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The Egyptian Revolution Continues...

The similarities between what is going on in Egypt and what is going on here is unbelievable. I lived in Egypt last year for a bit and have been trying to stay on top of what is happening there. Many of my Egyptian friends have been supporting a candidate named Hamdeen Sabahi. The similarities between his campaign and Ron Paul's is crazy, except that he is fighing for Egypt's first taste of freedom and Dr. Paul is fighting to revive our freedom. Sabahi's slogan is apparently "one of us" and he is quoted as saying the following:

"The political aspect ... focuses on building a democratic political system based on a new constitution that guarantees rights such as freedom of belief, expression, to peacefully demonstrate, to establish a political party, and freedom of the press."
"I opt for presidential system that limits the power of the president and makes him accountable to the public, the parliament and the judiciary."

"I appreciate the American people and we are very keen to hold serious talks with them based on equality, not subordination ... Our approach towards western governments and administrations will differ according to our interests under an Egyptian foreign policy that will revive Egypt and raise its international status."

Though he does have some "socialist-leaning" views, he is by far the most "freedom" candidate. They just had their elections, and though he was considered "unelectable", he took 3rd place out of 12 candidates. This was not good enough to get him into the final election, but sounds like there was a lot of talk of voter fraud leading to the Egyptian people being left (not very pleased) with the choice of a former Mubarak frontman or a guy who is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Either way, I think the revolution in Egypt is not over yet and we should be excited in seeing that the "freedom bug" is spreading and that the people really do just want to be free. Let us continue to be thankful "our" revolution has not experienced anywhere near the voilence of other revolutions around the world. Continue in the peaceful revolutions my friends and pray for those around the world doing the same.