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Texas Delegate needs help to get to State

I am reposting a blurp first posted on Thursday by PatriotAwakening - This ChipIn still needs more funds... please help to fund her trip to Texas State Convention - it is looking like we need every delegate we can get at each and every state convention... Every little bit will help - this woman gave up a good job and took another job when denied the time to go to the convention - please stand with her!

Here original post is found here: http://www.dailypaul.com/237239/texas-delegate-needs-help-to...

ChipIn here: http://helpme2convention.chipin.com/help-texas-delegate-for-...

Let me introduce myself, I am a 60 year old fiercely independent woman who has taken care of myself and my own with no assistance all of my life. I have never asked for help and always refused when offered. For the first time, I have gotten involved in the political process, I have become a precinct chair and a delegate to the state convention and I have donated to every money bomb for Ron Paul. I now find myself having to ask for assistance to get me to the convention. The reason why is because I will be without employment. When I asked for the time off to go to the convention, I was denied the request even though I had over 120 hours of personal time on the books and had asked over a month in advance. My boss is a big time Obama fan and had consistantly ridiculed me for my support of Ron Paul. Company policy says I will only be paid 40 hours at termination. After many sleepless nights, I gave my notice. My reasoning is, if we don't get Ron Paul elected, I will lose everything I've worked for my entire life anyway, so I am going to that convention! I have a niece to stay with while in Ft. Worth but could use some assistance for food and gas. After the convention I will have a new job, just slightly less pay than before but will have that 3 weeks lag time for another pay day. I will greatly appreciate any assistance you can give. Thank you

ChipIn here: http://helpme2convention.chipin.com/help-texas-delegate-for-...

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It is against the law to fire

It is against the law to fire someone for attending a political caucus or convention, even if they do NOT have personal time to cover it. What county are you in? I am sure we can find you a ride!


Please help the best cause!

Ron Paul ... forever.