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Breakfast with Bernanke

A few comments have been submitted over the past few days about what ultimatums may have been handed down to Ron Paul during the breakfast meeting he had with BernanKe. With good cause. We have the jitters because the Campaign for Liberty is blasting down the track and throwing everything that is in the way up into the air!
So? When things are going great we naturally begin to wonder about it all. What if?

Now I am going to tell you the secrets about the breakfast.

1) Dr Paul, during one of his finance committee hearings directly asked Mr. Bernanke whether they could get together and discuss an alternate legal currency (based on sound money) to parallel the FED money. You can find this on one of the videos of Dr. Paul presiding over the hearings.

2) Mr Bernanke nodded his head and said yes, that they could meet.

3) In other words, Dr. Paul was not "called on the carpet" by the sinister powers that be.

4) The visit was a courtesy offered to Dr. Paul and the two of them (who are busy believe it or not) found that breakfast was a good opportunity for them to fit a meeting into their schedules.

5) The two of them discussed teir views about the economy and made sure they would maintain a civil relationship and not slip into a sour or hateful relationship over the various hearings and other activities gaining momentum in congress (audit the fed bills).

With regard to Dr. Paul not campaigning in the primary states (CA, etc) he plainly said he does not have the tens of millions that would be needed for TV and other advertising. Beside that, Dr. Paul has been BUSY keeping his commitments as a congressman, voting on bills, conducting his committee meetings and keeping up with congress.

Let's keep it real kids, this is not time to wilt or melt. We will WIN!

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Backing Down?

I don't see Ron Paul backing down to anyone. He has stood head to head with Bernanke to many times. Is something up? Quite possibly. Could they have threatened Ron Paul, very possibly. How would Ron Paul react to a threat? I don't know, depends upon the nature of the threat. Ron Paul is fighting for Liberty & Freedom, and that in itself is a threat to the powers that be. So, I don't see Ron Paul himself personally worried about threats, more so others who might be threatened would be his concern.

I have no reason to believe anything else.

That's pretty much how I saw it. Business as usual. Thanks Stuart!

Free includes debt-free!


didn't you find the timing of this breakfasta bit strange?since then the silence has been deafing! these folks are cold blooded killers and not beyond anything, you seem to think they are just cordial and civil, whats civil about murder and all their wars?


No. I don't. Dr. Paul has been working on the Fed Audit for

a long time.

l. Dr. Paul has been working on the Fed Audit for 30 years.
2. The 99 year lease of the Fed is expiring this year; it is up
for renewal in 2013. The terms will be up for discussion (I presume, but I don't know so it is appropriate to discuss now)
3. Bernanke and Paul are directly opposed. Bernanke is the leader of the crooks and Paul is the leader of all the people in the world who seek freedom.
4. Paul initiated the meeting and Bernanke "gave in" to the meeting.
This is symbolic. Bernanke needs to say "yes". Nobody likes Bernanke.
I don't think the bankers even like Bernanke. I don't think Bernanke likes Bernanke.
5. Nobody knows how "much" Ron Paul controls. Nobody. "if" he is a powerful figure Bernanke would want to know about that power. Bernanke wants to know what the opposition thinks.
7. In reality Ron Paul may be more powerful than Bernanke. If he is, then he may effectively be saying, "move over big guy....we're going to tell you a thing or two about how to run this show".
8. I don't see Ben Bernanke being all that politically sophisticated. I am open to being all wrong about this, but I see him more of a book guy whose identity on this earth is to be "smart".
9. My opinion also is where Alan Greenspan "owned" his slot, he was a powerful figure at the time...I don't see Bernanke this way. I feel Bernanke is a dufus handed a bum job at a bad time and he knows it and there isn't much he can do about it so wtf...let's have breakfast with Ron Paul.
10. I am sure Ron Paul has had plenty of death threats all through the years...probably anytime he has spoken about fed legislation..
11. If he was told to "shut up" then he would not have visited Minnesota state convention with the message he gave and he would not be headed to the Texas convention in Forth Worth this Thursday.
12. If he was REALLY threatened or his family was threatened, it is already too late because of the legislation for auditing the fed going to be implemented and because we the people are now educating others and working to end the fed. We have many leaders and the opposition would have nothng to gain by kidnapping or killing one of Dr. Paul's family. The damage is already done. The cat is out of the bag.


do a little research

1. on that expiring Fed charter ( I did and found out it never expires)
2 Bernanke is a talking head a puppet he is not the leader of the crooks just a spokesman.
I don't know if its true but their was a post that claimed Minn.was the first time RP was protected by the secret service If true a bit strange wouldn't you agree?


Not strange, people spread rumors all the time

Bachman was also there at that Convention.

Free includes debt-free!


or truth?
I heard when the RPer that gave up his delegate spot to Bachman, that she wasn't even there?


So maybe I proved my point.


Free includes debt-free!

What point

of fact are you referring? I am trying to confirm and/or deny these issues of truth or Rumor, How often does Rumor turn out to be Truth?, and truth turn out to be Rumor?


I read you loud and clear.

I read you loud and clear. Allowing pessimism to creep into the ranks however is demorilizing. We are making progress in spite of the incredible storm in the GOP and like soldiers in battle we press forward boldly, understanding the risk and willing to deal with whatever we face. -----No?


To be

afraid of death is one of the fears that have led to the control of of the people ! Fear is a waste of time!