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Alaska State Party Chair trying to sabotage reconvening of State convention.

We here in Alaska are still working on trying to get people to the second part of our state convention. We have done well and managed to self-fund much of our own travel expenses. But recently our current state party chair is trying everything in his power to prevent a quorum from happening at our next scheduled meeting. He has been as blatant to tell people to stay at home with their families or go fishing or that we intend to force the change of the national delegate slate even though we have voted on and passed the delegate slate with all presidential candidate parties agreeing to the slate with no problems. We are putting together evidence of the wrong doing of our state party chair and plan on confronting him at the convention with the violation of the RNC rule 14 section (b) and (c) and Alaska Republican Party rule Article X section 1(b). In order for this to succeed we need some additional help from outside Alaska to get our delegates to the convention and try and get the needed people for this quorum. We have gotten a majority of our people paid for but we have already spent collectively over half million dollars for travel and lodging during the previous convention which has left much of our delegates strapped for cash. We at the Alaskans for Ron Paul have improved on my original idea on gathering money and retrofitted our site to help link donors with those in need more directly. The site has here and gives more details on why it cost so much for Alaskans to participate in this process.

TL:DR: Alaskan Paul supporters strapped for cash need help from donors to finish our state convention, site now set up here.

Other evidence of our current chair Randy Ruedrich wrong doing:




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Wish y'all could do a webinar

Wish y'all could do a webinar or conference call meeting or absentee vote on issues.

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do you

have a chip in?

Please set up a chip-in and I'll certainly


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Alaska is a huge state

And therefore very expensive to travel fro some parts to others.Its about 900 miles from Ketchikan to Anchorage. The Alaska Air ticket alone is $640 and there are the other costs like ferry or float plane travel on top of the other expenses. We[wife and I] will have near $5000 put out for these 2 trips.


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It' a direct aid appeal

If you click on the link in the sentence above the wrongdoing links:

"TL:DR: Alaskan Paul supporters strapped for cash need help from donors to finish our state convention, site now set up here."

You will go to a contact form to directly target your contribution, i.e. transportation, air miles, child care, etc. They don't have a general chip-in fund.

The link also explains more about what they are hoping to achieve.

I like the miles donation

I like the miles donation idea , but you *really really really* also need a chip in and a ticker if this is going to work.

Chip in Account

I have seen some post about a chip in account the problem is we haven't had the time to do the paperwork to set one up in the groups name. I have set up a separate bank account to help act as a temporary holder in that case but the rest of the group are very hesitant about using it even after I plan on doing full disclosure on the account and transactions and have other people audit oversee the account.

If you guys really want to do a chip in account I can try and see if we could get one set up or get the group to allow someone to have set up a temporary account and will allow others to double check all transactions done.