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Sudden Rash of Campaign & Rand Paul Attack Posts at DP

Over the past few weeks there's been a rash here;

    Ron Paul Missing - Rand Paul is Evil - Campaign Ruined

Summarizing these topics to a few words exposes how ridiculous they are.

I admit I've been drawn into a few of them, because I had some similar thoughts. It's easy when you're feeling disappointment. I might comment, but when I ask myself if I would actually post such negative topics against Ron Paul and Rand Paul, at such a critical point, my answer is always no. I find myself being sucked into topics I would never post myself. So, who is posting them? When I check such topics and see they were posted and bumped by fairly new accounts or those with a history of attacks, it makes me question their motives.

Does attacking Ron or Rand Paul help us any? No. It only discourages us and results in a bad atmosphere. It's as if that is the intent and if it's not it still has the same effect. Some of these topics sound like something the mainstream media propagandists would say to discourage us and tempt us to give up. And some of these topics may very well be posted by such propagandists.

Daily Paul does not have exclusive membership. The next time you see a very negative topic, consider that even despicable traitors like Mark Levin could have DP accounts which they use to cause hell; anyone can post, vote, and bump.

Just something to keep in mind. Review topics for quality, not quantity, before getting sucked into them.

Fight on!

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My thoughts

I happen to have been one of those people who asked questions about the campaign as I had not seen RP speak in a while. Now I have been an RP supporter since 2007 and in no way am a "troll"

I think it is unfair and immoral to demagogue those who ask questions.

YES, there are trolls who seek to insight us on the DP. However, it is wrong to use demagoguery as a means to stifle legitimate concerns supporters may have.

While it may seem that they are being negative. It is possible that they are looking for answers to legitimate questions. Immediately jumping to the conclusion that they are "trolls" is not only illogical, but it may turn supporters away.

So I ask all of you to please read Ron Paul's book "Liberty Defined". Specifically his chapter titled "demagogues". RP has been a victim of it for years (see: 07' debate with Rudy Giuliani for a prime example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKITUOl0NBc). Our message has been demagogued for years. We must not let ourselves succumb to it.

If someone is being a troll, answer him legitimately. If someone has concerns, answer them. Do not just jump to name calling because that is what our enemies do.

To end off, I will quote RP "Demagoguery is the enemy of liberty and serves the interest of power seekers across the political spectrum."

Lest us not fall for the tactics of our enemies.

You ARE a troll!

According to the Counterrevolutionary Investigation People's Forces that patrol the site.

Do not be a counterrevolutionary! Engage in the happy happy self-imposed delusions!


The facts are Benton is

The facts are Benton is running the campaign as if Ron Paul is actully Rand Paul and now that there are deals to be made we Ron Paul supporters know Ron Paul does not make deals but rand Paul does.

This strategy is not good for the millions of Ron fans!

I think doug wead is doing good but he is not the lead guy.

Ron Paul is not able to do everything so he needs to rely on the campaign and it is 100% obvious the rand Paul crew is making deals to get rand Paul in the spot light for now or later on!

How can a father really fight against that???

If I was Ron Paul i would be having trouble sleeping at night right now knowing my son is trying to hijack my campaign. I would feel like it would be a slap in the face to my supporters!

Ron Paul's true supporters and energy comes from us the grass roots! We know he can win but his campaign just wants to make deals... And not support the grassroots movement!

I donated more money this past Friday

after reading all of the negativity this past week.

I commented on it myself

I have been called all the names in the book for addressing this issue (specifically with Rand). I am glad you had the courage to write this.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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I notice an uptick of Ron Troll Threads these past few days as..



Why not have an "Ongoing Money Bomb"

Targeting each upcoming State Convention? I could not believe that our last was two weeks ago with the largest State Conventions in the month of June . . .Off my box here and last post . . . just had to release a bunch of frustration with this topic:)

We also had Phone Banking Support

From outside our state . . . is this still going on?

