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Ron Paul delegates will fight for his principles at GOPconvention in FortWorth #TX Wear the spurs!

URGENT: Delegates and alternates BE THERE! SHOW UP! BRING OTHERS.
If you cannot come contact Kory Watkins who is in charge of grassroots. Or announce it on Daily Paul.

Ron Paul will be there at the Convention. On May 20 there was a lot of noise about Ron Paul speaking there as well. Lots of Press. Nothing said here in this article. Another DP thread confirms he will be speaking.


"The convention:

The gathering kicks off Thursday at the Fort Worth Convention Center with speeches from Gov. Rick Perry and state Attorney General Greg Abbott.

...Committees will meet through the week to decide on delegate challenges, potential rule changes and the party platform before presenting the issues to the full convention.

Congressional leaders -- U.S. Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn -- will speak Friday, along with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, state Comptroller Susan Combs and Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples and Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson are expected to speak Saturday, according to a tentative schedule.

The three-day convention also features Paul, who is making his third bid for president; former presidential candidate Rick Santorum; and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, both of Wisconsin.

By the end of Saturday, the party should have adopted a platform and chosen delegates for the national convention in Tampa, Fla., in August.

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/06/02/4003751/ron-pauls-su...

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Call your delegates!

I'm not sure who's in charge of the grassroots in TX but someone needs to make sure that all of the Paul delegates are planning on attending and have means of transportation. Show up and win this one guys. A strong showing in TX would do a lot for morale that has taken a hit this weekend;)

Woot, woot!!

<----- Kory Watkins

Does Kory Watkins have

... a phone or e-mail etc.?

Ron Paul ... forever.



wear your spurs - that should back them off from any of their shenanigans.

not a bad article

See everyone there, I'm pumped!

agree - and Ron Paul will speak in #TX

... it was confirmed at another thread!


Ron Paul ... forever.