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Yes, the tent is closed...a repost worth reposting

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Yes. The tent has closed.

Submitted by adampeart on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 14:53. Permalink

It's official. The three ring circus known as the Republican party is now a 'closed' event. Price of admission? Your undying pledge of allegiance and acceptance to ANYONE and ANYTHING the party establishment forces down your throat. Ultimately the joke is on them. Like all freak sideshow acts, they are indeed a dying institution and quickly becoming a relic of the past. I'm still sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether to crash the circus, punch the carnival barker in the mouth, overthrow the tent master, feed the animal tamer to the lions, and set the elephants free, or step back and watch the flickering lights go out, the tent collapse, and see all the bankrupted carnies grab their hobo nap-sacks and hop the next freight train heading south... The circus has reached a point of no return, it's election cycles are numbered, and it's audience is ever so quickly aging. Do we revive the GOP circus tent of ridiculous theatrics, do we start a free, updated, new show of our own, or do we just stay home and read a book? Going forward our movement needs to reach a consensus on these questions. More and more I see that all of this 'election' baloney is just that, baloney. What better way to keep a slave happy than to let them believe they're actually 'free'? Philosophy is what we have to promote- first with our family, our peers, our neighbors and our communities. It's evident the 'political process' is rigged for the benefit of the slave masters. It's clear a healthy majority of people haven't suffered enough to force their ears and eyes open. The cattle ranchers have convinced the herd that it's dangerous to go beyond theconfines of the ranch. The cattle ranchers promise food delivered, and shelter provided, and a manure pit to shit in. In return all the cattle have to do is sacrifice- having their calves taken from them, their milk drained from them, and ultimately laying down their life on the plates of the ranchers. Amazingly, the masses of cattle in this country, and elsewhere around the world, consider this a fair trade. Sadly a guaranteed 'safe' life of mediocrity, paranoia, subservience, ignorance, rape and spectacle outweighs freedom, liberty, excellence, wealth, knowledge, aspiration, destiny, peace and friendship with fellow men. The herd has the power to trample the ranchers but they've been conditioned to fear the man with the whip and what lays beyond the barn's door. Our goal shouldn't be taking over the ranch, but erase the fears of the cattle and inspire confidence and courage within them- to show them they ARE more powerful than the rancher; To teach them the wonder and endless possibility of living outside the fence line- to inspire them to destroy the ranches' confines and to live in actual FREEDOM

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