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House to Vote on Ron Paul Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve

GOP leadership in the House of Representatives announced that legislation to thoroughly audit the secretive Federal Reserve, a wildly popular measure pushed by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) for decades, will come up for a floor vote in July. Honest-money advocates and pro-transparency activists celebrated the news as a historic opportunity to rein in the central bank, which has come under heavy fire — especially in recent years — for debasing the U.S. dollar, manipulating markets, and showering big banks with trillions in bailouts.

The legislation, H.R. 459, already has over 225 co-sponsors in the House including an impressive roster of senior Democrats and Republicans, some of whom chair important committees. In the Senate, however, a similar bill has only about 20 co-sponsors so far, forcing Audit-the-Fed activists to wage a massive campaign aimed at exposing Senators who refuse to support transparency at the shadowy central bank. Polls in recent years revealed that four out of five Americans support auditing the Fed.

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If you want to see a full audit

we need to pressure the Senate. The Senate is where the bill got watered down two years ago.

Check here to see if your Senator is a co-sponsor of Rand's bill, S 202:

Please contact your two Senators and urge them to co-sponsor S 202.

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Who said Ron Paul isn't doing enough?!?

WHO said he's slacking off?

The sunshine patriots?


Free includes debt-free!