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Nebraska delegate this week need answers

Nebraska is holding their county conventions this week June 1st thur June 10th. I also signed up to be a national delegate by the May 25th deadline.The state convention is in July. Problem is I have NO clue on what to do ,who other Paul supporters are or what to vote for. Need some advise or directions What can I expect...

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Nebraska patriots: If you don't know where to go...

... or when to be there, then this link may help:


Sweep those County Conventions, Nebraska Liberty patriots!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

thank you for

...caring enough to save this country! I too was new to the convention process. Work hard, remain calm and as the good doctor always says, "have fun!" You are not alone by far, most of us are new to the process and feel just like you. Roberts Rules of Order is a good friend to any delegate. Knowing the rules is half the battle. Godspeed my friend. For Liberty!!

"If you want to know who is going to change this country, go home and look in the mirror."

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