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Americans are called to a higher consciousness at this point in our history.

if you are a RELIGIOUS or hate the FEMININE side of DIVINITY
dont bother to read this. Just go hand out flyers somewhere.


Americans are called to a higher consciousness at this point
in our history.



Monday's Sagittarius full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse, with the Earth lining up between the Sun and the Moon so that the Earth block's the Sun's light from fully reaching the Moon.

Since planets do have energetic connections, during a lunar eclipse the Earth cuts the energy between Sun and Moon, dissolving the energetic structures on Earth and within us.

Lunar eclipses open a portal through which we can release old complexes, habits, ideas, beliefs and wounds that no longer serve our life. When the Earth moves out of orbit between them, new energetic lines snap into place. We can change what those connections are by how we change our own energies.

This is a great time to do ritual. Since for many of us the eclipse occurs during the early morning hours, you can do a ritual Sunday evening and create a psychic container to hold what needs releasing until the eclipse happens.

If you ritualize this release, make sure you send what you're releasing out to Pluto to regenerate, or down into the Earth to compost, or to the Sun to burn.

For this Gemini/Sagittarius full Moon eclipse, release old categories of perception, old prejudices and old dogmas.
While the light of ego-consciousness is blocked during the eclipse, you might remember some beautiful dream or fantasy you loved as a kid, some belief in the grace and goodness of Spirit that you haven't felt for a while.
Why not take that image out of the closet and dust it off?
Maybe it's something you really wanted to believe in, but were told you couldn't. Who says? Or perhaps you just lost faith. Why?

Who gets to say what's real?

Science is still debating that question so for now,
open your mind and look at the unseen real aspects of life.

Who says we're not connected, or that we can't do magic, or that we can't trust Love?

Who really believes that we are sinners if we don't believe in the "correct" version of God?

The Spirit of Life created us, so It probably wants us to find as many ways back to It as there are life-forms.

The best way to worship Spirit is to live fully and creatively, kindly and compassionately, freely and openly.

The tension of opposites in Gemini/Sagittarius is one between reason and faith, intellect and intuition, the lower Mind and the Higher Mind.

Gemini wants to articulate exactly what makes one thing different or similar to another.

Gemini is the master communicator who can use language to open up people's minds and hearts.

Sagittarius is the ultimate believer, knowing right from wrong and piercing through to the truth of the matter, a trait which Gemini isn't interested in. Gemini likes the play of the Mind while Sagittarius wants to focus the Mind on the goal.

This lunar eclipse offer us a great opportunity to see what strange and distorted beliefs we've ingested from patriarchy that are strangling our lives.

Sagittarius is the container for our belief systems.
Everybody has to believe something about life, religion or no religion.

There are cosmic laws that give rise to life and that's where our beliefs can take root and give us strength.

Whether we see those laws operating as a Goddess or as a God,or both, as mathematical laws or magical correspondences, we need to believe that we are part of the whole, that we hold meaning.

Sagittarius anchors us to our beliefs so we don't get lost in the inundation of information that Gemini can spew out.
Sag points to information that is useful to us.

If we can unite the energies so they work together, we can engage in the deepest form of understanding and communication -- articulating what is rather than what I think it is.

Once we get rid of old ways of understanding our world, our categories, we can once again be open to the life around us in new and intriguing ways.

We might listen to our intuition which tells us that perhaps we should tie our laces before walking downstairs in the dark -- instead of disregarding it and taking a tumble.

Or take the opportunity to speak with the stranger on the street rather than turn fearfully away.

Change your Beliefs and Open your Mind!

Sagittarius Full Moon www.wisdom-of-astrology.com, www.imaginecoachingservices.com

Cathy Pagano, M.A., C.E.C, is a Jungian Psychotherapist, Astrologer , Wisdom Life Coach , teacher and storyteller.

Cathy works with the tools of the imagination - dreams, alchemy, myths, astrology, symbolic language, storytelling, ritual - to awaken the Soul's wisdom.

I believe that Americans are called to a higher consciousness at this point in our history. We are called on to live up to our ideals and create the country our forefathers imagined. Inner consciousness needs to be acted upon for social justice.




Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

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What about the transit of Venus across the Sun this week?

What are the energetic properties of this rare alignment?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I'm a Sagittarius...

and I'll be in full resonance mode ;) nice, informative post.

Thank you.


PS. please consider removing your opening sentence. Let people judge for themselves. We all exercise our free will in unique ways. No need to turn them off right from the start. We're all in this together whether you're reading the holy book or a book on quantum physics.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I understand why Sophia used that first sentence.

Her posts are enlightening and should be read with an open mind. Unfortunately, whenever a thread like this gets a lot of attention, the narrow minded come out with a vengence and sabotage the thread. We've seen it happen to Sophia before. I, for one, appreciate her threads and posts.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

As do I, but...

...one who speaks of energetic relationships should know the basic and most important relationship and that is one of their own inner being. Their emotion behind the words they say. Even a few words used to point out some that SHOULD NOT read further because they won't get it doesn't come from that pure positive place that ALL is a source of.

All I was pointing out was that her own energy was out of alignment. That's all. And besides, there are Religious people who have learned to read between the lines and see the esoteric relations shared in many cultures around the Globe.

Same topic. Different metaphors.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Forget about opening your

Forget about opening your mind., You need to GET one, you fucking wacko.

Americas evolution


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.