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Bullhorning Bilderbergers or Occupy Protests...Which accomplishes ANYTHING?

Seriously? Just perusing this morning, and, I am noticing this disturbing trend...

Commentaries, allusions to these types of "actions" are peppered in innumerable threads; as well as a whole bunch of whining about the "disappearance" of campaign staff from public view, and slams on Rand Paul ... a necessary purging has begun it seems.

I have often mentioned the "principle of replacement" with respect to the great many positions of "authority" where a vote cast is the only vote that counts(i.e. the delegate process); and so, onward and upward we go - leave all the childish antics of street protesting, and peasants yelling(objecting) theatrically at potentates to the immature and masters of distraction.

This country was not built through antics such as this; nor did it convert anyone to go from sheeple-to-freeple - there was finally a civil a war after MUCH patient appealing to authority and mature debate in respectful conduct to persons in power - there were well learned men of great character and personal morality that laid hold of leadership/representative positions on behalf of their local residents/neighbors/friends/families that demanded honesty and truth be evident in all public dealings; and SHAME be cast upon all who would attempt to deceive or spoil the system to their own turn.

If the game runs sometimes against us at home we must have patience till luck turns, & then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are the stake. - Thomas Jefferson

Patience implies we do not physically jump at knee-jerk outrages, and run out with quick moving feet to get arrested for YouTube fame! We were having fun for a time, we made the public aware of us, and there truly is no telling how many rank Republicans at home KNOW in their hearts that Ron Paul is the REAL DEAL(that luck is still out there - and they will go back to the establishment if we are to be viewed as some loud mouths would be allowed to represent us with their shouting); but some would have us believe we are losing, we have wasted our time, and the powers that be are moving forward totally insulated and uninterrupted in their diabolical plans to turn America into a Communist utopia or Hitler's Germany.

Again, going into Tampa; please ... THINK, before you protest and risk labeling the whole of our efforts as some asinine Alex Jones documentary film rooted in conspiracy theories and immaturity, rather than our founding character, morals, and selfless sacrifice for our posterity's sake!

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People Are Frustrated And Need To Be Heard

Bilderberg is a huge mafia type crime ring, and they are plotting the murder of America... Although there are always a few protesters that may not choose the best words or actions etc... However, overall I think the Alex Jones Occupy Bilderberg 2012 operation has been a huge success in helping people to simply wake-up. This event has so far attracted millions of viewers and is starting to surpass the MSM. The views for this event are just another nail in the dinosaur media coffin with a few more to go... People must protest against this otherwise they will slip by just like too many times before, unnoticed... They must be exposed. This Is The Awakening... If you don't like it - Step Aside And Go Back To Sleep... In the mean time - We Are Winning!!!

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...


I am just gonna keep hammering this as long as necessary...Kent Hovind is in FEDERAL PRISON for alerting primarily Bible believing Christians to the SAME STUFF that Alex Jones does!

(forgive my "attacking" disposition, I mean no personal offense against anyone)

Kent has mentioned, steered his audiences to Alex Jones, William Cooper, Oklahoma City bombing, Ruby Ridge, Waco Texas; he has a WHOLE seminar devoted to the New World Order and exposing every evil pseudo-Christian entity under the Sun and what Christian Americans ought to QUESTION, get involved in, do about it within the lawful/Constitutional/God-given rights and community standards - which is NOT the Neo-Con/Zionist church "Left Behind" series approach of books/movies/prophetic Hollywood nonsense that essentially says "do nothing, but drug yourself in feel-good churches and just wait for Jesus to come back and fix it all".

Yes, there is evidence we have awakened many and are winning, but better credibility/professionalism and less antics and documented "beatings" brought on by deliberate provocations would accomplish better "recruiting" and maintain(not diminish) encouragement...Hovind NEVER had gotten the media's attention, Alex Jones has been on the View, Geraldo, and other shows - and Hovind wasn't building any sort of a media empire, but the IRS shut his evangelical ministry down and seized ALL his property - he was extremely effective, and that is why the IRS built a case against him because of his persuasive qualities with moral/scriptural/historical arguments from our unique history to back it up.

I am approaching this from a more cautious angle; doing my part - and - as it may serve to spare some undue hardship, arguing against that which may have helped sound the alarm, but at the same time advises a destructive course of action.

Chew on the meat and spit out the bones; associations and perceptions matter greatly considering how far we have grown this thing - I think many are wise to be weary of "celebrity" patriots with all their pomp/circumstances/self-promotion and confrontational attitudes.

Sorry, that is just where I am right now - as I have mentioned too many times, I ran out of the gate and ran for State Rep. - and I have ruined my chances permanently in my zeal, but, I do believe it did some good in that I inspired some to inspect the fruit of those who talk a big game, but yet they had not the courage of their professed convictions, nor the spine and endurance to be seen in public supporting us(or run for office themselves) because it would have negatively impacted their careers/creature comforts/close network community of seemingly like-minded people because they were ultimately selfish, ashamed, afraid, and not really willing to risk anything to CHANGE what needs changing.

I do not enjoy the insulation, financial security that others do to recklessly shoot of their mouths; and my little world/family is far too fragile at the moment whereby I shouldn't STILL be doing this - Kent Hovind is in FEDERAL PRISON, away from his family/grandchildren/church etc. because he wouldn't back down from exposing all he could in this brief pilgrimage, redeeming the time - to me - that is more patriotic than what I have seen from the other celebrity "patriots" who give him/his seminars/plight/imprisonment NO MENTION whatsoever...they are controlled in my estimation, they were recruited...Kent Hovind was a true dissenter and Christian patriot who was on their side.

I am with you guys, BUT, I am also one who strongly believes that the faith/knowledge/wisdom of our founders, and many of our decisive arguments, are directly derived from the SAME eternal truths that nearly half(if not more) of the Signers had from their theological/seminary training...is it really worth dying for?, it seems so because the threat to our Liberties seems quite REAL(if not already GONE under this "corporate United States"); but WHOM among us is really RISKING EVERYTHING with the heart and determination that our founders had?

This is ultimately a right/wrong struggle; and, there is a mature way to go about it, and, persuade or win people to our side so that we outnumber the soldiers that buffer the NWO(and make them resign or join us to quench their pricked conscience), rather than yell and scream at them/PTB celebrities like caged morons that they spit upon as they walk by.