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College student held without bond for explosives

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They caught another one...

That's the ATF keeping us safe...... from people who blow up old toilets on their own property.....

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I'm certainly not trying to

I'm certainly not trying to attack or insult anyone, but this should be a lesson to everyone that anything and everything that you have ever written on the internet is still there. I'm not suggesting that people cannot speak their mind or offer an opinion, but try to use common sense. I've heard that current and prospective employers are looking at your online activity too. I am guilty of not following this one bit of timeless wisdom that my grandmother told me when I was a kid: "make sure that the words that come out of your mouth are always kind and sweet because you just never know when you might have to eat them." This girl might have ruined her life by saying some stupid things on facebook. I'm awfully glad that things like facebook and the internet weren't around when I was a teenager. I wish her well.

Larry in North Carolina
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any girl that owns .50 cal

any girl that owns .50 cal sniper is a friend of mine!

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There is no victim, she had

There is no victim, she has harmed no one, and there is no crime. Without a victim, there is no criminal intent. Violating the ATF rules might be a civil matter IF SHE WAS A COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE.

It is not illegal to blow up toilets. While she didn't use draino, blowing up toilets is hardly new in pop culture - and something being "new" isn't a crime.

FYI - One of the founders of Intel used to blow things up. It's how he learned the chemistry that eventually enabled him to found a semiconductor firm. So did a bunch of our people.

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Dumb too.

Sounds like she may be trying to impress the wrong group of friends. When you say you despise all law enforcement and you favor mass destruction, combined with the exploding toilet videos, it's hardly shocking that the authorities take an interest.

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Not trying to rabble rouse, but...

What does the fact that you think she is "beautiful" have to do with the story?

beautiful people do no wrong,

beautiful people do no wrong, duh!

wonder if this is the first Facebook arrest

Sounds to me from the report everything stems from her Facebook postings.

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