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I HATE the establishment GOP more than words can describe! Their malicious and despicable behavior is appalling!

How do they expect the Ron Paul supporters to ever again vote for one of THEIR slimebag candidates?? They lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, send for the cops when they don't get there way, etc... etc... etc... And for what? A candidate (Romney) who is EXACTLY like Obama! Without us Ron Paul supporters, the GOP will not win another election! Is that what they want? Well that's what they're going to get!!! Just for the record, I hate their tactics, not the people themselves! And there is distinction!

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I like your passion!

The next step is not having a divided government at all. Both sides are on the same side in the end. This Red vs. Blue is so old and tired. Like two gangs on the streets fighting a turf war. Is any of them less criminal?

This is a unique and completely new moment in history we are living. Why not change the entire government structure? It seems to be set up for eventual corruption anyways. Why not have one government body with ALL ELECTED members BY THE PEOPLE? Yes, it would require us all to do a bit more homework on all candidates but is Liberty not worth some of our own vetting of OUR SERVANTS?

Actions speak louder than (telepromted) words. We are seeing with new eyes now and able to see right through deception because we know their ways. They're too old to keep up with the rapid changes we're facing. Technology has outpaced their needs while perfectly suiting ours. They don't understand we use our cellphones to stream to the world LIVE while they struggle to set the time one the microwave.

Focus your passionate energy where it counts—on your/our future—not their fading history.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The only thing that can save

The only thing that can save Romney is Diebold!

It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes.

LIVE Streamed Exit Polls EVERYWHERE!!


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I agree

I agree, hopefully when we win the Revolution, we can kick them all out! Although, I think taking their positions is part of winning the Revolution.

I fully agree. They are going to learn a lesson in November.

Along with the wailing and nashing of teeth we will hear "We should have supported Ron Paul."

Or at least have welcomed us into the party instead of playing their dirty anti-Paul tactics aimed at keeping us OUT.

Well, we're OUT all right. I for one will be writing in Ron Paul all the way.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I respectfully disagree about the "should have voted for RP" .

Be prepared to be vilified as the ones who lost the election for Romney.

I have to agree. Be prepared

I have to agree. Be prepared to be the GOP's Scapegoat if Romney looses. I expect High portion of Paul supporters to either vote for Gary Johnson or sit this out.

Always vote for principle,

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
- John Quincy Adams

I hate to say it

I registered R at the age of 18. I'm 53. I never voted for a democrat in my entire life, but I am so angry at the GOP that I am considering a vote for Obama. At least we know it's only 4 more years with Obama and with Romney it will be 8. Even if Romney loses re-election in 2016, we will get a democrat, not another R. If Ron Paul is not nominated I feel he has no chance as a write in candidate. A vote for Obama gives us 4 more years to organize from within the GOP. Who knows, maybe RP could run again or another will rise from within our ranks to restore the republic. I am thinking long term and may want to take a vote from Romney times two by voting for Obama. I just plain can't stand the thought of a President Romney. Yuck.


Principle before Party.

'...truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived." --- St. Augustine, Confessions (10:23), 5th c.

Sign me up for one of those T-shirts


Going Down

Like the Titanic is what Romney and his neocon bank buddies in the GOP Establishment deserve. So what if Obama wins it doesn't make any actual difference. Two side to the same coin. We must not only not support this scum but actively oppose Romney and his ilk it to Tampa and beyond. Screw the GOP. Even if Ron endorsed Romney - to protect Rand or for some symbolic "concessions" - I still wouldn't vote for him. The GOP must be destroyed before Liberty can succeed.


If you are interested -

just put this up at http://www.youtube.com/user/Txtruthseeker?feature=watch video titled Ron Paul delegates in Louisana 2012 - sorry about the youtube generated cover photo on front - but it has some choice elephant photos included with the happy ending to this Louisana mess.

That's a good video!

With a happy ending!

Loose Moose

Thank you -

just using that status quo negativity to get creative.

We have to

be strong and push forward and no matter what they throw at us be prepared at ALL levels! Always be 5 miles ahead of the game! They the GOP establishment is falling apart and they know it! They know that the Ron Paul campaign is organized and ready to take it over! We need to keep putting the word out about Ron Paul winning delegates, for some reason with all this stuff going on, I swear Ron Paul is on Romneys neck in delegates and they know this! That is why of all the media hoax on the campaign and Ron Paul to try to make the Ron Paul delegates and even alternates to stay home! The leaders in each county across this nation need to start calling their delegates and alternates to let them no matter what show up and take over!

Ron Paul 2012!!!!

Leftist state worshippers

are in control of the GOP and are trying to preserve the lie that the GOP is conservative while they promote every statist and commie scheme that the Dems do. There IS no true conservative option. Leftists can only maintain power by lying, cheating, stealing, violence and killing. That is why they are so good at it. Since they basically now contyrol all the media, every branch of the state apparatus don't expect them to play by any rules. They HAVE no rules, except the ones they apply to everyone else. The only hope is for the warvangelicals to wake up. But they are pretty much state worshippers as well.

Right this way folks.

Right this way folks. Witness a once in a lifetime event when a major political party self destructs.

I don't think the people in powerful positions

in either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party still view the US as having as a two party system. It's more like a popularity contest. The important policies don't change regardless of which party occupies the whitehouse. In my view it's more like winning the jackpot when one party beats the other. If your party takes control of the executive branch it makes it easier for you to steal money from the public purse and to put your friends and associates in positions of power where they too can grab a bunch of ill gotten booty.

I'm quite sure that behind closed doors the people in power are one big happy family. All the bickering and personal attacks are just for the consumption by the American people.

They're self destructing faster than green grass through a goose

Poor GOP!

Loose Moose

bigmikedude's picture

...And Forever Liberty unknowingly explains the meaning of

the little elephant picture in the corner of my comments -----------------^

It's really fun to watch. I

It's really fun to watch. I swear I can hear circus music and smell buttered popcorn every time the GOP pulls LA-style stunts.

Not to mention finger breaking and other forms of violence!

The GOP is constantly hitting new lows!

Loose Moose

I share your...

... sentiments.

Plano TX

GOP antics Might be a good thing

Here's my theory based on the fact that my county is very rural.

I have been attending the County Convention in my county for 3 election cycles. Most of the folks seems very dignified, friendly, honest, etc. I think the problem lies in that the "old guard" who are chairpersons,committee members, etc dont want to lose their "position of authority". Either that, or Mitt has had his hand in the mix.

The delegates/alternates, concerned citizens that attend, will be very "turned off" by any antics similar to LAGOP, Nevada, and others.
I think they will change their vote to the Ron Paul side if the remaining conventions have any indication of fraud, theft, bullying, police brutatility, etc. I have read about many persons, already, that are appalled by the fraud and blatant brutality and changed their vote to Paul. When you see it in person, it all becomes clear, who is the honest candidate!

And the more we show videos of their unlawful tactics...

the more "turned off" they will get!

Loose Moose