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What Do You Think About This SLATE System?

It seems we do worse when they use it and divide everyone up in little rooms. I'm not experienced in this at all, but what do some of y'all experienced people think about the slate system? Is it good or bad for us? Or is every situation different?

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I don't think at our caucus

I don't think at our caucus we had a clear majority. So we had 33 candidates and nobody new who to vote for except for us. We spread their votes to thin and definitely picked up some of their votes. Every situation I would think would be different, but that strategy worked great for us. Also I think a roll call vote would have hurt us because they could of figured out who the "college kids" voted for and not voted with them.

it can work well under simple conditions.

The problems I saw at the Washington convention were that there were at least two different Ron Paul Delegate slates. The so-called leaders made all the decisions without considering and/or including the rest of us making up the slate and the order of the names on the slate. Not even a meeting the night before/or at lunch break, no email, phone call... nothing. There were a lot of good speeches at the convention by those not on the Ron Paul slate...too bad...this was a lack of organization and was not good because it created divisions amongst ourselves. But what could we do? With no way to give these others a fair chance to be on the slate it was best to vote for the slate. Then there was a similar slate going around that appeared the same but wasn't. Also, there was a suggestion made about 3-7 split even though it was clear the rombies would never consider it- even for the sake of "party unity". On top that a rombie leader went to the microphone and told the delegates to vote for only those delegates that were their own rombie pink sheet slate. I'm afraid some of the Ron Paul supporters mistakenly voted on the 3 top Ron Paul delegates listed on our slate & 7 Romney delegates that was on the Romney pink sheet slate as instructed by our leaders. Mistakes? Plenty. Who passed out the similar looking Ron Paul delegate slate? And why didn't the our leaders instruct our delegates to vote our slate when the rombie leader made his statement at the microphone to vote only the "pink Romney slate"? I was looking for some kind of instruction...anything, a sign, a nod...nothing...so I voted my whole Ron Paul slate I was given. What could we do as a group with the lack of organization,two Ron Paul slates floating around and no further instructions for that type of situation? What happened- happened. Too bad... because it did not/should not have gone down like that.

IF we have a clear majority

IF we have a clear majority then the slate system is fine, as we can vote all our people through with one vote, IF we have a slate ready! If we do NOT have a clear majority, then the slate system is bad, as we would have a better chance with a one by one vote.


If you are in the minority, you need to team up with another campaign to form a unity slate. At least you will maybe get one person through. For the minority, one is better than none.

Is the use of the slate decided by State rules

Or is it determined by the Convening body?

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People just get together and

People just get together and do it. Issue groups have a slate of names. Trust the issue group (guns, pro-life) and vote their slate.

What's the next step. A motion?


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Bump for discussion

Good question, ralph!

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I guess nobody has an opinion on it. LOL!

Or don't know enough to give one.

I voted on two slates, so I'm inexperienced.

A "slate" of officers, presented by the nominating committee to the annual meeting, can be intimidating to a member who is considering becoming a candidate for a position. The perception that "everything is cut and dried" is a common one when a slate is presented or when the same people get elected/acclaimed each year. The work of the nominating committee, which is meant to encourage members to get involved, should never be presented as a final description of next year's board.
One way to overcome the feeling that the nominating committee's candidate is the person who should be the newly elected officer, is to have the nominating committee submit its name for each position only while other nominations for that position are being solicited from the floor. Elimination of the step of circulating or posting a proposed slate of officers prior to election is a controversial one that should be agreed upon by members at the annual meeting for implementation in the following year.

from http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/rural/facts/96-015.htm

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You sound like you know the ropes.

This is why we have to take over precinct chairs on up to state.

Looks can be deceiving, in this case. It was a google search.

But I did find that quote interesting as well.

Take over. I think that depends on the situation. If you don't have the numbers it's time to start "campaigning".

At Convention, there are so many things for one to watch: the agenda, the slates, the rules.

Going in with an ad hoc team to watch these things seems imperative for a successful outcome.

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