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Washington State a BUST! (From a delegate in the 9th C.D.)

What a letdown. We won only FIVE (5) positions for Paul delegates to Tampa. Utterly pathetic.

Aside from the usual republican dirty tricks (aimed right at us), I couldn't help but note the following incident:

Yesterday (Saturday), there was an election held for the 10 remaining "at-large" delegate positions.

At that point we had only won 5 of the 30 delegates from the day before.

The Ron Paul campaign representative (sorry I forget his name), approached the chairman and requested a shared Romney/Paul slate (which we ALL would vote on).

He offered a slate which would have 7 Romney delegates and 3 Paul delegates.

It was a chance for the Romney camp to embrace us and show us some respect for all we've done to energize the party.

So it was put up for vote but the Romneys had no interest in the least of recognizing us.

And in the end they didn't have to because they took EVERY at-large delegate and alternate position.

They don't like us and instead of welcoming us into the process it was just the opposite.

They pulled every possible tactic (and successfully) to neutralize and marginalize us.

What they are going to learn in November is that they will have NEEDED us in order to win.

While I speak for myself when I say I will be writing in Ron Paul until the end, I have no doubt that there are plenty of others with my attitude.

I did not spend this much time, effort and money supporting Dr. Paul the last couple of years ONLY TO VOTE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN HACK THEY SHOVE DOWN OUR THROAT.


Apparently things aren't bad enough yet for the sheeples (of both major parties) to recognize their greatest opportunity to elect such a statesman - even when it's right in front of them.

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The Washington State GOP orchestrated a coup.

They had plants in the audience who were specifically chosen to speak.

They did things like:

1. Making a motion to cut the delegate's speech time down from 1 minute to 15 seconds. It ended up being 30 seconds. This was aimed directly at Ron Paul supporters.

2. Forcing delegates to claim they would support the eventual nominee. This has NEVER been done in past republican conventions. Again, aimed directly at Ron Paul supporters.

3. Not allowing us to amend the platform. A Romney supporter immediately took the mic at the point where we were supposed to speak on the platform and he moved to adopt the platform as it was. It was voted in and we were not allowed to amend it.

4. Why was the invocation on Friday given by a Jewish Rabbi? Why does it specifically mention Israel in the platform as a nation the United States supports, while not mentioning any other nation?

5. WHY was the Ron Paul representative not allowed to be present during the vote-counting process of the 9th District while the Romney rep was???

The fact is, the Washington State GOP had ONE THING IN MIND for this convention and that was to keep as many Ron Paul delegates from going to Tampa as possible.

And I gotta give it to them - they did one hell of a job with that.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Too many eating at the trough

Looks like there's just too many feeding at the government trough in your state, like in many others.
Government contractors and those feeding off the entitlement programs dominate the landscape.
So sad to see it this way, Thanks for the info.

Yep. And we were warned

Yep. And we were warned against this. Our Founder's knew it all--had seen it all..it is a crying shame.

Couldn't have said it better myself...

Plus if Obama wins we can try for another liberty candidate (Rand) for President in 4 years. If Romney wins we would have to wait 8 years.

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

I hope for the best...

but I won't be surprised in November...I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and I will vote that way again. We were definitely marginalized and disrespected at the convention. I was an alternate that was made a delegate. But I wasn't moved up in the order that I and our CD leaders expected. Somehow delegates for Romney were moved up ahead of ours. We still won our CD battle with the help of a coalition with the some of the smarter Santorum folks. I suspect that there was cheating by the Republican Party in favor of Romney; and I suspect the same happened in other Congressional Districts in the moving up of alternates to delegates. Also, I can't understand why so many of our delegates and alternates did not show up! This is so important that everybody that is supposed to show up must show up! And, don't kid yourself, if you can show up your efforts are worth it and are appreciated and that anybody for Ron Paul that can show up for general support should show up. Sometimes patriotism costs and isn't convenient. Even as a alternate or as a guest there is strength in numbers. It is great to have the support of everyone who shows up! By talking and educating each other at the convention and reaching out we have won more people over...they just don't know it yet. And, sadly, probably not until it is too late. I was definitely encouraged by the overall education and enthusiasm of our patriotic efforts that we made at the convention. Prepare for tomorrow and be optimistic.

7th C.D. (Seattle) Here...