I am so sick of these kind of

I am so sick of these kind of posts. Those of use who are seriously concerned and tired of Benton's incompetence and Rand's actions and words are NOT trolls! We love Ron Paul, but realize his is not perfect, and that he is surrounded by people who may not be as devoted to the liberty movement as we would like. Stop with the troll crap. We also are pissed that we gave money to the campaign and the latter did not spend it well.

Indeed - if Benton,

Tate, or others are feeling put upon by people criticizing them
then they are welcome to post something here (somewhere? anywhere?)
and defend their actions...

Not holding my breath, though...

We Need to See some Support from the RP Campaign

We cannot do this from the grassroots only . . .this election is too huge . . . and I say this as a RP Coordinator in Maine who signed an agreement with the RP campaign not to talk to the press, etc. The campaign needs to step up here, level with us and LEAD!!!! This is why our Delegates are not showing up and why we lost in Missouri and Washington . . . we lost big time because of the statements from Wead, Benton, Tate, et. al. Some of you on the Daily Paul must hear from these people . . . please . . . let us know what is going on with the campaign . . . I fear that we are loosing the momentum here . . . and I want this stopped now so we can move forward with strength in the California primary and the Texas State Convention. We were about to win it all big a few weeks ago . . .but the campaign pulled back it's support (not just monetarily) . . .We need answers now . . . Please . . . because as you all have seen . . . we cannot do this with just the grassroots . . .we need national level leadership providing support as well.

Reminder: Doug Wead Stated A Couple Weeks Ago That

"Some Things Cannot Be Made Public At This Time..." We cannot expect the campaign to be telling us everything as there is still strategy going on and To Be Determined (TBD). If we are losing momentum it is our own fault. And don't forget when it comes to the nomination, it is ultimately the delegates that put forth the nominations for president. So this fight is OURS to fight, not necessarily the campaign's. We must also learn ourselves how to fight the delegate battle on our own for future elections as the Ron Paul campaign won't always be there to help us... Also Dr. Paul has continually said "The Revolution Has Arrived." What is he really saying??? Well, he's saying that he's depending on us largely to further this fight ourselves. Remember it's We The People, NOT We The Campaign. Sure we can and should depend on the campaign for some things such as being the primary hub for our organization and tactics, but this awakening is largely dependent upon us realizing and experiencing the corruption ourselves as individuals whereas we must be motivated to fight against it ourselves as individuals as well.

Each of us who experiences the corruption has the responsibility to fight against it. We must be initiating the legal battles ourselves and getting used to this task. From what I can see there is allot of legal advise out there. Just recently on this site I've seen postings about toolsforjustice.com a legal group willing to help the average voter file complaints against the system to fight election fraud. I'm not sure how effective this group will end up being but I would encourage everyone who feels they have been disenfranchised as a voter in any way to think about using these types of services to be heard...

For example, my individual complaint is for my caucus state not having a publicly sponsored website that the average citizen (like me) can access which shows how each particular precinct voting results are included and roll into the state totals that are released as final vote counts for the candidates on the ballot for our state. Since the states cannot prove their numbers to the people in this manner and do not have a repeal type of system to correct incorrect postings, I believe my argument is that the function of the straw vote bounding cannot be ultimately enforced among at least the caucus states since the counting results are not proven to the public and therefore can be regarded as possibly fraudulent numbers... Why can I begin to make this argument??? Well, It's been clearly figured throughout the straw vote process that the campaign and individuals have brought to attention the fact in some instances found of many precincts that Dr. Paul has won across the country, that they have simply not been included in the state totals... So we must beg the question, how many state totals have not included precincts that Dr. Paul has won??? We wouldn't know unless we saw spreadsheets that show how each state precinct figures into that particular state total with a process for the average voter to challenge the posted precinct results if it appears to be recorded inaccurately... An argument of this type enforced through our legal system could ultimately nullify all caucus state straw vote totals and be a basis to unbound all delegates arriving in Tampa via court order???

I would also encourage those who live in primary states to challenge the evidently rigged electronic voting machine results in court in order to nullify those state primary straw vote counts as well. If our courts rule that the straw votes can have no bearing on an election due to the potential fraud and inability for the states to prove election results to the people, this could be a basis for a change in how we handle our elections across the country for the future at least, and possibly a nullification of current results...

Could a win in these types of court cases lead to us going back to paper ballots??? Or even back to our original system when our country started which was holding our elections entirely as a function of delegate conventions composed of delegates elected or self nominated initially via each precinct who have the function of voting and electing those who hold government offices throughout a series of city, county, district, state, and national conventions??? As I have mentioned before in past postings that using the delegates in these conventions to function as the election body to elect our government offices could be the answer to eliminate election fraud altogether. Why??? Well, these delegate conventions are composed of no more than a couple thousand people each whereas the voting credentials and proceedings are monitored much more closely, and whereas any fraud is more forcibly exposed enabling voting citizens or delegates to fight back more effectively in say class action lawsuits if necessary...

There are other groups as well that individuals and the campaign I believe are using to further the fight. Ultimately, in the end, even if Dr. Paul becomes president, there is only so much he can do... In my opinion his presidency will only be giving us a little more time to turn around the tyranny. Basically, his presidency will be a much needed breath of fresh air amongst the constant and ongoing suffocation battle with these fascists that seem to not be letting up on the constant strangling, with their ultimate goal of murdering America. Their aim is enslave us and to take away everything we have, and ultimately take away the life of our country... This is I believe part of the Tough Love Lesson that Dr. Paul is helping to teach us. Please be more aware of the underlying lessons and the calling for us to act in this experience we are sharing...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

Listen To This Man!

No one wants to be negative (at least not me).

But I guess it is hoped by posters that the RP Campaign will listen to and hear our message, and get more aggressive and more competitive against Romney, and show some real fight in them -- before it is too late.

If the Campaign were supporting us very clearly, and very directly, then we would all know it...and feel it....and see it. But we don't.

A Convention-floor fight is the only path to victory.

So why can't we all just agree (i.e., Wead, Benton, Paul Jr., Tate, etc.) that victory remains the goal here -- not defeating Obama with another Neocon, not being quiet at the Convention, not accepting Romney as a legitmate winner, and not avoiding a Convention fight.

So the question remains, what is the Campaign doing to help us and help them get to that goal?

it is the Delegates responsibility to show up.

I understand what you are saying and how you feel, but:

WE are the grassroots campaign. WE are the irrate few. What the campaign does is irrelevant. If Delegates do not show up, it doesn't matter what the campaign or anybody else does - it will all be moot, and in vane.

Delegates MUST show up. If they do not, then they should NOT have signed up in the first place. I would have done ANYTHING to be a delegate and I WOULD show up but I was not so lucky.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You have no Idea How Hard it Really Is

I wish you had been one of my Delegates . . . then my job would have been a cakewalk.

First of all . . . I was able to get 2/3 of our county Delegates to our convention with carpools, help with hotel expenses, child care, arm twisting (this will be the most important weekend of your life and it WILL be the most exciting) . . . on the phone from 8 am - sometimes 10 pm at night as County Coordinator . . . multiply this by a few dozen Coordinators and strong Precinct/Town Captains and you can see the effort that we put into our State Convention. We also held Statewide Delegate Training Seminars, had a strong Executive Committe and a great RP Campaign Leader in our State . . .

It is easy to say that you MUST show up . . . the Delegates also need a will and incentive to do so . . . The National Campaign took that away a few weeks ago . . . which is why we lost Washington and Missouri . . . I can't speak to the leadership in those States . . . as I know how we won and believe me it was not that easy.

It took a great deal of hard work and effort to do so . . .

I was sad to see my comment voted down . .

Our movement needs to stay strong and not divide here . . . please learn from the States that won . . . It takes lots of work with strong coordination from the grassroots leadership . . . you cannot just expect your Delegates to show up at a State Convention . . . you need a strategy, plan, leadership and follow-up with phone banking, etc., . . .that is how you win!

Do You Really Know how Hard it is to Get Delegates to Show Up?

I was able to get 2/3 out of 110 or so RP Delegates to show up for our County at our State Convention . . . and due to all that hard work multiplied dozens of times by other coordinators . . . do you know how hard that was . . we had carpools, I twisted arms, was on the phone from 8 am - sometimes 10 pm strategizing . . . we chipped in for those that could not afford rooms, child care, etc., Easy to say that they MUST show up . . . but they need an incentive to do so . . otherwise . . . it is not very easy . . . esp . . . in larger States. . . Also, what is needed is a very strong Executive Committee to oversee all of this with a very competent State leader. . . we did all of this and won . . . we also had competent Parliamentarians to help out our Chair . . . at this time, the National Campaign was still involved.

And Please Do Not Speculate Either

Please do not say . . . this is the ultimate campaign strategy, we are relying now on the grassroots as it should be etc., this is stealth because to put it bluntly . . . this is not a good presidential campaign strategy . . . period! Otherwise . . . we would have won easy states such as Washington and Missouri on the merits of the Grassroots only. . . it does not take money to put out positive press releases by the National Campaign . . . and RP can attend these conventions by flying commercial instead of private jet . . .so I rest my case and urge others to contribute here . . .

Sorry . .MPs






No disenfranchised Ron Paul delegates, etc.

They (Ron Paul and the campaign) at the very least should make sure that every Ron Paul delegate is not disenfranchised, injured , or intimidated. Did'nt the campaign say they will be with the delegates "every step of the way?" This means that every incidence of election fraud, irregularity, and/or intimidation should be investigated by the campaign and appropriate action taken. Also the campaign should also make available any material support (like lawyers), advice, or moral support to the state campaigns as needed whenever possible. I would also like to see a more pro-active role by the campaign - by helping out the state campaigns even if the state campaigns are not asking for help taking every opportunity given by the media and public appearances to tell the country why Romney will not be a good President and why Ron Paul is the only good choice for President.
In general, the campaign should act as if there is still a race going on between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. The media right now portrays the presidential race between only Obama and Romney - we (especially the campaign) should have an increasing sense of urgency to derail the Establishment for this might is the best - and may be the last - chance for us to do so.


We Are Obviously Hitting A Nerve Somewhere

so stay tuned folks this seems to be getting bigger everyday. Evidently We finally got their attention as it leaked a couple days ago that the Compromised News Nightmare (CNN) and other mainstream channels ratings are falling off the cliff while alternative media traffic continues to explode. These recent attack posts surely are a desperate attempt for them to try to infiltrate the alternative media since they seem to have no other alternative at the moment...

They know they don't have much time as their attempts so far to put the clinchers on the internet have failed and we still prevail as they are desperately grasping for air at this point according to the famous Bilderberg veteran journalist Jim Tucker’s inside sources "They are outraged, they're angry. They're very depressed about this whole liberty (movement). They are very upset with all of these patriotic Americans resisting their program and the fact that the Americans are so successful at it because the program planned by Bilderberg has been set back for years. Every year it gets worse and every year they get more depressed. Every year they get more outraged. So we're winning, they're losing... They get more distraught every year." as these fascists keep trying to take over America and constantly are failing because we always manage to fight and push back.


What they are seeing now is their most certain death as the masterminds of this venture are more intensively being put between a rock and a hard place. There have been enough people who have woken up and have been motivated enough to become a part of the elections and delegate process. They are now becoming fully exposed to the public where it was always known that these parasites had the straw voting rigged. However, the realization is different now. Before we thought we could always press for the people's candidate through the delegate process if there was seen to be enough grassroots support for a candidate worthy of our fight. There is a new Awakening happening, and the word is spreading like wildfire...

Well, here we are folks, we're right in the middle of this delegate process where we are seeing that they are willing to steal, lie, cheat, and now physically assault us to stay in power. Their only problem is that they are having to expose themselves in this process. Anyone who sees these videos and hears the testimonies of their constant and recurring assaults are being automatically turned into Ron Paul or Liberty supporters just for the fact to see how unjustly We The People are being mistreated by these tyrants.

