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Ron Paul Will Make You Richer!

How to get that one more vote?

Tell them Ron Paul will make you richer!


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Ron Paul "Has" Made Me Richer !

Dr. Paul has been talking about Gold and precious metals for over 30 years. I have followed his advice by investing in Gold and Gold stocks all these years, and have benefitted quite well.

However, the real purpose of using "Constitutional" money is first to take the power of money creation away from any and all governments, {because they cannot be trusted} and put the power of money into we the peoples hands. You see Gold/Silver cannot be created out of thin air by any government, Therefore, by following the Constitution concerning money it would automatically make governments smaller, the system we have now insures the growth of governments, wars, and wide spread poverty, for those not in the "loop".

A sincere thank you to Ron Paul from my small family.



I share a lot of videos and links I see on this site on facebook.Some people on my friends list post things about Krugman and Obama all the time and I always read them to see where they are coming from.I really doubt they look at my posts because no one ever comments on them or likes them.Pretty sure they just look at the thread and see its about Ron Paul and just ignore it.It would be nice if someone would actually look at my posts as I do for them and ask questions,but most of the things I see are about hey did you see Jersey Shore last night or that other show for d-bags?It is a little upsetting that people are so blind or just don't care about real issues at all.

Good post.

The income tax is ILLEGAL per the Constitution otherwise they would not have needed an Amendment (16th) to the Constitution to allow them to directly tax our earnings.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I want to make sure I understand: you're saying that income tax used to be illegal because it wasn't in the Constitution until the 16th Amendment, which has now made it legal?

I saw a vid on youtube that takes you step by step from the

original creation of the 16th amendment up to current. It started out that the income tax was for money coming into the country and was income for a business.

Slowly over time the ptb made vague and undocumented references to previous law and by sleight of hand it "turned into" the income tax on wages.

From how I understand it, the actual tax on wages is a perversion of the original law and intent of the law....it is layers and layers and volumes of laws to put it together....to present it to a tax court but my understanding is that people have referenced the laws chronologically in courts of law and won cases.

On the other hand, other people who have gone into court and just said that the 16th amendment is not fully approved by the reuired number of states have lost their cases....

i think someone really diligent could manage to convince a court they did not have to pay tax. But for sure don't quote me and for the record I make no recommendations about anything for anyone and am no expert.


I see

Perhaps this is the case, but wouldn't the Supreme Court's decisions over the last half century *make* it constitutional at this point? They are the final interpreters of the Constitution, after all.

From what I read I understand that the definition of INCOME

was originally not referring to the employee paychecks. As time elapsed and the original statue was "mis-referenced to" and "not referenced to" and "assumptions were made" as to what actually comprised INCOME, people started to refer to INCOME as one's paycheck even though (my understanding) was the previous to Amendment 16 INCOME was defined as money received by a business in the US that was money derived from outside the US.

I understand that when correct references to income and statues are used in the INCOME TAX court of law, that the plaintiff has a good chance of winning. There is an example of an actual business owner who went to court and successfully argued for his 500 employees and they had several years of no income taxes at all.

I will see if I can find the video on youtube referencing all these statues. The video is quite painstaking in detail showing the pages as they were written and the "mis-referenced to " pages.


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