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Republican Party blocking massive Ron Paul event in Tampa?

The organizers for the Paul Festival (www.PaulFestival.com) will initiate a campaign to get the venue released to us on Monday. We ask everyone in the movement to please help by initiating phone calls and e-mails to the RNC Monday June 4th, at 12 Noon EST if no announcements are made that they have released the venue (we will post here if they do).

Please feel free to extend the campaign to any other organizations that may also be able to help. For example, the Mayor of Tampa may be willing to help apply pressure on the RNC once he realizes the potential loss of economic opportunity from hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters coming to his town. Any other organization that might be able to help should be invited as well. Thank you!

Read the Washington Times article here for details on what's going on:

UPDATE: As of yet, we have heard no response from the RNC. We even made a last minute attempt to reach out to them by phone. To the best of our understanding these individuals are the ones in charge of making the decision to release the Fairgrounds. Please be polite and respectful if you decide to reach out to them, and thank them for their assistance in helping to spread the message of Freedom & Liberty.

Committee on Arrangements for the 2012 Republican National Convention Office: (813) 400-1067, (813) 381-5589
Maggie Boyd: MBoyd@gopconvention2012.com
Anne Stewart: AStewart@gopconvention2012.com
Virginia Casey: VCasey@gopconvention2012.com
Amanda Oliver: AOliver@gopconvention2012.com

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Tampa Mayor contact

Mayor Bob Buckhorn

City of Tampa, Mayor's Office
306 East Jackson Street
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 274-8251

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Good luck

to those negotiating space for the event!

I know something they did not lock up

A cruise liner

What a party

Rent all kinds of boats there in the Tampa Bay. Right in view of the Conventioneers. Ha!


fun and the USS Constitution

Zero media coverage.


We have had a great number of media coverage

already. Go to our Facebook page and look at all the articles we posted there. Why does it always come down to media coverage though? Do you think our point of putting on a festival was to get media coverage?

Point is, this festival is to honor Dr. Paul, celebrate all the hard work the movement has down in the last 4 years and of course to relax and have some fun. The timing and location of the festival seems to be a good idea considering how many people will be in Tampa anyway. We hope we get people who don't know about Ron Paul or the philosophy of liberty to show up and perhaps we can cure some apathy!

Oh they'd love that

I can see the headlines now ..... Ship full of Ron Paul supporters denied redocking, or got some virus like some ships just a couple years ago, or sinks.

Oh lols right....they will get us aboard ship

and set sail for Gitmo, full steam ahead. We'll be jumping overboard and commandeering life craft. Abandon ship! All patriots abandon ship! VIP's going overboard clutching magnums of champagne....


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I didn't get the memo

that we are abandoning all hope.

St Pete right across the bay, a difference of 7 miles

much better

Move it to St. Pete. It is close enough to Tampa and maybe

even OUT of the damn "militarized zone". Seriously, there are lots of places "close" to Tampa that could be utilized if you really want to make this happen.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Orange Dome

and it will have air conditioning

Tropicana Field

is booked with a Rays baseball game every night for two weeks before and after the convention.


On the other hand, Central Florida Fairgrounds is wide open:


And, they have 750 camping spaces, covered venues, air conditioned venues, space for tents, open air theaters, right on a nice lake, plenty of parking.........


media coverage too far away

Do you honestly think that people spending hard earned

money on a vacation in Fl is about media coverage? Anywhere that the RP supporters gather (by the thousands) will be newsworthy. What is to say they would cover it no matter where it is held? Grow up already!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Debbie's picture

I agree - too far away.



Send them emails - a few million

This is so hostile of them. Ok, but remain polite and respectful. Or "remain gracious" like the Romney campain who acts like they're the boss or something.

I disagree.

For what purpose? Just to show them that we have strength in numbers? They know that already.

It doesn't matter how many e-mails or phone calls they receive at this juncture, and by flooding them you are only reinforcing their belief that the Paul group is an unruly bunch. Especially if there are rude/angry communications.

