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Why is everyone so against Ron Paul making deals with Romney?

Ron Paul has said for years that winning to him is not necessarily winning elections. Winning to Ron is over ideology. If Ron Paul can persuade Romney to take Constitutional positions, we've won.

Do I want Ron Paul as president? YES! Just as much as everyone else here. But, I think Ron Paul (self-described pessimist on being elected) feels this is his chance to directly influence the establisment.

Am I wrong for putting trust in Ron and Rand for meeting secretly with people we ideologically disagree with? I think they have the Constitution and all of us in mind. Remember Rand's first speech on the Senate floor against compromising? I don't think he's sacrificing anything to get some of what he wants. I just hope when the two explain their positions they say, "now take a step back and understand why I take these positions." It's great to hear the opposition coming around and agreeing with us on current issues, but in the future there will be new issues. And we need them to stay in agreement with us.

Whether Ron Paul is hiding at Bilderberg, I could care less. I say talk to them. Influence them. Bring them to our ideology and logic. We won't win over their minds by yelling at them. Ron is right; we must be civil or our message goes unheard.

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No Compromise!

What do you think this is? The Libertarian Party? The CATO Institute? We don't compromise here.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Your argument is based on a flawed assumption.

Romney will not defeat Obama and I'm sure Dr. Paul is aware of this fact. What is to be gained from making a deal with some one who will never be in a position to follow through with their side of it?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Dr. Paul knows Romney

He has met and dealt with frauds like this creep all his life. I do not see any deal between Dr. Paul and the Mittwit. Some in the campaign might want a deal....to enhance their future endeavors, but they would be wise to not do it. Dr. Paul did not create his stellar credibility by making deals he had to 'explain' later.
The corrupt power hungry globalists know exactly what we and Dr. Paul are all about and if you think for one minute they will have an epiphany or give us anything that amounts to more than a carefully crafted token to temporarily placate us you are beyond naive.
Do you think they have passed basic corruption of the process and resorted to physical harm now because they disagree on a few policy points??

Go back to your nanny state

She has a bottle full of kool-aid ready for you to suckle.

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A contradiction in behavior

A contradiction in behavior such as working with a corporatist, industry, elitist whore like Romney could be potentially traumatizing to a revolution based on a firm opposition to Keynesian, corporatist privilege and the propaganda that spews from the mouths of either of the Goldman Sachs Puppets.

Reactionaries of the world unite and support your bosses!

Ron Paul making deals? Pfff

After all the time in Congress and not wavering 1 inch. What makes you think he has become a deal maker all of a sudden? You seem to think Ron Paul has all of a sudden changed his stand on compromise.

His no compromise in congress is what attracted me to him, and is the reason he will be the best man to be POTUS. Romney on the other hand will tell you what you want to here to get you vote, Mr. flip flop man.

I think the so called meetings were made to try and convince Paul to drop out and nothing more, everyone is trying to tell a story that is not there. Romney and the RNC can't stand the thought of all the Paul supporters at Tampa screwing with their Media love fest planned. They know the truth might get out that Paul was suppressed through the whole primary race by the RNC and the media presstitutes. It won't look good for the establishment.

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I hope you are right

About the purpose of the meetings. But if there is no accommodation between RP and Romney why has Ron stopped campaigning? I don't know that there will be a "deal" in the sense that Ron will endorse Romney. At least I hope not. I do think however something is in the works to keep us quiet and on our good behaviour in Tampa. Who knows, maybe they will actually let Ron speak - if he doesn't get *too* carried away and they approve the script in advance - let us wave signs - at least for a couple of minutes. *That* would certainly make this all worthwhile.

Ron IMO is too much of a gentleman and too loyal to a party that has done nothing but disrespected and ridiculed him. If they can get past Tampa without a fuss the Establishment can do whatever it wants to the movement without threat of effective retaliation or negative consequences.


So he should spit int the Party's eye?

Look we can't win without the GOP, and they can't win without us. We have principles we won't abandon and Ron Paul is our candidate.

Remember, that the President becomes the head of the GOP when elected.

Free includes debt-free!