They are rearing their ugly heads, although still masking themselves behind corrupted police officers supposed to be working for the peace. These officers should be stripped of their badges and be dishonorably discharged from the police force as they have no place in our civil society. Being a peace officer is ultimately a privilege allowed by the people in trust to uphold our civil rights. When they violate us, they are violating their oath to the constitution and they will ultimately have hell to pay at some point in the future possibly sooner than later since we are also carrying through with a legal movement to prosecute these criminals through the courts of law - Examples are toolsforjustice.com helping individual Liberty supporters fight back as well as other lawyers working with Ron Paul supporters and the campaign to help further legal action for these types of civil rights violations continuously and rampantly happening across the country.

I believe the evil masterminds are realizing quickly they have no where to go as they are being fully exposed more each day, they are coming out swinging as we are seeing. I believe we are starting to see possibly the onset of a civil war still in the early stages yet there is no doubt that something is starting here. Doug Wead has announced that "The War Has Begun" as many may regard these types of incidents comparable to first shots fired since they have started to physically assault us as we are simply exercising our voting rights - In my opinion this type of behavior is regarded as amongst the highest crimes against the American people.


Get prepared folks as we may very well realize the true meaning of these words In 1962, John F. Kennedy famously said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." JFK is evidently still with us, we may very well live his words in our time. Folks, the roller coaster is taking off, lets all lift our hands and begin the ride as we have volunteered to take part in this experience. This revolution may very well be a life contract that we are here to honor. Lesson here??? Take these clever trolls with a grain of salt as they are slick with their words, expert psyops at work here, but we all know better and what they are doing...

-LibertyG ... 2 Corinthians 2:16-17 "To some we are a scent of death leading to death, but to others, a scent of life leading to life. And who is competent for this? For we are not like the many who make a trade(for profit) but as those with sincerity...

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I tried to vote this thread up, but it didn't record my vote.

That has happened before too.


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I guarantee you it did

a similarly-timed opposing vote canceled it out. I guess it should just increment whatever local sum you have, as to stop people from thinking this so often.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

In a truly representative Republic of 300,000,000....

...what are the chances that the BEST person to lead an ongoing political restoration would be the son of the best current leader?

ANSWER: 1 in 300,000,000 (perhaps slightly more, given that the son may have had a better upbringing in the doctrines of freedom.)

We revolted from hereditary succession in 1776 folks. Think about it.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Better to know what you are facing...

...than to have a gilded perspective that gets you killed.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I think people are allowed to

I think people are allowed to not be happy with losing an election. While I am hopeful we can still pull it off, it is getting harder and harder to believe it is possible.

Come on Guys!

Its just now getting good..You just have the JITTERS! We are winning! Keep up the good work! Don't stop now ! Get to those conventions and let FREEDOM RING!Keep your heads up high! You should all be proud of yourselves! You are taking the HIGH road.The world is watching you!GO RON PAUL !

Barbara Tranquillo

Not every one who questions is bad...

I would have to say these are all good questions. A million dollar money bomb and the the campaign goes dead. The campaign made a press release telling the world Mitt wins. I have been reading the DP daily for over a year now. I signed up to the DP the same day the campaign killed itself. Very disappointed!

I'm 45 years old and have never donated to a campaign before Dr. Paul's. Against all hope I have thought at the least we would have a third party bid. What the heck happened. I tend to lean toward a death threat or something down those lines. I will never believe Ron Paul would toss in the towel for any other reason.

Everyone is now talking about this movement. This movement without a leader will not last long. Look at the hijacked tea party, and occupy for examples of how the press can kill a movement. Who will speak for this movement without the doctor? The press can interview anyone who claims to be a part of it and spread it all over the evening news. Just a bunch of hippies wanting to smoke dope! Who will stand up and defend this movement from such press? I think this movement needs leaders like Ron Paul to survive. How many good people have I seen elected to do the right thing only in the end to become part of the system. Without the right leaders this whole movement is at risk of being hijacked.

Anyway just because someone is new to DP or questions just what is going on doesn't make them the bad guy.. Doctor Paul promised me he would not stop until the votes are counted in Tampa or Mitt's gets 1144. I'm going to hold him to it unless his or his families safety is at issue....