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I miss Dr. Paul! & the speeches and crowds of freedom fighters!

We can't get crazy pumped up just as supporters, it's Like going to a concert that has an empty stage and no music!!
I gotta say....
I miss you Dr Paul!!!
Your speeches and presence are the matchheads that ignite the fiery inferno, engulfing Everything in it's path!!
I'm not supporting Obamney, cus you Are already my PRESIDENT!!!l

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Can't wait for Dr. Paul's speech (speeches?) in TX!

Can't wait for Dr. Paul's speech (speeches?) in TX!

Loose Moose

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Doing his duty

I think after the FED bill vote, we shall see a change. It is very difficult to rally support for a bill when he does not cut deals.

Wether his bill passes or not, I look for a burst of energy from Dr. Paul, when he no longer has to worry about stepping on toes. As you know the supporters need a big dose of support.

The rally Thursday will surely be welcome.

speeches and crowds

Just look ahead and see the crowds as he runs for president as the official nominee.