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What was the final count out of Louisiana?

Does anyone have the final tally out of Louisiana? From what I've read on this board, it looks like it might be the bright spot of the weekend.

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From a post submitted by livefree2

While the state party insisted that the “supplemental rules” were unamendable and overrode the existing rules as well as Robert’s Rules of Order, legal observers remarked that the new rules were in material violation of the Rules of the Republican National Committee.

According to RNC Rule 15(c)(12), “No delegates or alternate delegates shall be elected, selected, allocated, or bound pursuant to any Republican Party rule of a state or state law which materially changes the manner of electing, selecting, allocating, or binding delegates or alternate delegates… if such changes were adopted or made effective after October 1 of the year before the year in which the national convention is to be held.”

After Convention Chairman Henry Herford’s arrest, the delegates proceeded to elect a new chair and continued with the business of the convention. They reportedly elected a slate of 27 Ron Paul supporters to fill 12 of the 18 district delegate slots and 15 of 20 at-large delegate slots, before certifying the results with the RNC.

Meanwhile, state party leaders held their own convention in one corner of the room with about 30 delegates in attendance. Local media is reporting that the minority convention also elected a slate of delegates, although it is unlikely that the legitimacy of their slate will be recognized by the RNC.

That's great news!!!