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Any News On The Nc Gop Convention Today?

Does anyone have an update or heard ANYTHING about the NC convention today?
It's been quiet. I believe there are over 50 delegates up for grabs. I searched the web and FB, but still couldn't find anything. It would be so nice to get some good news out of NC today:-)

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I was there

Id say its more like 20%.. but with room to grow. Of the remaining 80%.. perhaps half or more were santorun, gingrich people. There was a strong push for everyone to "unite behind romney". If you have to be pushed to unite behind romney.. that means they arent committed. Many are neo-cons and simply unreasonable on issues... BUT.. if romney somehow does a downward spiral (like all the other republican candidates did) from now till august.. Its very possible that those remaining 80% of delegates will switch over to Paul.. Its possible

Semper Fortis

NCGOP Convention: 25% for Paul

Here's what I got from the Paul people at the NCGOP:

"We had a highly motivated group of Ron Paulers at the Convention. For most, this was their first NCGOP Convention. While we didn't have the drama, theatrics, or violence of some other Conventions, we made some real gains. All told, about 25% of the North Carolina Delegation (Delegates & Alternates) to the RNC in Tampa will be Ron Paul supporters. While our contribution to the 'Revolution', and, hopefully, a 'brokered' Convention in Tampa was not as great as some other States, we have made a significant contribution."

Paul folks are mentioned in this local television news piece from the convention: http://news.yahoo.com/video/politics-15749652/nc-republicans...

Prof. William Greene

From post at Ron Paul Forums

From post at Ron Paul Forums:

7 total delegates (includes 1 Santorum stealth delegate).


I have no idea If that is true. Someone else confirm please.

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That's the only news I could find too.