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Head Games...With the establishment! Convert people more effectively.

So I was just watching the Discovery Channel.(yes I still watch TV, mostly scifi and science things though, none of that sitcom crap)
There is a new show they have on called Head Games. Short description is that they do psycological experiments on people and explain what part of the brain is involved and why things happen the way they do.
Using tonight's episode as an example, they were showing how ingrained group conformity is for most people. In a particular experiment, they had people seeing things that were not actually there simply because the group did. In another, they had people follow a line, and even in circles, it worked; especially when they had an "authority" figure standing there.(now, I have to wonder if they cut anything out, but I recognized rather well known things that people will do that made it all the more plausable)
Anyway, long story short, people want to fit in with the group and upon thinking about it, this explains the establishment(among other things) and why people continue doing things(such as voting for the winner), without even knowing why in many cases. Its something that happens without even thinking. In fact, people feel rewarded for following along.

The thing here is that most people do not question why they do what they do.

So, heres what this post is about: group pressure. Now, on small scale, this works rather well. You get 4 or more people and typically another person will end up agreeing with the majority; say, a group of friends.
At something like a convention, you get one group versus another. Even if you have something small scale take place here, the "outsider" can just run back to the larger group they came from. Hence why, even if one group is outnumbered, opinions dont necesarily change.
On another point, you have singular friends trying to convert other friends to the liberty movement. As many people know, this can take many months worth of time.

So here is my idea. I would be willing to be that when trying to convert people, using a group of 4 or more people to do it(2-3 is kinda imposing and doesnt achieve good effect), would be alot more effective and alot quicker, than just having one or two people try it. Obviously you would have to do this correctly: make the person feel as part of the group, not come on too strongly, and then make them feel that they want to follow along. As long as the person feels a part of the group, they will want to conform.
All this is based on deeply ingrained behaviors, not higher thinking. People who are more driven by emotion or not as intelligent would be much more supcetable to this; and as we all know, that is most of the establishment.

So, any feedback on this? In the interest of not making this too long, I will stop here.(during all this, I keep thinking this seems too evil)

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Convince or Convert.

Is there a difference between converting on to be a member of a group and convincing someone that they share the same principles of liberty, personal property and privacy?

Free includes debt-free!

This seems a bit circular. If

This seems a bit circular. If you convince someone, they believe it. If you convert someone, they believe it.
I understand your point though: will they truely believe? I do not know, but what I do know is that they would certainly be more open and it probably would lead to genuine belief which isnt misplaced.
However, I suppose a good question is: If a person is for something they dont truely believe, but its the right something anyway, is that ok?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

This is what TV often does with people on a couch.

They bring in someone they agree with (according to script). Then they bring in someone they disagree with and it is two against one and the viewer make three.

What is to stop them from converting again and again?

When one in a crowd, I look for things where we agree.

First Amendment and the Federal government pretending it has the right to law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The mandates that force religious people or organizations to provide birth control and abortion for employees.

Second Amendment was infringed when Romney signed or supported strict gun laws in Massachusetts.

The Patriot Act (The 666 Bill) intends to nullify the 4th Amendment completely.

The Executive Order allowing assassination of American citizens intends to nullify the 5th Amendment.

The backwards approach to Head Games?

Am I converting or convincing? Time will tell and I may never know the results.

Free includes debt-free!

Bumping, because a single up

Bumping, because a single up vote doesnt say much.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.