put up with before they realize who the real terrorists are?

Take action

There are plenty of authoritarian gov'ts currently and throughout history that have no problems with wiping out millions of their own citizens to quell political dissent - Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Polpot. Don't think it can't happen here. Americans need to wake up and fight with our words before it becomes inevitable that we use physical force. Good luck. Hopefully you can expose these punks if they follow your family again.

Tell him not to be scared

We have the power. He should have pulled over and taken a picture. Establishment wants us to shut-up.


So does the campaign!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Please, never EVER, return to a house if being followed....

If anything, pull into a random drive-way or a hotel parking lot. If he made 4 right turns down residential streets and was still followed, just stop the car abruptly in the middle of the road, get tag #, and see what they do then...(and then follow them ; )
Does he really think that it was related to his conversation? If so, WOW, that's all I can say. Yeah, I would agree the whole police-state apparatus of DHS/Fusion Centers, etc... has gotten way too out of control.