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We need more! The Liberty Movement needs its own website!

First, I have to say, I've been a member of DP for a long time. I'm also a member @ RonPaulForums. So, please don't mistake me as some newbie trying to steal traffic.

Second, I think Michael does an amazing job with this website & i appreciate all the hard work he puts into it. I probably check the site atleast 15 times per day.

But, we've only got a few months left until the Ron Paul campaign is over. Whether we win or lose, we can't expect people in the Liberty Movement to frequent websites with Ron Paul's name in them while moving forward with the movement. So, We really need to come up with a website to keep the movement going. We need a website where we can discuss candidates nationwide...federal & local government.

And before you think I'm offering to do it...i'm not. I'd love to see Michael do the site, or any other person who can pull it off. I'm just pointing out that we have to be proactive & look toward the future & ensure that this community doesn't die off after Paul's run. I don't want to lose this battle. We've come too far & fought too hard to "restore America" and we have to plan for the Liberty Movement past 2012.

So, let's toss around ideas. Web domain names, website names, layout ideas...whatever.

And, like I said...I'm not trying to steal your thunder Michael. I'd be extremely happy if you wanted to take on this baby.

I love all of ya'll & just wanna see us stick together after Ron Paul...because there are ALOT of us liberty folks, and there is ALOT of work to still be done!

Thoughts?!?! Ideas!?!?

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We already do.

Isn't Benton/Tate's Campaign for Liberty good enough for you?

they have collected millions upon millions for this following the last election. havent' you seen the fruits of this money:)



How bout the one Ron Paul established four years ago?

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What is

Just so long as it has the RonPaulSupporters dating link

I'm cool with it however it goes.

Just kidding!


no seriously - isn't this what C4L has been about??

I don't think we have to do a NEW website.
but I would miss coming to the Daily Paul.

All I can think of is the TeaParty. *sigh*

I think we need a website and leadership for the movement

that goes even beyond Ron Paul, youth, and the political campaigning. We are too focused on politics. I have heard that there are some things in the works on multiple fronts.

I've got a local program that I plan to take national as well.


It is grass roots, on the ground community organizing for liberty. I'll be glad to speak with anyone who might be interested in launching something similar in their part of the world.


You know, like Voice of America.

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Such a great idea

And I like the idea of the DailyPaul infrastructure housing the new site. I trust Michael Nystrom. None of us should doubt that the establishment would go so far as to create a fake site and take our donations to thwart our efforts.

mydailyliberty.com is

mydailyliberty.com is available. I checked at godaddy.com. dailyliberty is taken. Those serious about this, if you agree to the name I will pay the registration. Then someone else can build the site. Let me know.

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I think this is a very good point...

...we need a central hub that is about multiple candidates as our movement continues. It would be great if their was a place on Daily Paul where local candidates that support the cause of liberty were identified and discussed, being that not everyone is willing to invest the time to research all the candidates but would be willing to vote for a liberty minded candidate if it was easy and candidates were identified.

Daily paul=

Daily Paul= Daily Liberty, when all is said in done after November.

Most websites or newspapers

Most websites or newspapers use a name or a place. Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the Daily Paul. But if a good one comes up, I'll check it out.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!


comes to mind.

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I take no offense

Thank you for bringing it up. I've been thinking the same thing myself. Ron Paul will be retiring, and I have no interest in keeping this going as the Daily Rand. The Daily Paul is a well known name / domain, but all things pass. This I agree with:

Whether we win or lose, we can't expect people in the Liberty Movement to frequent websites with Ron Paul's name in them while moving forward with the movement.

Ron Paul is simply the embodiment of the ideals of liberty. But we don't want to turn him into a King or a Saint. I think some of us may have already gone too far in that direction. Ron Paul has said many times that he is just the messenger. He is the embodiment of the message, but we all need to become messengers of our own.

I noticed that the letters of the world P Au L form an acronym for the ideals that our community stands for: Peace. (or Politics) Gold. Liberty. (or Love).

This is what I've been toying around with. www.peacegoldliberty.com.

I wouldn't be into starting a new site from scratch, but staying with the same community - at least, those who wish to continue on.

I'm a programmer, both web

I'm a programmer, both web and otherwise. I'll also be glad to help if anyone is coordinating an effort.