Our District was swept by we RP supporters. Way to go CD 7!(Sorry, I'm trying to find something positive to say considering our overall bleak outcome). I can't remember, but in '08 did we split up and vote by CD? RP people were a huge majority in my district, yet slightly under the majority in other CD's. I can't help wondering if we voted as an entire body of state delegates instead of CD'S that we would have ultimately had a slight majority overall. Obviously, like good little stool pigeons, the Santorum/Grinch folks folded like a cheap suit for the 'presumptive nominee.' I found it quite funny that you had to state whether you'd swear devotion to 'whoever the nominee will be.' I know we pissed off a fair few people when we wouldn't commit to the Romster if he were to be the nominee. Such bad 'team' players we are! Haha.. I must say I was confounded beyond all belief that the eastern counties were so gung-ho establishment! For some reason I thought the rural folks would be more 'keep out of my business'liberty loving, and property rights minded. Boy was I wrong! I guess sheep really do live better out there in the sticks than in the big city! Seattle needs to be the catalyst for change in the state. We need to overtake King County leadership this upcoming reorganization meeting. Sow-telo's got to go! I really think we've got a fighting chance! As for the election, if Paul's not on the ballot, I'm voting for Johnson. If Johnson's not on the ballot, I'll write in Paul...or not bother voting for president altogether. The lesser of two evils still leaves you with evil.

Good job Adam and God bless the 7th CD!

You can stand proud.

And I too will write in Ron Paul all the way.

Especially now since the Romney crowd turned down an offer to vote for a slate of 7 Romney and 3 Paul delegates.

They turned us down.

There went their last chance for a peace offering.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

A word from CD 5 here

Eastern Washington. I will admit I was just as surprised as anyone else about what happened over here. We had a lot of Santorum folks in Spokane County who may very likely have rolled over and gone to Romney because he is "more electable" (GAG!) But we are the generally-speaking get-the-government-out-of-our-lives sort of folks. As I stated in another thread on what makes a Romneyite tick, I spoke with a former Santorum person who likes RP but since Santorum endorsed Romney and Paul allegedly "dropped out" (which I immediately refuted and corrected him about), he saw Romney as the only option :(

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Sorry about that man...

...I should know better than to make blanket comments and lump everyone into one basket, I was just extremely frustrated to see Romney walk away with it so easily. Our District were ALL (well 29 out of 32) RP folks. It was such a sweep that I erroneously thought we'd easily have at least a simple majority in a majority of the other districts. Especially Spokane! They seemed rather Paul heavy back in '08, but maybe it's just my fault of perception. I was even thinking of relocating to Spokane at one point, thinking there were more like-minded people there than here. Guess not! Peace and keep up the good fight brother!

Thanks, but please..call me sister ;)

Unfortunately, Spokane got slaughtered this time. We only got like 36 RP delegates out of 114 (or whatever it is). Swept the 20 delegates up for grabs in Spokane District 3 but lost all the alternates for lack of a quorum :( and not all of them could make it to Tacoma (not that it seemed to matter as it was 150 Romney to like 50 Paul :/ )

Yes PLEASE move to Spokane if you ever decide to move! We need you! :)

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

"Apparently things aren't bad enough yet for the sheeples"

Maybe after RObama shoves it in a little deeper, they'll start to realize they're being screwed.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

They are only delegates when they are in Tampa

its yet to be seen how many romney delegates are going to go through all of the inconvenience of making the trip to Tampa for what they see as a formality. Remember, they believe they can't lose.

Washington State LP

I hear the Washington state LP is quite energetic and popular, although that may be at an end, since top-two passed and they no longer are allowed to campaign.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

LP in WA

I live in Washington, so I can say a little bit about it. The "top two" law was definitely designed to keep the Libertarians out of the two party horse race, but I know the LP is still around in our state. I do know that GOP candidates here are looking toward Paul now.

I met Dino Rossi and I could see him stretching in his political figure fashion to try to include me and the other young Paul supporters in the room back in 2008. I assume the GOP here has only had to try to include us more since then and they'll keep having to if I have something to say about it.

Obama it is..that is their

Obama it is..that is their choice.

F–ing sad, but true

That it's either:

~the Venusian beach-tan Obamney until 2016 max.
~the CrackerBarrel farmer's tan Obamney until 2020 max.

It's sad, but it's okay

It's sad that they can't see the two important facts staring them in the face:

1) In this election, they will need all the support that they can get and while the most hard core supporters would either stay home or write Paul in, there would be at least some who would vote for Romney if they weren't treated like garbage. I was considering it because the respect Paul has expressed for the man. Even if I don't agree with his ideas, policy wise Obama and Romney are nearly the same, so (if you decide to choose between two evils/imperial presidents) their character becomes very important. Some would have switched if they had been treated with respect, some makes a difference in a close election.

