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Why is medical marijuana a Liberty movement topic?

Should pot be legal because of the medical benefits? Should 64oz soda's be illegal because of the health risks? You and I both know the answer to both of these is no. Pot shouldn't be legal because the medicinal value. It should be legal because individual liberty trumps all other factors. Giant sodas and transfat should be legal for the same reason.
With that said, why do I see so many people on facebook and youtube explaining all the health benefits of pot? If the government were trying to outlaw smoking cigarettes, would we try to find all the health benefits of them in order to convince people to keep them legal?
It's been a while since my last video blog, but here it is. Basically, what is the most effective way to argue for the legalization of personal liberty? When we prop up the health benefits of pot, doesn't that just feed into the idea that health is more important than personal liberty?
There are one or two profane words in this blog, so be advised. But let me know your thoughts. I think it is paramount that we attack these issues from a logical base, that base being personal liberty, not health advantages or risks.

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It's more

about Hemp... However, few people actually discern the two.

I do agree with your statement that personal liberties shouldn't be infringed upon by any form of government.

If it was legal today I probably still wouldn't smoke. Not to say I wouldn't later on though. I'd like to be given the choice to pursue whatever I see fit to consume or inhale on my own accord without GOV intervention.

Most people want what they can't have. Prohibition doesn't work, the drug wars have been a failure. It's time to close that chapter, and make both hemp and majiuuna legal. Regulate it and tax it. There are a lot of good uses for the hemp plant as well as medical uses for marijauna too.


why regulate it and tax it? why more so than any other product anyway? Should it be regulated any more than popcorn, or taxed any more than paper?

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).