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." - Albert Einstein
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if we just keep with

if we just keep with dailypaul.com...which i have no problem with...i was just tossing out ideas, would you be open to formatting the site to be more like a regular website? i'm not a page designer...but as of now the dailypaul is basically a forum...and not the easiest to navigate i'd add. So, would you be open to adding sections to the site? we'd definitely need a section to do profiles for liberty candidates so that we're able to put a face with the name & to introduce them to the community. it'd also be great to have a section dedicated to writings from the community. I could see the site evolving into a liberty movement version of something like HuffPost. So, I'd definitely be cool with keeping the name, because it does pay homage to the man who brought us all together. Like you said Michael, we don't want to make Ron out to be King figure...but, we are all aware none of this would be have developed without him.

I like it!

I like the little clever 'play' on the letters.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

I'm a Drupal developer in

I'm a Drupal developer in Utah, with about a year experience with Drupal and 10 in web. If you use Drupal again and need assistance with the development, I would love nothing more than to donate some of my time to such a cause. I'm sure you'll need more information about me and my previous work, but if you're interested in some assistance let me know and I can provide more details about my abilities!

love the peacegoldliberty

idea as it continues the P Au L name for those of us who have been around a long time. I CAN NOT imagine using another site. I have come to love and appreciate everyone here. I feel like I "know" so many here. I use this site multiple times a day and get ALL my news and news references here. I have not watched Fox news in 5 years and cannot imagine that after the election I would or could go back to Fox as a source of information, knowing what I know now. I admit it, I am addicted to this site and I trust you Michael, and most everyone here. I thank you Michael, for providing this resource.
PeaceGoldLiberty (Paul) to you.

I build websites...

I have already thought about doing something like this but can't seem to find any partners to help out with generating content. If you want to do that and figure out a way to finance the project (perhaps spearhead a moneybomb?) ... then let me know.


Can you send us some links to sites that you have worked on?

Hey GOP, where's my vote?

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Who's "we?"

I'm perfectly fine with the DP. "We" don't need "more," we need to use what we have "more" effectively.

The DP, like the internet, can be likened to a hammer.

You can either build yourself a house with it, or you can hit yourself in the head with it. Lately it seems like some of us have been hitting ourselves in the head with it.

The DP is what you put into it. When people are determined, focused, and willing to work together, then that energy can be harnessed to do great things. When people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off and sniping at each other and the campaign, then the DP becomes quite a mess, resulting in others feeling less inclined to get involved.
Granted, the mixed messages coming from HQ don't help either.

I personally think "we" need to figure out what our goals are, and continue to work together to accomplish those goals. "More" websites aren't going to help at this point, just like throwing "more" money at a problem is most likely not going to help either.

Continuing to build an army delegates, and then taking that army to Tampa to hopefully convince the rest of the national delegates to wake the hell up, seems like the only remaining peaceful option that I can see. (I seriously doubt RP would run 3rd party)

The DP (we) is perfectly capable of facilitating that. How it all comes out in the end is anyone's guess. At least we will have tried.

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Nice to see you here, my man. I hope you are doing well.

I agree with you that we do need to figure out what our goals are, and work towards accomplishing them.

At this point, building the delegate army and having a presence in Tampa is the primary goal.

But after the convention? If Romney is the nominee, what does this community do? Of course there will be a split.

What I fear is that TPB do the same thing to us that they did to the Anti-war left by (s)electing Obama. He effectively killed the anti-war movement.

Ron Paul supporters should be careful ... Many believe that Romney can't win without Paul supporters. But as Brian Droughty pointed out - many of these votes materialized from thin air, from the disenfranchised and apathetic. They can disappear back into thin air.

But with the way the economy is going, Obama could very easily get thrown out on his ear! After all, it is all about the economy, stupid. Right?

And where does this leave Ron Paul supporters? If Romney is elected, maybe he'll give Rand a nice job in the cabinet. Secretary of Commerce, say. That puts him on ice until 2020, which is a long, long way away. And no Republican will challenge a sitting incumbent.

So where does the energy go? What do the people do?

The Campaign for Liberty and YAL are professional political organizations whose mission it is to elect liberty candidates. There is no need for the Daily Paul to duplicate those efforts. I'm a little tired of being part of the unpaid campaign staff, and when the election is over ... I'll have to decide what to do about the site.

Of course I want to keep this community together, but the question is, will the community stay after the era of Ron Paul?

What will our goals be?

I think the energy gets stronger.

It's pretty clear to me that the establishment is determined to elect Romney and I doubt Obama wants another term. So we are going to take over both parties in the future.

This comment from the post is why I think you should house the movement: "We need a website where we can discuss candidates nationwide...federal & local government."

We're all already here, we trust you and I'm sure we'd all pitch in to pay you a salary to keep this up.


Thank you for not including me into the "We', Lol.

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No reason the DP could not be that site

I was thinking about a new site too, but what's wrong with just keeping this site?