2) Looking toward the future, the GOP is dying. Young voters identify as Democrats by huge margins, beyond what is expected by merely being youthful. A lot of this has to do with the perceived callousness and hostility of the Republican party toward young ideas, the poor, and the Constitution. Young people who do not identify as Democrat and, in fact, vote Republican, mostly support Ron Paul. In fact, my "liberal" friends, have a great amount of sympathy for Paul and have even expressed that they might switch their vote to him in a general election (over Obama). A tiny minority support the party as it exists now. Paul and the Libertarians are the future of the Republican party just as much as the internet is the future of media distribution, but the old guard has yet to recognize it.

Have faith though! We are winning the long game! Even if we don't get Paul in the White House (although I hold out secret hope that it might still happen somehow) we will take the party. They will either recognize our importance, or we will not stop until we ARE the party. Keep fighting the good fight and never give up, never surrender

You have MISSED the Movement.

The whole REASON for this movement is that people are FINALLY waking up to the fallacy of "lesser than 2 evils." You said: "At that point, character becomes very important."

ACTUALLY - when you're deciding on which EVIL to pick from -- CHARACTER doesn't matter at all -- in fact it's their very character that makes them "EVIL."

I mean I don't think they are literally evil people - just that they are morally defunct, greedy, unhappy, control-freak, power hungry, corrupt human beings.

And you want to make the case by saying: "Well, they both have all those qualities, but Mitt was NICER to Ron than Obama -- so I'll vote for his brand of Greed, Abuse, Fraud, Corruption, & Freedom-destroying Power."

You have MISSED the movement.
This is a movement about Freedom, Independence, Integrity, and a HIGH REGARD for our Constitutional Laws. There is no place for ANY EVIL.

Please join the movement, because you're not here yet.

Nothing missed

I appreciate the thoughts. Personally, I am not big on voting for the lesser of two "evils", but you know who is? All of the rest of family, who all supported Paul in WA, and whom are all active voters. Notice I said "considered", because I did CONSIDER it. Considering something is not the same as endorsing it and I think that a nuanced approach to voting when your guy is not in an advantageous position is both natural and good.

Deciding whether or not to vote "between the two 'evils'" is a result of believing this: Always try to get the best result you can for the position you are in at the time. If I honestly thought Romney or Obama would be any worse than each other, I would definitely vote for the other. As it is, I see them as having roughly the same amount of integrity and roughly the same policy positions, so writing-in is the right move.

I'm a solid Paul supporter and have been since 2007. I didn't miss the message or the boat, I get it, and I also have my own thoughts about how best to move that message and those ideas forward. We don't have to see eye to eye perfectly to be on the same side. So, like I said, thanks for the thoughts, I respectfully disagree that everyone who doesn't "write-in" missed the point.

My point was that the Romney supporters and GOP establishment are missing opportunities because, like I said, not everyone will be a "write-in" voter. They're acting like they don't need all the votes they can get, and, when it comes to the general election, they need all the votes they can get - especially whatever they can get from us Paul supporters. Don't misunderstand, I am not saying that we should vote for Romney. I won't be - because he's substantially the same as Obama, and at least Obama has done the job for a while now. No, unless something big happens, I will be writing in with you, but there are votes he's missing out on because of tactics like this. That's just a realistic analysis. If you move to exclude a group, you should not expect to get support from that group in the future.

Thanks for the report

Is there other reports from other districts available, or what is the total tally so far in Washington State?


TOTAL tally out of Washington State:

I believe this is official.

Total delegate spots available: 43

Romney: 37 (34 + 3 reserved)
Paul: 5
Santorum: 1

The 3 reserved delegate spots are promised to high ranking state republican officials, all of who have pledged (naturally) to Romney.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

what would the other side gain from that deal?

They knew they were guaranteed to win all 10 delegate spots when it went up for a vote. I can understand your frustration that they wouldn't accept a deal. But at the same time, I don't see that there was anything concrete and significant that they were going to gain out of the deal. Maybe it would have been a nice gesture, but I don't think it should have been expected that they would give away 3 freebies. Were the 3 delegates saying that they would commit to vote for Romney in Tampa if they would let them get the spots? Why would 3 big Romney supporters voluntarily give up their chance to attend an event where they could nominate him to be President? If Ron Paul was about to become the nominee and you were guaranteed a delegate spot and a chance to participate in the event, what would it take to get you to give that up to a Romney supporter?

They would have gained a lot of respect.

