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Update: On The Precipice Of Homelessness

Update: http://www.gofundme.com/pccn0

Because of your generosity we have been able to rent a truck and are packing it up as I post this.

We are taking on this challenge moment by moment, hoping we'll be able to afford to find a home tomorrow before our deadline is up. If not we will have to move our belongings into storage and see where to go from there.

We are very blessed by all the support we have received thus far. Please continue to hope, pray, and support us in this urgent endeavor to reach our goal in time. Thank you all so much!

In liberty with great love and gratitude,

-Joe Wright

Please donate here:

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Live lightly, invest in your education and

expanded skills. Good luck in your new adventure.

Thank you!

Thank you!


Good luck!

And keep that wonderful family of yours together. Family is such a rich blessing. You sound in good spirits, so I have great confidence that you'll be ok before the cold weather hits. Don't forget that craigslist has a bunch of reluctant first-time landlords (because of the housing bubble) who might be more flexible than the bigger housing complex investors.

Great idea! Yes, we are

Great idea! Yes, we are trying that avenue as well. But I truly appreciate all of the advice and support here on DP. Bless you all, my family of liberty!