A much better strategy is to regroup, find an alternative location, and then reconnoiter with them one last time. Show discipline and a positive demeanor in the negotiation.

The whole reason that the RNC did this

was to prevent a re-occurrence of the Ron Paul bash that happened in the Twin Cities in Minnesota at the 2008 RNC Convention, where there were more people at the Ron Paul event than were at the RNC Convention.

So, they wasted a whole lot of donor money to lock up everything in the Tampa Bay ares, so that they wouldn't be embarrassed again.

This has nothing to do with them wanting to use any of the facilities.
This is solely and entirely a maneuver to block the RP people.

They have blocked us at every turn, and they are going to try to block us on this too.
They will not relinquish any of the facilities to us, because they reserved them to stop us from having any of them.

But the RNC's main overall goal is to make sure that no American will ever be free in this country again. That's their true goal.

According to the Fairgrounds Executive Director,

the RNC entered into a contract 2 years ago with ALL public venues in the Tampa Bay area. I quote the e-mail response to my letter to Charles Pesano, Executive Director of the Fairgrounds, received today:

"The Florida State Fair Authority has worked diligently with the Paul Fest folks to work out details for them to license portions of the Fairgrounds for their planned event. In fact, my Director of Sales and Director of Event Services have spent dozens of hours working out these details with their representatives to complete a License Agreement to send them for the event. We are ready and very willing to enter into this agreement with them.

Unfortunately, we cannot move forward with a License Agreement unless the Committee on Arrangements (COA) of the RNC releases us (from our current commitment to them) to enter into such a License Agreement. About 2 years ago the Florida State Fair Authority (along with just about every other public venue in the Tampa Bay area) signed a commitment agreement with the RNC that gives them the right to our Fairgrounds during the time period surrounding and including the RNC event this August. According to the RNC this allows them to assign and allocate the public buildings to events and groups participating in the RNC in the most efficient manner, which is necessary according to them when you have so many here for the Convention.

We are waiting to hear from the COA on if, and when, they will be releasing this space to the Paul Fest folks. I suggest you contact the COA of the RNC, as they are the ones who control the progress, or lack of it, at this time."

I recommend that we pursue an alternative further afield. I continue to think the Central Florida Fairgrounds is viable (Orlando). At the very least, it might help with negotiations to the local RNC to understand that we are willing to take our business to Orlando. Given the attitude that the RNC has displayed in our delegate selections, does anyone believe the RNC will yield this space to us unless we have additional leverage?

Good luck!

Now's the time. If you want Paulfest make it happen!

Crank it up!

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

If they don't release the

If they don't release the fairgrounds it can always be somewhere else right?

Yes it could be, however I think we

all understand the impact this can have if in Tampa. The establishment can't bring us down!

I assume it would still be in

I assume it would still be in Tampa if it had to be somewhere else


Okay guys - this is it! We need your help desperately!!

Please contact these people at the Committee on Arrangements for the Republican National Convention and TELL THEM how great Paul Festival will be in MANY ways!

Remind them that 100k people coming to Tampa over one weekend would be wonderful for the economy of Tampa.

Remind them that this event is NOT just an event in support of Ron Paul, but an event that supports LIBERTY!

I told Maggie Boyd that this event will STRENGTHEN and UNIFY the GOP behind small government conservative principles, and those are the backbones of the GOP!

In the end, ASK THEM to release the venue! Be professional, be nice.... well, be professional at least... and ask them to release the venue for Paul Festival. If you don't want to call them, just shoot them off an email! Thank you!!

Please help us make this happen!

Phone and email bomb is what we need. Thousands of phone calls and emails requesting they release the fairgrounds to us. Please be polite and professional when doing so.

Bumping This

Please bump this to keep it in the know. This is today at noon EST!

I'm in.

I know, I know, that sounds so....Obama like. ;)
I wonder if we could be so lucky as to set up Ronstock II?
I spent a week in Minnesota. and I met the best people I have ever known! each and everyone of them! even Shemdog!
this is Ken from Arkansas, if that means anything to anyone.....