It's not like they actually think Ron Paul is going to be the nominee in any event.

The state and national Republican parties are not interested in embracing us and our ideas.

I understand your questiong why they would accept such an offer but I basically saw it as a peace-offering motion.

And no - any Paul delegates who would have been on such a slate would not have voted for Romney in Tampa - that was the whole point of the offer.

Bottom line is they didn't have to do it and they didn't do it so it is what it is.

But I thought it was an interesting move by our camp anyway.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

but not enough respect....

But they wouldn't even gain enough respect for the delegates that they gave you for free to vote for Romney on a symbolic vote at the national convention. And I'm assuming that one simple act of giving free delegates wasn't going to be the sole difference between you voting Romney in November or voting write-in for Ron Paul (am I right?). It doesn't seem like a balanced trade or that anything of substance is being offered in return.

In a typical peace offering, one side offers up something in hopes of demonstrating that they want to reconcile some differences. Here, it sounds like the opposite, where the Paul side was requesting that the Romney side give them a peace offering. I guess there's nothing wrong with asking and crossing your fingers. I'm not trying to sound rude in saying this, though it may be coming across that way. I just don't see there being any benefit to them in accepting this deal (and that it doesn't mean they're treating anyone poorly for saying no), and something more of substance should have been offered in order to get them to consider.

Think longer term

This tactic makes sure that Romney has more support on the floor of the Convention (maybe, if they don't piss off us Paul supporters too much), but what they miss out on is:

1) Making Paul supporters feel welcome and encouraging mutual respect between Romney and Paul supporters on the convention floor. Basically, they're asking for trouble in Tampa by doing this. Maybe we scared them enough with our recent wins to get them to resort to that though.

2) General election support: Paul supporters will have to make a tough choice if Romney is the nominee for the GOP. They will do one of, effectively, three things: Vote for Obama, vote for Romney, or neither/write-in/third party. Large numbers will go for the third option, but if Romney showed character and his supporters showed Paul supporters respect, there is a chance they could pick up SOME votes from the Paul supporters who would decide to choose between two evils rather than vote third party or write-in. And they DO exist, those voters are my whole family. In a close election, every vote counts and they are throwing away very, very active voters like they don't need them.

3) Longevity of the party: Paul attracts the youngest voters in the GOP and voters from every demographic that the GOP covets from the Democrats right now. In terms of broadening the tent and getting more voters into the GOP, nothing could be more important than including Paul supporters and making the Republican party "their" party.

But, that's why we support Paul. He thinks long term in a world that seems to only think short term.

but I think they are

1. If Paul supporters in Tampa are going to try to present a divided GOP, then that doesn't help Romney. If they're going to vote for Romney and present a unified party, then it could benefit Romney. Why would he give away 3 delegate spots to people who are trying to make a statement at the convention against him? For this to become mutually beneficial, the Paul supporters would need to vote for Romney at the convention - otherwise it's a completely one-sided deal.

2. How many people will change their decisions about who to vote for in November solely based off of this deal for 3 free delegates? I see that theoretically it would benefit Romney if giving away 3 delegate spots gave him 100,000 votes from Paul supporters in Washington. I don't think there are more than 100 people, if that, who would change their vote just based off of this one deal.

3. Yes it could broaden the tent (though technically Romney has still had more young people voting for him in this primary than Paul has). But how does a deal in Washington on a random Saturday in June regarding 3 delegates to a convention substantively affect the breadth of the tent? I just don't think many people are going to be affected by this non-deal that very few people even know or care about.

Even when you think long term, I don't see what this deal would have changed that really mattered. The Paul team should have offered up something of value in return instead of just asking for a concession from the Romney team.

I can see your point

In the larger picture, looking at things happening in LA and other places my comments make more sense, but looking at just this move here....yeah, I think you are right.

I still stand by what I said in regards to the big picture, but I see your point about the 3 delegates. There wasn't really a good reason for them to concede those delegates and, in their position, I don't think we would have conceded 3 Paul delegates for nothing in return either.

and in regards to the big picture...

I think you're probably mostly right. I think the Romney team needs to think hard about the tradeoffs that may help him gain more support from this movement. They're not going to get most of the hard core Paul supporters like those on this site. But there may be some in the middle who can be swayed. It will be interesting to see what they do.

Instead of crying about it

...what's the strategy to combat their latest tactics?

Everyone's already thrown in the towel?

start a revolution..

Lets have ron paul deliver a speech 2 times a week!!

oh..yeah we had this already and then we stopped :/

this campaign is disgusting!