Cuz he is a liar and not to be trusted

He tells bold faced lies at almost every one of his campaign speeches and does not even care when the media hops on his lies and points them out and backs them up with fact. It's like "No one can touch me, I can do what I want" "So what, I lied, what are you gonna do about it?"

Liberty and freedom do not allow compromise.

There is not gray area. We either have a free society or we don't. Romney is he king of flip-flop and will never be an honest person. How could you ever trust someone like him to actually take Dr. Paul's philosophy seriously. Mitt is owned by the banks and his agenda is not about We The People. Stop with idiotic threads, no matter if well intentioned or not. It just means you still don't get what Ron has been professing his entire adult life.


I donated more money this past Friday

looks like your silly "play along to get along" post is going to cause me to donate again.

And Now It Starts

As I predicted. The "play ball" with Romney arguments are starting to surface4. Sure, if Ron were Fed Chair that would be great. But how likely is that really to happen, even assuming Romney could win. *It would never happen*. It is delusional to think the Republican Establishment (or the Banksters that support them) would ever honor such a deal, even if Romney wanted it (fat chance). They would rather lose to Obama. Misinformation. Since Ron decided to not run third party, his (and our) only leverage is to call them out in Tampa or defect en masse. Since they have nothing to offer of substance, let just do it.


smurfs and rainbows and a prancing unicorn.....

ahhhh.... *sigh*

OK what was that you were saying about Romney being influenced by Ron Paul?

Romney knows what Ron Paul is all about and he is the antithesis of that.

Actually, I think that Sen. McCain is closer to being...

... the GOP antithesis of Dr. Paul. Gov. Romney is more like an empty glass waiting for someone to pour in the ideology.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

There is not a chance in hell

That Romulen would cut Government spending by a red cent.

"I say talk to them.

"I say talk to them. Influence them. Bring them to our ideology and logic".
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places".
Ephesians 6:12



No problem with

Paul meeting with anyone secretley, hence freedom of association. Paul making a back-room deal with Romney? LMAO Paul doesn't make back-room deals, & I am confident Paul will not even endorse the pathological liar (just calling it as I see it.) Romney is no different than Obama and if you cannot see that I ask you Please Open Your Eyes Mate!

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

I think they are trying to get negotiation started.

I suspect they are getting the cold shoulder.

So we just have to keep finding, making or converting delegates.

Free includes debt-free!

Honestly, if you could

Honestly, if you could believe that Romney would actually do the things he says he would do, then sure I would bargain if the price was right. Ron Paul treasury secretary or Fed Chairman for starters, and I believe the Fed Chairman needs congressional approval, so if that doesn't look feasible then take T secretary. From there, Romney would have to agree to allow Paul to function as an autonomous executive there. I could 'compromise' on a budget, but it would have to par down defense first, and favors and subsidies second, both before entitlements that the disadvantaged rely on; though we'd have to hit those too (just later.)

But again, the main thing is that Romney doesn't have a record that should lead anyone to believe that he would complete the bargain.


It is an all or none situation. If Ron is not President, he will

not have the authority to lead for the ending of fractional reserve lending and the fraudulent banking system that is the underlying root of everything wrong with modern society. The monetary system for the entire globe has to be changed and this will only happen with Ron as President. Any other position is just a name badge with no authority or power to really accomplish anything.


better than congressman

better than congressman


And you really think neocon

And you really think neocon Rombama, I mean Romney will cut "defense." Stop being so naive. Romney is Obama part two.

dude did you read my post?

dude did you read my post?


The more you compromise the more you lose.

Tampa has not even happened yet. We are fighting to the end. Once we have reached the end, then we will see what options we can best utilize.

No One But Paul 2012. By write-in, if necessary.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I don't think they are compromising

I think they are stating their sides and reasons for their positions. Ron Paul doesn't have to be the only person with authority to give us what we want.

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The PTB have no interest in Ron Paul whatsoever. They know exactly Ron Paul's positions.

Whether Ron Paul wins or not, we have our work cut out for us now and in the future, beginning at the local level. If Paul does win, he will use executive order to repeal the executive orders that are illegal according to the Constitution. Romney will not.

Do not wish for things that will not happen. We must continue to fight for our Liberties now and well into the future.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul