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Update:Dear Multitudes of Romney Delegates: Thank you for being Stealth Ron Paul supporters

After watching the TX GOP convention via LiveStream the past couple of days and hearing Delegates interviewed after the convention was concluded...(they refused to announce any RP success publicly), I have to say, my original post might have been right on target.
See this recent post for more... http://www.dailypaul.com/239193/warning-warning-warning-texans

Update over.

You know who you are and many of us don't. That's okay! Stay stealth! You don't have to tell the world what your hearts know to be true. Not until you're on the floor in Tampa.

Keep yourself under the radar until the end of August.

Yes, many of us Ron Paul supporters are frustrated that we don't know for sure, but no worries, we can and will hang in there. We have patience and stamina. We have the willpower in the face of an astonishingly naive force of foolishness.

Stay the course and do what you have to, even though it may be tough to stomach such a distasteful endeavor.

Surely you've seen and read about some of the epic shenanigan's the establishment GOP have implemented and rest assured, we all find this disgusting, but the R3volution is alive and well in your hearts and we know this.

Keep your resolve, stay the course below the radar and we look forward to joining you in the coming out party in Tampa.

I am certain many of you started out as true Romney believers and we understand how the NeoCon WarMonger machine seemed like a good idea at the time. However, as the curtain was slowly pulled back and you were awakened to the lies and exposed to the truth, you realized that Ron Paul was the only GOP candidate who could effectively beat Obama in the general election.

You feel you can't tell anyone, lest you be driven away and disenfranchised. You're not willing to risk that so early in the game.

Perhaps some of us others should have gone the same route, but not all of us are great chess/poker players, such as yourselves. Perhaps we didn't have the foresight that you do.

Again, thank you Ron Paul delegates pretending to be Romney supporters.

Your courage and bravado will go down in the history books as a pivotal moment that managed to keep this R3volution peaceful. Your legacy will be that you went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.

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It seems this post has become more relevant than I originally..


Stealth is the new...I don't know...something.

Should be a new Sneaker Brand by a famous rapper or something

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Every state is different

Every state and county are different. There are some places where there are not a lot of Ron Paul folks in the mix, BUT there are people who have been involved with the GOP, are known in the community and are Paul supporters. No one pretends to be something they are not when running. However, you learn very quickly how to gauge your speech and conversation for the greatest effectiveness when running.

The Kings always beats the

The Kings always beats the Devils...

We want the Cup, we want the Cup, we want the Cup!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

My opinion

I feel more so that this piece was written at the people that were actually Romney supporters but have changed their minds as they know see all the establishment BS and lies that have been going on. I don't think it has anything to do with Ron Paul people going stealth on purpose like some are thinking. But that has happened. I am okay with both. We know we have numbers when it comes to conventions, we are just cheated out of those.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Sam Adams

It's no way to win

Yesterday I removed my corporate RON PAUL sign planted in a high profile lot I had permission to post, and replaced it with a handmade sign, "RON PAUL HONEST STATEMAN", and underneathe that I taped a small sign, "DR IS IN". I hope people on their way to the polls see that and vote for Ron Paul.

My easement, house, and car are plastered in RON PAUL. I wear numberous RON PAUL tee shirts and bracelets constantly. You could say I took on the I AM RON PAUL seriously. I even petitioned to be on the ballot for a seat on the Republican Central Committee, introduced myself as a RON PAUL Republican, and qualified earning my seat. The I went for the Board of Supervisors, and my seat is pending.

RON PAUL, because he is HONEST, has INTERGRITY, KIND and COMPASSIONATE, and his MESSAGE: FREEDOM IS POPULAR/ RESTORE AMERICA, influenced me, who lives in an area that is ultra liberal, have had my car keyed, been personally threatened for being a homophobe, racist, misogynist, from MSM lies, my local paper allowed me to publish the words RON PAUL so I could defend myself from all the attacks. The woman's Republican Club, League of Women's Voters, Occupy, Farmers Market, College of the Redwoods, and many businesses rejected me, my priest told me I needed to cool it and respect the seperation of Church and State becasue my constant Ron Paul talk he was getting complaints from parishoners who saw it as harrassment (wow). So it has not been easy. Good fights are not easy.

I was selected as a Delegate, but RON PAUL will have to win CA for me to go to Tampa. Elections are rigged, so all I can do is PRAY, HOPE, WISH, HAVE FAITH knowing I have done my best.

It's more than Tampa to me. As hard as I have worked campaigning for RON PAUL, whether he is president or not, I AM A RON PAUL REPUBLICAN, and I try with all my heart and might to act, and vote like RON PAUL.

I know all those people in the county where I live who have fought me, will relax now that the vote is over. Tonight I will be removing my campaign signs. How anyone went "stealth".. to me means, they didn't put up signs or put on bumper stickers, or prescinct walk, ot try to educate the community.. I don't get it.

Crabacado has posted articles about his own campaigning for Ron Paul, and his own suspicions, and then posts this article.. I don't get it.

How did lying, cheating, not educating people about Ron Paul's message help us win?

I LOVE RON PAUL because he is an HONEST STATEMAN. I can't imagine him going stealth. RON PAUL ate lunch by himself for years. RON PAUL has been rejected countless times. RON PAUL has been ignored, ridiculed, threatened, and betrayed, and he just keeps going along with his message. He has always said his message was the most important part of the campaign.. so I don't get the stealth stuff.

It would have helped me for people to have not been stealth, showing RON PAUL had numbers with people who could educate with his message.

I do feel appreciation for all the votes RON PAUL with have earned, but the stealth stuff... I really don't get.

Meanwhile a legal team is being put in place for the delegates who were not stealth and have been abused. These are the delegates my hat is off and from the bottom of my heart, I THANK THEM for fighting the good fight, and taking the heat. GOD BLESS YOU!

Even the early Christians

went stealth, as did members of the Nazi party, in trying to assassinate Hitler.
If people don't go stealth, how can they get into the inner sanctum of the system they are trying to change?
Most of the people within your congress and senate, went stealth to hi-jack your government for their own ends, and now Dr Paul,s people are doing the same thing to bring your country back to her people.
Power to them.

I really like many of your posts

On this one, you have me at a loss. As a Catholic, my perspective on Christianity is very different than born again Christians, so I'm not sure what you mean about the early Christians.

Nazis trying to assassinate Hitler who failed are not a good example, but maybe I'm missing something, after all, to me WWII is what "took care of Hitler".

I do not see how a person can get Ron Paul's message out, educate others, and be stealth.

Ron Paul has me convinced, his MESSAGE is more important then him being president. I have done everything I can to get as many people as I can, even registering a dozen people Republican, to vote for Ron Paul. I could not have done that stealth.

I believe what's important is people who understand what Ron Paul is saying get onboard their Republican committees. I've been attending mine for a year. I am vocal about issues, such as taxes, I explain why we vote NO. If I was stealth, I would have explained nothing.

And since I KNOW my neighbors, my elected, my community, it's very important to ME, that I represent Ron Paul openly and honestly, least I be considered a liar, fake, fraud, BS artist.

I will be training this summer with the GOP and fully intend to run for office 2014, 2016. I can't see how going stealth would help me.

But that is me.. And that is why I am sincerely asking, How? How can you live in an area, know everyone and go stealth without losing credibility or worse, being known as a liar. How does that help the message.

Ron Paul needs to win CA for me, a delegate, to go to Tampa. So I assume this is happening in other states. But I admit IGNORANCE.. I don't get it, and that is not knocking folks.. It's just not understanding, as I do understand bad regimes fake and lie and cheat their way to success, but I never thought that would be us.. we the I AM RON PAUL people.

Before Catholisism and other "established" religions

when followers of Christs message were being used as Roman candles, and sport in Rome's arenas, by day they went about their business, but at night they went underground into the vast network of catacombs, using the symbol of the fish to show the way to their meetings. The word spread, and the message traveled.
Maybe the Nazi analogy wasn't the best, but it was to show that people put themselves into great danger to go against what they know to be wrong, and to try to bring about change.
I see the stealth delegates as being loyal to the fundamental principles of the Republican Party, not Mitt Romney per se. I congratulate you whole heatedly on your determination and dedication to serve and save your amazing country, and wish you all the best in your political career.

Hi Jill, Hi Granger...

..Both analogies have merit.
For instance, the early Christians had to worship in secret, and so they devised a "stealth method" of blessing themselves...it's a familiar expression, and gesture to us all.

They "Crossed their fingers behind their backs", instead of making the sign of the cross.

Additionally I mention the all-too-familiar phrase:
"Cross my fingers, and hope to die"...another "Christian-originated" expression.

so I cross my fingers and hope to die if I have ever mislead any here....My veracity and intent, although anonymous is known to God.
I pray for you all every night, God Bless the "Paulestinians".
You are all truly my people..warts and all...including my own.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I feel you

As a Catholic, I don't understand that Early Christians had to worship in secret.

God Bless You with LOVE, peace and understanding

The Romans (and their gods)

ruled that part of the (now) Middle East. After the crucifixion of Jesus the Christian religion was banned, so the believers gathered in secret.
I do realize that Catholics teach that the Apostol Paul was the 1st head of the Holy Catholic Church, but there is also an argument that "established" religion didn't start until the end of the Roman Empire, some 400 or so years later.

I've heard that

We lived in Italy when I was 7/8/9 and toured museums, catecombs, baths, I have been nearly everywhere there from caves to castles. I heard that Christianity was banned, but I don't see that evidense. Pontius Pilate did not want to condemn Jesus and the ones who did , were not the Romans.

The fact our Gregorian calendars are named for Roman emperors makes me wonder if we are still living under the "Roman empire"/ Old World Order.

All the talk about 12/23/12 being "the end" of times, makes me wonder if we will get a new calendar Holocene maybe? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Era

That is true.

Pilate was a true statesman, and knew that there would be serious blow back if he made the decision to have Jesus die, so he "washed his hands" and turned Jesus over to the people who wanted him out of the way. It was win-win for Pilate.
The Romans were tolerant of other religions and gods, as long as there was a token nod to the gods of Rome, the early Christians wouldn't acknowledge these gods, therefor they didn't acknowledge the Roman state, and were persecuted for it.

robot999's picture

My turn...

Going stealth is not wrong (IMO). I choose not to go stealth myself, but that should not stop others. The reason I don't think it's wrong is because it is Allowed by the Rules. Additionally, since we learned about how the establishment (and their controllers) feel about us in 2008 (I learned a lot), we can use these rules to our advantage.

Why? Well to me there is nothing more important, sacred, and valuable than our Liberty. The war is on, the battles are being fought right now - and frankly if we just "storm up the hill" - we'll lose - because the system is designed to stop that kind of attack. Therefore, we must use alternate tactics that "they" are not expecting - we must change our tactics when they begin to catch on and defend. But our STRATEGY is sound and that is why, my friend and comrade, WE ARE WINNING.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

What rules allow it?

We learned what happened in 08 and that is why I thought the solution was to show up to Republican meetings and events so we had strength in numbers with Ron Paul's message.

A guy showed up to my last Republican Central Committee meeting. The chair asked, "Who are you supporting?" The guy says, Romney. The chair and Vice chair look at each other and roll their eyes. NO ONE IS FOR ROMNEY, Romney was selected and the Republican chair, and Vice chair roll with that punch (My Chair wanted Perry, the Vice wanted Bachmann).

Me, I'm OPEN about Ron Paul, and while they may not agree with me and Ron Paul, they trust me, and they even like me. Maybe what I should say is, they respect me, and what they want to know is if I'm going to be around after Ron Paul loses. I will be around all right WIN or lose. I'm going to do my best to continue to get people to be seated and chair committees and turn my county into Ron Paul country.

I do not know what rules you are talking about that says it's ok to go stealth. I have read posts that say that the campaign says something about stealth, but I've never seen any message the campaign says about going stealth.

The message has always been the most important faction in the campaign. We are in to get the message out.

It doesn't matter if Ron Paul wins president as much as it matters that we are occupying the Republican Party and influencing others to do the same, so we can evolve the message to reality. It doesn't take a president. It takes a rEVOLution of messangers.

Thank you for making the effort and becomming a delegate. I pray, wish, hope and have faith Ron Paul will win CA so I'll be seeing you in Tampa in a few weeks.

robot999's picture


I'm open too, and we can agree to disagree on "stealth" (aka: Unpledged) - though at this point it matters not (since neither of us are stealth ; )

I hope you make it through to Tampa! Please let me know (seriously) because I will buy you an adult beverage of your choice my friend.


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Just for that

You got a deal! How can I lose? THANK YOU!!!

God Bless YOU an THANK YOU for standing up for our rEVOLution!!!!

I like it when the Believers Believe

I am sure that there is more than a touch of wishing and hoping going on here, but . . . .What the hell's wrong with that?? I just woke up to the Ron Paul Reality a few month's ago, and I have not forgotten that this whole shebang is some kind of crazy miracle. This movement is throwing light on everything,and it's a long way to Tampa in August.

What is the gospel of liberty? It is the greatest compromise. Each gains more than must be granted. The gain is those liberties most precious - yours. What it is you must grant is often difficult,you must trust the other fellow with his.

It's maybe just not that important to your friend.Maybe she'd

rather wash clothes at the laundromat and watch the clothes dryer go around in a circle....it comes to that...


I wish--

well written and hopeful--

I had a friend who was beginning to listen and then jumped back over to support Romney. I am beginning to question the intelligence of my friend--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Don't despair...the older the ruts, the more the cart returns to

the old path. This has nothing to do with intelligence.

Continually offer new ideas that challenge the old ones. Ask them questions, then politely challenge their responses by asking them questions/clarification about what they mean/intend -- they will start their head thinking again, your only task is to provide the impetus.

It is a hard road...be persistant. You are winning even if they can anticipate your responses/position. Eventually, it will snap into place and they will thank you for not giving up on them and helping them through a dark path.

agreed Monkeys

that's generally my exact conversation strategy. (I've posted similar things here in the past after a chat with a young friend who's dad is friends w Christie)

Listen, ask gentle, friendly, inquisitive questions you already know the real answers to, and get them thinking for themselves

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Maybe your friend needs a little more convincing that

Romney simply cannot beat Obama and that is what the establishment wants.

Please explain to your friend that a shock to the system is exactly what the GOP and American politics, in general, needs.

Tell your friend that becoming a stealth RP delegate is the only way America can be saved and that 2016 will likely be too late.

How can anyone resist being part of the most exciting thing to happen to this country (and the world) in a very long time?

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

my 'friend' has a good mind and a good heart and . . .

refuses to use them. Brainwashed. Hate to say it about someone I really like, but there it is.

Thanks, anyway. I've been fighting this battle a long time; I thought I had made progress.

oh well.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Have you talked about the swing vote?

I'm sure you have, but I had to ask. Asked him why the liberal, Obama-owned media wants Mitt so badly? Every good talk-radio listening conservative knows the media loves Obama and helps him every way they can. Asked him why the conservative media treats the Good Doctor the same way CNN does?
A sports analogy? Would you let one team choose the other team's quarterback or coach?
Just a few ideas if you need a fresh run at him.


I've just about given up; our friendship is a bit strained at this point--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--