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Can anyone recommend other economic books or economic papers on how businesses colluded with the govt to restrict free trade?

The books on this subject I read so far have been:

In restraint of trade by Butler Shaffer
The Triumph of Conservatism by Gabriel Kolko
Regulations and Railroads by Gabriel Kolko
Antitrust and Monopoly by Dominick Armentano
Against Leviathan: Government Power and a Free Society by robert higgs.

Any other books on businesses colluding with government to restrain trade? Recommend some economic papers that have been published in academic journals too if you know of any.Oh, and I really only mean business industries colluding with the federal and/or state governments, not trade unions colluding with the government to restrict trade. I read plenty of books and economic papers on the relationship between trade unions and government , and its subsequent effects on the free market.

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Plenty of books about the "Federal" Reserve out there,

one being Ron Paul's own "End the Fed".

I think this is a pretty awsome one.

"the travels of a t shirt in a global economy"
by Pietra Rivoli

i highly recommend it

The Federal Trade Commission.

It was part of the progressive (read marxist) agenda implemented by Congress in 1910 or 1912 Congress.

Free includes debt-free!

I can't but...

If you look here:

There is probably a few that would fit in your criteria.