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Media Spin On Romney's "official" Nominee Win

The MSM is now announcing that Romney as clinched the presidential nominee of the republican party.

FoxNews today:

Romney has won the votes needed this weekend to clinch the nomination so long as all goes well in Tampa

I found the qualifier at the end of the statement very interesting.

The purpose of this thread is for people to post quotes and spins from the MSM on Romney's so called "clinching of the nominee": A study on Spinning for Romney

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In todays age

IMO it seems people want things instantly. So is there really a need to read the article for the details when the HEADLINE sums up the whole story? or the 20 second soundbyte makes one an informed individual?

Just about any article you read with the headline of RMoney winning the nomination within the arcticle there are always a couple disclaimers in direct contradiction to the headline.

A couple I have noticed. According to the AP estimated delegate count or It will be for sure in Tampa in August. Which is the only true statements in the articles.

I'd love to contribute to this thread

(I did upvote it) but I'm disqualified because I never watch Fox, CNN, or MSNBC anymore. I stayed with CNN just because I like to have the T.V. on in the background while I surf the net, but I can no longer stomach it. Erin Burnett makes me want to vomit. I would love to punch John King as hard as I can. Brooke Baldwin, I would headbutt her into next week.

An honest question: How can you stand it?

John F

Reply: Neither can I.

Ever since the CNN and FOX coverage of the Iraq war with bells, whistles, and American flags waving I turned away with disgust. For a more honest social news source I prefer Al Jazeera.

I use the net to view CNN, FOX, and MSNB whenever I want to learn the American viewpoint. Like it or not those networks continue to represent the American viewpoint to foreigners that want to keep tabs on American general sentiment. The media feeds sentiment to the common American that is more than happy to not have to bother wasting time to care about the nation and the world. Think I'm nuts? Check out the stats for American Idol. Bloody amazing!

Interesting that CNN viewer-ship is in sharp decline. Looks like you are not alone in your disgust.

Don't ignore the power of American MSM on politics. This is why I bother studying American MSM. You can predict the next war by counting the amount of time dedicated to waving the American flag.
Well, that is a subject for another thread :-)

Once again, this thread is to study the MSM spin on the Romney "official" win

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Fair enough.

And I've done plenty of that also. But you're correct. Future events can actually be predicted based on what is coming through the idiot box to the...ahem, uh, to the American people. It is indeed a powerful force. And I hate that fact.

Love Al Jazeera btw.

John F

Today in the News

Just a few minutes ago I watched FOX NEWS and noticed a new spin on how they are announcing that Romney is the Republican nominee.

Romney has won enough votes this weekend to officially become the republican nominee as long as everything goes well in Tampa

I found the addition of the qualifier at the end of the statement very interesting. I could be reading too much into the statement but it stuck out to me as an admission by FOXNEWS that there is a chance, albeit slight, that Romney will lose in Tampa.

Over analysing on my part? Perhaps they add that qualifier at the end all the time but I had failed to catch it.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.