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Ron Paul fever is spreading across the country!

"If Ron Paul’s success continues to soar and Americans go on to give him their vote instead of casting it towards arguably identical opponents on the left and right, Election Day could be much closer than even that latest polls suggest. It also concludes that Rep. Paul still has a fighting chance."

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I think RT is misinformed on this one

I like RT, but I think they misstated some key facts in this article.

For one, they stated that Reince Priebus has stepped down. I wish, but nope. I think they intended to refer to the Nevada GOP establishment people that quit.

And another, they stated that Team Nevada is comprised of Ron Paul supporters. Again, nope. That's simply the establishment response to RP taking over Nevada GOP.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Educate people to not invest in government bonds.

Don't people realize that investing in U.S. government bonds is to invest against yourself? If anything invest your money in municipal bonds if some project strikes your interest.
It makes absolutely no sense to complain about big government and then turn around and invest in government bonds. People need to cut off the life support of the beast that is defeating our liberties.
Here is an article promoting government bonds.
"Buyers of Treasury bonds are usually not the small investor, rather large banks, mutual and pension funds, insurance companies and central banks of other countries. The fact that the most sophisticated investors are buying Treasury bonds reflects the sense of anxiety percolating in the financial markets."
Liberty minded people need to fight back!
If your bank invests in government bonds, withdraw your money, if you have mutual and pension funds invested in government bonds send a letter to management and threaten to cash out unless they dump government bonds, the same goes for insurance companies and others. It is difficult to prevent central banks of other countries from investing in U.S. government bonds, but i am sure a movement could be started to convince citizens of other countries to do so. I certainly don't want our central bank investing in other countries currencies. Bring down this giant by starving it.

In the article they refer to "Team Nevada" and state that it is

comprised of Paul supporters.....the reverse of what is true...we need to let the author of the article know.....we control the GOP in Nevada and Romney's people consist of the renegades controlling the GOP money...and they are Team Nevada.