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Newspaper Ads

I am sick and tired of people around here discussing Romney versus Obama about marriage/gay rights. While you and I know what the real and important issues are, locals here refuse to believe me because the real issues are not televised or in the newspaper.

I checked the rates for advertising in the local paper. Not bad at all...in fact VERY reasonable.

A half-page newspaper ad should cover both pages of Janice's comparison sheet. Depending on the size of your newspaper maybe consider purchasing 1 full newspaper page.

This will:

1. Reach thousands more than Super Brochures, regardless of party affiliation.

2. If people read it, they WILL believe it.

3. If it's in the newspaper, people will begin to discuss among family, friends and coworkers.

4. This may very well prompt other news sources to question the real issues that we are facing, such as NDAA indefinite detention, Romney's taking money from the Dept of Ed to pay for Olympics, how many times Romney HAS voted to raise taxes, position on Medicare and SS, NRA D- rating etc.


So PLEASE, consider taking out an ad in your local newspaper!

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Self Bump

This should at least be considered.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Yes... It needs to be done in the remaining State conventions

coming up. Ron Paul still in the race to win and show a comparison between him and Romney