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Where is the MONEY Going?

I have been reading the latest posts on the crazy antics that have been going on in places like Louisiana and Missouri by the GOP establishment and I can tell you that it sickens me. But what sickens me more is the misleading information that was put out by the RP campaign a couple weeks ago. It was said that by skipping advertising in the "Primary" states, the campaign would have money to help the local and state conventions when it came to the sneaky and illegal tactics they have been using.

I remember that RP called on his supporters to participate in a Money Bomb and cried that he needed $650K to help the cause. Well he got that and more in that Money Bomb so how has that been spent on helping our supporters trying to help his campaign? RP also has a couple Million in cash from other donations made and the money set aside by all those "Super PAC" folks.

The fact is "WE" were promised help keeping these states on the level and so far I have not seen anything happening. The campaign has money, so what are they spending it on? They are not doing ads or active campaigning so why are they not helping their own cause but supporting their supporters.

I am a diehard RP supporter but when we see people getting hurt to support a candidate, you would think at the very least that candidate would help protect those folks being hurt.

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A whole million dollars. That's a pittance.

A million dollars a State would do what you want.

Free includes debt-free!

Not even that... Just have

Not even that... Just have some lawyers or parliamentarians from the campaign at the conventions would be a good start.

Why aren't local volunteers making that happen.

Time to wean these piglets.

Free includes debt-free!

i find it odd how many die hard Ron Paul supporters

trust Ron to be president but not to run his own campaign.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Wait and see

After the end of all of this, Dr. Paul is, hands down the best with keeping money in check. He would most likely send out a report on what everything was spent on.

You guys can "down thumb" me

You guys can "down thumb" me all you want, I am just asking why folks are not getting the help they were promised. People are getting hurt out there on his behalf and is he going to be cutting them a check for the medical bills? Of course not and no one would expect him to. All I am saying is that RP pleaded with his supporters to be kind, respectful, team players and anything else and this kind of corruption keeps going on.

The supporters were promised help at these conventions and I have yet to see any. Have You? What will it take for the Campaign to step in, someone getting killed?

My kids trust me and would fight for me but I am sure if they got hurt on my behalf and I just stood by and did nothing, they might have second thoughts. Why is this any different?

Gang, I'm not trying to start a fight and I believe in RP but when do we start to question?

Sure question all you want,

But those who know the Campaign are busy working and don't seem to have your question. They know that it is their challenge to win their State.

It's the local campaigns that demonstrate success are more likely to get a share of the very limited national funds.

Free includes debt-free!